DIRECTOR: Thomas Zupko

Extreme Associates

THEMES: Rough Sex, Shock Value




STARS: Veronica Caine, Kelsey Heart, Brittany Starr, Lea DeMae, Daniella Rush, Anthony Crane, Mickey G, Valentino, Mr. Pete, Claudio, Brett Rockman, Rod Fontana


It’s not like Thomas Zupko really needs any additional controversy around his movies, but this time he got a whole stinking pile of it. A little background if I may. On the day of the original Seymore Butts obscenity trial, an LA Assistant DA made some comments about Extreme being in their line of fine. Zupko was none too pleased about this public call out and started work on his latest movie, “The Attic.” Under normal circumstances, this movie, billed as a celebration of the freedoms we all enjoy as Americans, would piss off a lot of people. Hell, that’s par for the course with a Zupko flick. Fast forward two months and with The Attic already on store shelves, some major dickheads fly planes into American buildings. In the post explosion United States, patriotism drips from the pores of every American and some, if not many, are going to see the blatant symbolism in this movie in a whole new light. Be warned dear readers, that this movie isn’t easy to swallow in the best of times, and those of you who are particularly sensitive may want to just opt out. For the rest of you, try and remember when this movie was made and that Zupko is trying to make a point FOR America, not against it. How well does he make that point? I guess that’s what we’re about to find out.

Veronica Caine starts the movie wrapped in an American flag, talking about freedom and how wonderful it is to live in a country where she can express herself. Cut to a starving vet in an attic as a guy in black face sings ‘My Country ‘Tis of Thee.’ In crawl three guys (Anthony Crane, Mickey G and Valentino) in full red white and blue body make up. Caine, in Native American Headdress and chains, is dragged in and forced to suck cock. There is blood splattered all over her body and there is nothing pretty about this scene. The guys slap her, smack her and throw in lines about stealing her land and other less than subtle messages. There is a grainy look to the scene making it pretty useless as jerk off porn, but it sets the stage for the kind of scene we can expect. Before they are done, they have stretched out her ass, spanked the tits, spit in her face and fired off enough racial slurs to make David Duke blush. Heavy handed perhaps, but I think we all get the picture. It is the use of small flags at the end that may have some people seeing red. They jam a couple of them up her ass then have her taste the sticks before dousing her face with jizz and piss. (I got the director’s cut obviously.)

Her transition dialog is nicely written and very well delivered. Veronica talks about how prejudice and hatred boil up and can destroy our ideals. She tells the tale of the Native Americans, how we pushed them out and killed them. Enter Kelsey Heart, dressed up as an old time movie Indian. Two drunken Union soldiers douse her in beer, mock her and of course, take liberties with her. The chances of me liking this scene are minimal to start with, but making Kelsey the center of attention assures that I will be paying more attention to the camera work than to the completely unappealing star of the scene. The guys do pull an ass and mouth merry go round with the tatted up, fake boobed ‘Native American’ victim. Instead of flags, these guys use their old style muskets to violate her holes. (Maybe this is Zupko’s ode to the second amendment.) They cover her crying eyes and cum all over her face.

Immigrants have also had it rough. Veronica’s grandmother was a doctor in the motherland, but in the US, she was just a poor chick who couldn’t speak the language. Lea Demae hugs a paper cut out of the Statue of Liberty as a couple of old time cops come by to harass her. The unusual penetration this time comes from their clubs. They are smaller than actual cop sticks, but still get her ass and pussy pretty well stretched out. At least this time, the girl getting rammed is pretty good looking, so all we have to overlook is Rod Fontana barking out abuse in his thick Irish accent. Even if this isn’t the kind of sex scene I dig, Lea looks great, has awesome tits and a really pretty little pussy. It’s still not a great scene, but it has some hot moments.

What would a look back at American injustice be without a trip to the internment camps of World War II? Daniella Rush is done up in geisha makeup to give her the right look. Like all the rest she gets fucked literally to show how the Japanese people were symbolically fucked by the American Government. She may not want to be sucking that cock, but she sure looks good doing it. After a bit of chopstick action in the ass, Daniella gets her pretty buns drilled. By now, you know the drill, but this sex is a little less brutal and little easier to jerk to. Most of the scene is anal and this girl doesn’t shy away, taking every inch before she takes it on her face. (Of course, the racial slurs get mixed up a bit. We didn’t put “gooks” into camps.)

For the final outrage, we get a room full of men in dark suits with Hitler playing in the background. We’ve seen them thrown in throughout the movie, but now we see who they are. Porn actors in masks of Presidents Bush, Regan and Bush. There is a fourth guy in some kind of demon mask. Before we try and figure out this message, I will mention that Brittany Starr comes in as a human Statue of Liberty and gets fucked by the four ex-Presidents and their demonic friend. Now, we have seen a guy playing with a cigar tube through the movie, so maybe Zupko is trying to say that Clinton is demonic? Or should we go back to the last Republican President and assume that Zupko is saying that Ford is Satan? Actually, I’m probably reading way too much into this, but the scene is pretty much the same as the others. Lots of guys roughly fucking a woman in the ass, DP’ing her and making her taste her own butt on their cocks. They cum in her face and our tale has come to a close.

I know I said that we had to judge this movie based on the way things were before September 11th, so I’ll do just that. I know what Zupko is trying to say. American is an imperfect place and our past is filled with such real obscenities that it’s almost laughable to concern ourselves with what consenting adults do on film. That’s certainly a valid point and I think it could have been told in a movie that had hot sex. Instead, the sex is so redundant that it become boring. I suppose if you like wall to wall rough sex, then you might feel differently. I wasn’t all that attracted to most of the women in this movie even if they weren’t all painted up. Daniella and Lea are the sexual highlights, but even are they are overpowered by sex that I can only call intentionally un-erotic. Beyond the sex, there are some great dialog scenes with Veronica Caine showing again that she can handle her lines quite nicely. The message is delivered with Zupko’s usual style, which means were are nearly beaten to death with the symbolism long before the movie hits the midway point. Obviously, some of the flag stuff is going to leave people touchy, but it would have done that even without the WTC bombings. Potentially offensive material aside, this movie has some nicely written dialog, but Zupko can combine this with better sex. He’s done it before and I would like to have seen more variety and stroke appeal in the sex. Chalk this one up as a message movie and make a note of Veronica Caine’s acting performance because it’s nomination worthy.

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