Bring ‘um Young 4




140 Mins



THEMES: Young Women, Anal Sex, New Girls




STARS: Brittany Blue, Princess, Cashmere, Candy, Foxy Lady, Monica Sweetheart, Vince Vouyer, Mark Davis, Bobby Vitale, Erik Everhard, Mario, Jon Dough


Obviously, Jon Dough’s simple approach to teen porn is working. His Bring Um Young series is up to number four and he hasn’t had to use pigtails and plaid once. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) Grabbing the young hotties when they come through the Anabolic doors, Dough has them do pretty much the same things they do in other Anabolic vids. The twist is that we get to see the Ids to prove that these girls are just a shade past the legal age. By the time they are through with this movie, no one is going to confuse these teens with the girls next door, but that’s what porn is for, right?

Brittany Blue is first and at nineteen she seems ready to make a fairly big splash in the world of porn. To help her along, Doug gives her two cocks to play with. Any chick who can shine in a double dong scene is bound to go far. This little cutie has her mouth full from the start. I wouldn’t mind a bit more interview, but I know a lot of you just want to get to the action. She’s a decent little sucker, but the guys quickly move her into a position to take dick in the pussy as well as the mouth. Great close up shots when she moves onto a lap and grinds her pussy inches from the camera. Her little pussy takes a hard pounding and Brittany responds by deep sucking the second dick and pinching her stiff nipples. It takes her a while to adjust to a big cock in the ass, but eventually, Brit is taking it just as deep in the back road as she did in the front. Wanting to earn her slut stripes, she takes some A2M as the guys switch places. When the guys are ready, they drop loads into her mouth and let the young cum target clean their pricks with her active tongue.

Princess is a young chick with an average face, great rack and filthy fuck pig attitude. Even with her pigtails, this chick looks like she’s sucked a few guys off in cars for pocket change. I’m not sure how popular this chick is, but to be honest, she’s not all that attractive and looks like she’s ready to gag on dick at any minute. There is room in porn for chicks who look like you could pick them up drunk at a frat party, but I’m used to better looking girls from this series. After a fairly average fuck, the guys shoot cum into her mouth. Nice finish to a pretty forgettable scene.

Cashmere is an exotic looking black girl (Mixed perhaps?) with fantastic eyes. She’s got two cocks in her mouth and is staring into the lens. I like eye contact during a blowjob, but she almost seems to be looking for instruction as she sucks and it’s kind of distracting. The guys use the couch quite nicely, bending her over the arm for some hard penetration while she tries to swallow every inch of cock shoved in her face. It’s nice looking at this chick fuck, but her newbie status is clear as it takes her a while to relax and really show some energy with the two studs. During her long lap ride, Erik Everhard, pulls her long legs straight up and together for a nice shot of those lengthy stems and her pussy as it closes tightly around his shaft. A couple of thick loads on her face closes this one out pretty nicely.

Candy is an eighteen year old Hispanic looking girl who is pretty darn cute. The sex starts right away and her lovely tits are just about perfect. Vince Vouyer has got her pussy filled and pumps away on her smooth lips. There is some fun footage as she is on top of Vince. He plays with her tits and asks her how old they are. She has to think about it for a little, but we get the point. At one point, she starts speaking Spanish which is always a hot addition to a scene. Fans of Latin women will want to mark Candy down as one to watch. Her full lips, natural breasts and vocal climaxes will make her a star in that genre. Of course, she will have to get over her cum dodging if she wants to really make it big. (I haven’t seen anyone turn from a load that fast since Lexus.)

Foxy Lady had better find herself a new porn name quickly. Not because she isn’t foxy, but just because that name is horrible. The young brunette is fairly cute, though she sucks dick with very little energy. Turning her head back over her shoulder, she gives a cute smile and invites a second cock in for some fun. Very busy with dick, FL does a passable job of dick sucking while being fucked. A little more energy wouldn’t hurt in this scene, but I guess if you like young women who passively take dick at both ends, then you can jerk yourself silly. One load goes on her smiling face while the other covers her belly. The post pop giggle is the most life Foxy shows during the whole scene.

Saving the best for last, Dough finally breaks out Monica Sweetheart. This lovely Euro-babe is worth waiting for. She has Marc Davis’ cock in her hand and strokes it gently for a second before dropping her pretty face down for the real action. He carefully unwraps her like a luscious Christmas gift, stopping to appreciate her sexy nipples before working his way all the way down her body. Now in just her cute, strap heels, Monica goes back to work on his cock, sucking with more energy and a lot more visual appeal that most of the other girls in this movie. When Marc eats her pussy, he spends some time fingering that ass, so maybe Monica will get three hole punched later in the scene. David seems pretty thrilled to be nailing such a cute young morsel and does his best to jam his cock up into her esophagus. With her legs high on his shoulders, Davis starts slamming her tight ass and Monica proves to be a very willing three input Euro-tramp. Near the end, she loses even her shoes for some fantastic looking RCA. For the big finish, Davis fires his load right into her mouth and watches as that cream slides down her throat. No way this scene should have been buried at the end of this movie.

As much as I like this series, I have to say I was expecting a lot more. Usually, the babes in the BUY line are better looking that this collection. Make no mistake, Monica Sweetheart is worth the price of the rental all by herself. She should have been the lead off hitter instead of being buried at the end. If you just want to see the very best this one has to offer, fast forward to the last scene. Brittany Blue is the second best girl in the movie. She’s fairly cute, but it’s her energy that puts her over. The rest of the girls are OK, better than the average stroke flick cast, but this is Anabolic and I have come to expect the best women from the best company. Since I’ve come to expect so much, this one falls a little short. Jon, get better looking chicks next time and put the best girls at the front.

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