House Sitter


90 Mins
DIRECTOR: Jim Gunn (
THEMES: Plot, Party Girls
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Gina Lynn, Alana Evans, Aurora Snow, Dominca Leoni, Monica Sweetheart, Travis, Jason McCain, Jay Ashley, Tyce Bune
I know that Jim Gunn is best known for his girl/girl movies, but I still think he does some pretty good hetero stuff. He’s been doing some good light features and for those who care, this is one that I wrote. When I did the script, I didn’t realize that Gunn was going to pack it with babes like Gina Lynn, Alana Evans, Monica Sweetheart and Aurora Snow. Gina and Alana are good friends who go to housesit for Gina’s uncle. It’s a really beautiful place, bug Gina warns that her uncle is very straight laced and they have to behave.
That idea lasts until the grocery guy delivers a couple bags of food. Since Alana is wearing a tiny little dress, she doesn’t have any cash on her for a tip. In perfect porn fashion, she drags him into the bedroom and pulls his cock out. He is already hard, but Alana wants to slick up that dick with her warm mouth. As always, she puts a lot of energy into her blowjob, stroking and licking his shaft and taking it nearly all the way down. Most delivery guys would probably blow a big load all over her face, but this is a pro porn guy so he tosses her on the bed and sucks her slick lips. When he gets his fingers going and sucks on her nipples, she starts squirming and nearly screaming. She pulls her knees into her chest and that gives him easy access to her wet and ready hole. After a hard mish, they hook up for a nice looking doggy. Alana spins around and holds her mouth open as he shoots cum right into her waiting mouth. With the jizz dripping from her lips, she goes right back to sucking.
Gina can’t believe that her friend is such a bad girl, but I happy to come in and finish the job that the delivery boy started. As Gina gets busy with her friends juices, we realize that they aren’t alone in the house. Some of Gina’s uncle’s friends are there also and they aren’t quite as straight laced as one might think. Jason McCain peeks in on the girls while Aurora Snow and Jay Ashley get it on in the other room. She curls up on the couch and uses her lovely mouth to make him grown and throb. Great hand action as always and she really ends up slobbering a lot during this blowjob. Now is a really bad time to start switching between scenes, but that’s exactly what happens. Alana and Gina are having fun, but again we cut away to Aurora. I don’t ever remember her slobbering this much and I hope she learned that this is just too sticky. Jay starts munching on his girl as Gina leans Alana against the wall to lick her from behind. (Damn, Alana’s ass looks good these days.) Aurora gets a chance to ride that cock and she does so with great energy. Both scenes have good action, but switching back and forth really kills a lot of the heat. The girls are getting busy in a 69 while Jay really gives it to her pretty young girlfriend. When Aurora sticks her sexy tongue out and takes his load, Jay have just enough to get her nice and wet.
Gina and Alana are starting to wonder if there are other people in the house and they find Tyce Bune getting blown by two girls. He invites Gina to join the fun and she accepts. As Monica Sweetheart and Dominca Leoni suck his prick, Tyce reaches out and plays with Gina’s big tits. This pair of hot imports really know how to tag team a prick, working their tongues and mouths on it like it’s a big ice cream cone. While Gina watches, the other two girls take turns riding Tyce and having their pussies stuffed with dick. Both of these women look great, so it just depends on what you like. If you love real tits, then Monica should drive you wild. If you’re into great legs, then Dominica’s wild ride will make you rage. He drops a load in their mouths and lets them do the cleanup when he’s finished.
Gina finally hooks up with Jason McCain. They tie up the few little story lines that might be going on, then get all over each other. He peels off her tight pants and lets his fingers explore her inner folds. I love the way Gina bucks her hips when he’s banging her. Even better is the way she licks up and down on his cock like she can’t wait to feel it deep inside that pussy. The mish looks pretty good, but Gina has a great set of thighs for doggy. As she takes it standing, we can stare at those long legs and know that Jason is having a great time. She also has a very sexy look in her eyes as she waits for his load. Jason jerks his prick for a while, finally shooting it mostly into her mouth.
This is a simple movie with a light plot that does just enough to move us from sex scene to sex scene. What makes it work is that the scenes are quite good. Alana Evans kicks things off with one hell of a nice tip for the lucky guy. Gina does a good job showing off her best assets in the final scene. If I have one complaint it’s that the best scene in the movie, with Aurora Snow doing her best, is cut in with a veggie scene. All in all, this is a nice little feature with good sex and some very hot chicks. There were some minor lighting issues, but nothing devastating. Oh yeah, and how come there is no credit given to the writer of this movie? (As if anyone cares.)

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