Big Omar’s Canal Anal Babes




90 Mins

DIRECTOR: Omar Williams (


THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Outdoor Sex




STARS: Omar, Natalie, Mel, Liz, Jay


For those of you who are wondering who the fuck this Omar chap is, it’s very simple. He’s a guy who started popping up in Buttman movies, often fucking side by side with Rocco. What makes him special? Well, how do I put this? The dude is sporting some major fucking size. In one video Rocco laughs about how much bigger Omar’s cock is and how the girls can all still take it. Now he’s got his own line and from the looks of things, he is doing a little bit of the Ben Dover thing, running all over England finding girls and then fucking them. With a cock like that, he’s bound to make a lot of friends and if he can bring some genuine gonzo charm to the screen, we should have a very entertaining interracial gonzo line to enjoy.

(Natalie) Omar is set to take a little vacation along the canals. Before he hits the boat, it’s time to get a bite to eat. In perfect gonzo porn fashion, he finds an wide eyed young thing enjoying her lunch alone. After a bit of small talk, he gets her back on his boat. The sound is really hard to understand which is too bad. On the boat it gets better and Omar sweet talks her right out of that short skirt. Omar is quite impressed with her large, all natural tits as well. When he pulls off his pants, it’s her turn to be impressed. With a sexy smile, she opens wide and takes as much of that dark monster as will fit in her young mouth. After a fairly short blowjob, they wonder if it will fit in her pussy. With no condom and no hesitation, she throws her legs back and takes him into her twat. When she’s bent over, he is able to go even deeper and we get a nice shot of her tits as they hang down. Really looking to earn her stripes, the busty gal allows him to go into her ass, even bouncing on it anally for a bit. The anal has limited success, but he manages enough friction to work up a good load which sprays all over her face and drips onto her tits.

Taking his boat down the canal, Omar passes under a very well built babe in a short skirt. She is waiting for her boyfriend and decides to spend a little time on his boat. Her name is Mel and it’s pretty clear that she can think of better things to do than discuss microbiology. She recognizes Omar from his movies and has no problem with him checking out her goods. Mel is a little thick in the thighs, but fills out a tight skirt well and has tits to die for. He gets down and inspects her spread pussy. Since she’s already seen his cock on film, you would expect Mel to be ready for his monster, but she really seems impressed. Nice eye contact as she takes as much of that cock as she can. Sucking makes Mel horny so she goes to the edge of the boat and rubs her slit a bit to get it ready for Omar’s big rod. Now that it’s thoroughly juiced up, he slides in easily, making her squeal with delight. They move off the boat into some tall grass where Omar bangs her from behind, taking her sizable ass in his hands as he pumps. That makes it easy for him to move into her ass and Mel takes that whole thing up her back road. I like the standing anal best because she looks like she’s amazed as hell that it all fits. Omar gives her a big sticky reward right on her face just seconds before her boyfriend finally shows up.

A little ways up the canal Omar strikes gold again when he runs into a nice looking blonde named Liz. She helps him with the boat, then vanishes. Not to be discouraged, Omar follows her into the bushes and finds her busy with a romance novel and her fingers. Ever the gentleman, he accidentally stumbles onto her and then is invited to stay. Liz happily teases him as she strips down. When she gets a load of his package, all thoughts of her book are gone and this pretty young blonde is in cock sucking Heaven. She has the tip in her mouth, her fist wrapped around it and there are still several inches uncovered. I love the way she looks up at him and asks her to fuck her. As always, it takes a few strokes to fit all of that inside a tight little pussy, but I dare say Liz rather likes a thick shaft pumping her kitty. He has the young lass on her back with her legs over his shoulders at first. Once she used to that, Liz gets on and drops her full body weight nosily against his hips. No anal for Liz, but she asks for a facial and even rubs his spunk in after her shoots it in and around her mouth. (She even asks for a second load from the camera guy.)

Sticking with the blonde theme, Omar runs into a very sexy thing named Channel (In the credits, she’s called Jay). She invites him up to her place and you can guess what’s on her dirty little mind. This is another tall girl with a great rack and a very cool haircut. It doesn’t take Omar long to get up under her dress and inspect her ample backside and waiting pussy. After getting a good look at her big tits, Omar watches as she fucks herself with a long, loud vibrator. When she says it’s nice but not big enough, he whips out his cock. She can barely get her lips around the head of this thing, so you know the blowjob is going to be limited. (But very hot because she’s enjoying herself immensely.) It fits a little better in her pussy and I think by the time he’s done, she is going to be a full fledged size queen. Her gets her tits going with some very quick strokes that push her thighs back and leave his cock dripping when he pulls it out. Bouncing boob fans will love watching her ride RC. In fact, they keep bouncing even when he’s doing the pumping. Omar must really enjoy her pussy because when he lets loose, it’s quite a stream, coating her neck and face with some to spare for her big tits.

This is the first time I’ve seen Omar taking a lead and he does a pretty good job. The tone of the movie is very similar to a Ben Dover flick, with Omar getting himself into interesting situations with a number of different girls. Of course he’s got a super big cock to please the ladies with. The four girls in this movie aren’t raving beauties, but there isn’t a beastie in the bunch. Guys who love big, real tits and thicker butts and legs will find most of these girls right up their alley. I like Liz for her cum hungry attitude, but wouldn’t kick any of these chicks out of bed for eating crumpets. One thing I did find a little strange was how un-shocked the girls were when they see that monster in his pants. Maybe they can play that up a bit more in other volumes, but otherwise, this is rock solid gonzo smut.

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