Grrl Power 5


115 Mins
DIRECTOR: Andre Madness
THEMES: Young Girls,
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Violet Blue, Monica Mayhem, Sienna, Ann Marie, Jay Ashley, Joel Lawrence, Lee Stone, Kate Frost, Steve Taylor, Jack Hammer.
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I have really enjoyed this series so far. It’s another high quality line from the folks under the Hustler banner. With great picture quality and a host of hot girls, this line takes the idea of ‘girl power’ in a whole new direction. It’s not about traditional equality, but about that age old truth, that women can get what they want by using pussy. Even the most crusted over feminist has to realize that this is more true today than ever. These young girls learn quickly that the key to success and happiness lies in their ability please and then control men by keeping their cocks happy. Each scene begins with a rapid fire intro with the girl posing and doing cheer or kung fu moves. Then she reads a letter from a poor girl who is struggling to find her inner slut. The stars of Grrl Power give them perfect advice that always involve putting out to get over. Maybe the lame fucks at NOW find this idea offensive, but who gives a shit about them when you have fresh faced young hotties ready to fuck and suck on film. See ladies, you really have come a long way.
Violet Blue is up first and she reads a letter from a girl who spent every penny from her summer job on a car. The problem? The IRS is knocking on her door looking for their pound of flesh. Violet plays the giggly girl part perfectly, biting her lip and playing just stupid enough to be sexy. Eventually, she puts her hand in his lap and the audit ends so the sex can begin. What she lacks in knowledge about taxes, Violet more than makes up for in oral sex expertise. Her tiny breasts have very pert nipples and her skin is silky smooth from head to toe. Once he can taste her juices flowing from her little slit, the naughty IRS agent bangs Violet. Her petite frame is ready for hard fucking and she pulls her knees up tight to her chest for some nice shots. He actually shoots inside of her which would be cool, but she tries to push it out. Standing up works better to get the baby batter flowing down her thighs.
Blonde babe Monica Mayhem has a kick ass name and plenty of grrl power to go around. Her letter comes from a girl who just wants to bring her pet pig into the country. With a little bit of flirting, the sexy girl has the customs agent eating out of her hand. Well, not her hand actually, but you get the idea. This girl loves her pet pig so much that she gives her all to make sure the customs guy is happy. Licking up and down on his shaft, Monica eventually just sucks most of it down, staring into his face with those pretty eyes. Monica has little tits and a near perfect ass to go along with an inviting pussy that gets slammed when she’s bent over a table. Once he shoots his load all over her face, you know that that little piggy is going to pass just fine.
Sienna is a squeaky voiced girl who does a little Grrl Power cheer before reading a freaky letter from a girl who wants to watch the McVeigh execution. Since the needle in the arm isn’t going to be broadcast, the key is to convince a tech at the local TV station to patch her in. Joel Lawrence stays professional for as long as he can, but eventually gives in when he sees her pert little boobies. Once he starts spanking her ass, you know that he would patch her into anything she wants. Sienna was cute when she was cheering, but I think she looks even better with a dick in her lovely young mouth. Her tight slit grips his cock as Joel pounds it deep into her folds. Bunching her legs up tight against her chest, she invites him in so deep that I’ll bet she can feel the beat up in her stomach. When Sienna gets bent over, she even takes dick in that cute little ass. The side view isn’t the best if you like to see the penetration, but they fix that later when she opens up for the camera a bit. Hell, she even does a mini-gape shot before giving it a taste straight from her pooper. After some anal lap riding, she hops off and takes a big load on her face.
The letter to Ann Marie comes from a scared cheerleader. She is worried about the sudden rise in school violence. What is a girl to do when faced with the prospect of gun toting losers? Well that’s easy silly, she just has to find a guy with a good gun collection and give up the pussy for the pistol. (I’ll bet you thought she was going to fuck the loser geek boys, didn’t you?) Lee Stone has a gun, but it belongs to his dad and there is just no way he can part with it. At least until Ann shows him the body that earned her that spot on the cheer squad. Lee gets down and gives her something to cheer about. After a short bout of pussy licking, he shoves that big cock up into her hairy slit. Let’s see you do the split on that one you little tease. She actually looks like she is laboring a bit as she rides on that big thing, but gets a bit A for effort. The disgusted look on her face when she takes a facial really does look like a spoiled little cheer-slut, but now she’s packing so watching dweebs.
Kate Frost gets another freaky letter, this time from a girl who is being held captive by a psycho who wants to make a suit from her skin. Jack Hammer plays the cross dressing freak and I have to tell you that makes for some very fucked up pre-sex footage. Eventually she talks him out of murder with the lures of her tight little bod. With a lot fewer tats than he has, Kate is still sadly stricken by the huge ink blot on her lower back. Other than that, she’s the perfect little porn girl, willing and able to suck cock at the drop of a hat. She rides hard and it looks like Jack has learned to channel all that killer energy into some piston pumping fucking. This is probably the weakest scene in the movie because Kate isn’t as fresh as the other girls and Jack is just too freaky to watch, however, the energy is pretty damn good and we get some enthusiastic anal shot from a very appealing low angle during doggy. After taking it on the face, Kate has her live spared and can go back to her life as a major tease.
What can I say? This is another very strong volume of a very good series. The first three scenes are the best, but stick around for Ann Marie and even Kate if you’re still horny. These girls prove that women who know how to use what they’ve got can get anywhere in life. Time for all the young women out there to turn their backs on the hairy legged NOW Nags and spend their hard earned cash on a short skirt and some lipstick. Think of how much better off the world would be with fewer lame ass feminists and more hot assed Grrl Power babes.
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2 Responses to “Grrl Power 5”

  1. Shaquille davis says:

    thats bullshit. im a man and i find what you say offensive. the world wouldnt be better if all the women were just a bunch of stupid sluts.

    • Roger T. Pipe says:

      Wow, you had to dig really deep to be ‘offended’ by a 14 year old review. And who says the women are “stupid sluts”? Sounds like a bit of sexism to me. Can’t women be smart, cunning and…wait…oh yeah…it’s a flipping movie…they’re ACTING.

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