Kiss Of The Black Widow


80 Mins
DIRECTOR: Nic Cramer
THEMES: Prostitutes,
STARS: Asia Carrera, Randy Spears, Kiki D’Aire, Mariah, Gina Lynn, Tasha Hunter, John Decker, Nick East, Jon Dough, Travis Lynn and JB

Wow, a 35mm from Nic Cramer. This should be pretty interesting, and if the cast is any indication, the sex shouldn’t suck too badly either. Asia Carrera is the headliner of course, but Kiki, Mariah and Tasha are along for the ride, looking to bring the sexual heat up to an acceptable level. (For a feature that is.) Naturally, there is going to be plenty of dialog along the way, but as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the sex, then we can just enjoy the great picture quality and technical aspects Cramer is famous for.
Asia and John Decker come into a bedroom, fall into each other’s arms and the sex begins. He gets her out of her dress, kissing his way down her body as she goes. That gets him hard before she even has to do any work. Asia plays with his cock, drooling on it a bit, stroking it then finally putting it in her mouth. This all too short blowjob ends when she slides up and drops her pussy down on his latex encased love missile. If there is an early complaint, it’s that things move a bit too quickly in this scene. They do stay in spoon for a long time, with some very nice, leg pushed back over her head footage. Turning her ass to the air, she takes it as deep as John can give it. He ends up shooting on her ass and we have to hope it was worth it since he en
ds up dead in the next shot.
This is where the story begins. Decker was a Senator and obviously Asia is a very good assassin. Randy Spears is hot on her trail, setting up a big time show down. Randy’s boss is busy on the other end of the phone having his dick sucked by sexy Gina Lynn. I guess it really does pay to be the boss. Using his desk, the boss lifts her up and starts plugging her little pussy. This scene may not move the story forward, but Gina is always worth a few strokes, especially when she’s grinding her hips on some lucky dude’s prick. He ends up shooting all over her face.
Keeping up his surveillance, Randy gets caught in Asia’s room. Luckily for him, he’s nailed by the maid (Mariah) and you know what that means. Her pretty face is down around his cock before you can say mint on your pillow. Mariah is one of those women who always looks good, but isn’t always the most explosive fucks in the business. (Like the star of this movie was a few years back.) However, this scene has plenty of eye contact and she’s sucking with a mission. She’s a bit passive squatting on his cock, but Randy is pounding up into her pussy and Mariah looks so good this way, it’s still quite hot. He pushes her little maid’s skirt up over her ass and fucks her from behind right on Asia’s bed. Might as well use the accommodations, right? Randy drops a thick load onto her sexy little tits and watches as the horny maid uses the tip of his dick to rub it in.
Elsewhere, Nick East is licking his way down Tasha Hunter’s back before settling under her for some serious pussy eating. She turns around and nibbles on his thighs a bit before devouring every inch of his cock. After a very solid blowjob, she faces the camera and squat fucks him. She’s a very tall woman so those legs just seem to stretch forever, but Nick wants to see what she looks like bent over. Flipping her over for the final fuck, Nick pounds while Tasha rubs her clit raw. As a reward, she strokes his cock right onto her tongue, taking a shot on the face and cleaning up his cum.
In yet another part of the hotel, hot little Kiki D’Aire has her eyes on Jon Dough’s cock. After another too short blowjob, Jon climbs into bed, strips her and had his dick buried in that shaved slit before I can even remind someone to turn on a light in this room. The longest fuck in this scene is the spoon with the raised leg again. Luckily, I happen to really like this position and so does Mr. Cramer. (Great for leg shots and gives good close ups as well.) Kiki keeps asking for more dick, riding hard and grinding her hips at a solid pace to jerk him off with her slit. He rewards her efforts with a huge load all over her smiling face.
The final confrontation between Spears and Carrera finally takes place and before anyone does any killing, they have to fuck each other. Hey, I can believe that. Any excuse to lap up those juices and see that face stuffed with cock works for me. Again, the blowjob is sadly short, moving quickly to some woman on top sex. From the sound of things, Asia likes fucking even more than she likes killing people. I know she looks great riding and then getting slammed from behind. As they move to mish, she’s nearly hyperventilating and Randy looks like he’s concentrating so hard he might pop a vessel. Instead he pops a load all over her neatly trimmed bush.
This is a nice, simple feature porn with a plot that moves quickly from scene to scene without a lot of complex dialog for performers to trip over. Asia Carrera does a nice job in the lead, but how can Cramer let her get through a movie with her face so clean. Tasha Hunter shows again that she is one of the more underrated sex kittens in porn with her scene. Kiki and Mariah also add some serious sexual heat to this movie. The sex is well shot, with the women looking good and lots of mid to long shots. I liked this movie, but with a cast this good looking, more sexual heat is possible and would have raised the score considerably.

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