Down The Hatch 6



140 Mins

THEMES: Swallowing, Big Tits, Tit Fucking, Interracial Sex
STARS: Sunrise Adams, Aurora Snow, Angel, Sierra, Scotti Andrews, Kimberly

I get asked a lot about series where all of the girls swallow. There are some that I’ve seen, but none are as fanatical about it as the Down the Hatch line from Diabolic. (Yeah, I’m sure there are some small market, fetish movies that did it first, but this is mainstream porn OK?) Mike John is fastidious in his policy of making every girl swallow every drop. Personally, I like facials better than swallowing, but the rest of the sex in this series is good enough to make me want to see every volume. One quick look at the cast, with Aurora Snow, Sunrise Adams and Scotti Andrews tells me that I need to get started.
Angel is up first and this sweet eyed blonde already has two big cocks in her hands. So much for introductions. Erik Everhard and Jon Dough get right down to business, choosing sides and stretching both sets of lips of this very pretty young thing. There is a very nice shot of her riding Dough’s cock, facing he camera with her legs pulled together and off to one side. After a sort time, she leaps up and takes his load. Erik isn’t done with her pussy yet, so she takes another ride. A second load fills her mouth, but wait, there’s more. She still has to have her hot little ass fucked and thankfully Angel is a red hot butt slut. The guys abuse her ass, then DP her with more dick than a girl this cute should be able to take. This time some of the cum lands on her face, but Angel is a good swallower and the rest of it.
Sierra is a huge hootered black girl. She’s a little bigger than the average porn bimbo but makes up for it with great enthusiasm. Tit fucking is definitely on the menu and Sierra knows how to use those heavy bags of dark flesh. I love how much fun she has sucking dick and playing into the camera. He has to keep stopping her because her mouth, tits and hands make things so hot he nearly shoots early. I know this is a swallowing movie, but tit fucking fans are going to love this. It’s simply the best tit fucking scene I’ve seen in years. This one gets an enthusiastic tit loving thumbs up and to top it off, she greedily gulps down his load.
Sunrise Adams is next and after a short peek-a-boo session on the beach, she goes inside to really show off her tight eighteen year old body. The pretty blonde gets down for some serious ball sucking as she strokes his cock hard. Giving great eye contact she continues to suck like cum is her very favorite thing in the whole world. The POV sucking turns into some POV fucking and then right back so Sunrise can see what she tastes like. After the first load gets swallowed, he goes right back into that tight little tuna taco. If you like POV fucking with some tight shots of a tight pussy then you’re going to love watching her ride, dismount, taste and ride again. Swallowing load number two, Sunrise smiles and bids us all farewell.
Sierra is back, this time with about a foot of black to please with her mouth and huge tits. This time around, her pussy gets some action as well. Sierra is not a small girl so when she gets bouncing, there is a lot of bouncing going on, but you can’t overlook the fact that she’s taking him balls deep (This is Lex we’re talking about.) and loving it. He gets behind her and starts pounding into that big, soft behind, making it shake like Jell-O at the end of a July 4th picnic. After a spirited fuck, he pulls out in time to give her a mouth full of creamy seed. As before, Sierra is thrilled to death to be tasting cum. He stays hard and slips it right up her ass. You would think that a foot of hard meat in her butt would slow Sierra down, but it doesn’t. She’s surprisingly flexible and pins her feet back on the mattress while he really nails her. When he paints her face, Sierra uses her fingers to collect every drop.
Angel comes back again for a POV blowjob with great eye contact. Damn, this girl is pretty, especially when she’s looking at the camera from that angle, with a hard dick in her mouth. After standing up to show off her ass, she gets right back down and keeps sucking like she’s trying to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Her reward is a load of jizz right into her mouth.
Aurora Snow, who is so fucking cute it’s almost painful, is on her knees with a short line of men waiting to violate her pretty mouth. She does this thing with her pinkie when she’s stroking a cock into her mouth like she’s drinking tea or something. Don’t ask me why it’s a turn on, it just is. The eye contact she gives while sucking cock is awesome and solidifies Aurora as a girl I want to fuck so badly I can hardly stand it. Her pretty head moves from cock to cock until they are ready to fire hot loads right into her open mouth. After three loads get shot between her lips, the pretty teenager swallows every drop with a smile. Once that’s done, Lex parts her pale thighs and goes deep into Aurora’s pleasure center, hitting all of her hot spots apparently. Since they’ve all fired their rockets once, the guys take their time fucking her one at a time. Happily, Aurora swallows every load again. This scene is one of the best this series has ever brought and one of the best swallowing scenes I’ve ever seen.
Scotti Andrews is a tall, super busty brunette with a cool, thick accent. Not that she can really say much with two dicks in her face. They move her quickly onto a dick and this position is not the most flattering for the curvy brunette. The big titted import does get down and laugh her way through a shot that nearly puts out her eye. After letting her clean up, the guys roll her onto her side to abuse her hairy pussy and mouth. Again, tit lovers are going to have a field day wanking to these heavy bags. To keep this lusty lass satisfied, the guys DP her holes, pulling in time to fill her mouth with a couple of steamy loads.
Aurora and Sunrise come back to double team a cock. Hell, they could probably make it cum just from sheer cuteness. In comes Lexington Steele and the two pretty blondes fight to see who gets to suck it first. Aurora has to use both hands to get her trademark pinkie action going. She works a big load into her mouth, shows us then swaps jizz with Sunrise in a big sloppy kiss.
Kimberly is a pretty brunette who doesn’t speak a word of English. Who cares, as long as she swallows cum right? Two dicks come in to keep her busy at both ends. This is another pretty girl who loves to be deeply dicked. One of the guys spreads her cheeks open as she bounces on his cock, giving us a look at her tight butthole. The best footage of the scene comes when she’s on her side and they are showing off her butt and legs. Kim swallows two loads, then takes it up the ass. Unafraid to taste her own ass, she gets some A2M action going in the middle of this well shot three way. Like always, ever load gets swallowed, closing out another fine scene in this awesome movie.
I always like Mike John movies, but I rarely have as much praise to offer a title as I do for this one. The swallowing aspect isn’t something that I really care much about. It doesn’t turn me off necessarily, but it’s not a plus for me like it is for a lot of you. That said, I’m still giving this movie a ten for any number of reasons. First and perhaps least surprising on that list is the fact that each scene is nearly perfectly shot. John is one of the very best camera guys in the business and he shows how good he is with this movie. My second reason for loving this movie is the variety. The cast of women varies greatly, from super cute teens like Aurora Snow and Sunrise Adams to curvy tit queens like Sierra and Scotti Andrews. In addition, the action covered nearly all types of sex. There is of course, swallowing and perfectly shot oral sex. We’ve got anal, we’ve got DP, we’ve got vaginal sex and we’ve also got the best tit fucking I’ve seen in years in this movie. The tit fucking is going to get another mention because it’s just that damn good. Aurora and Sunrise get another mention because they are that damn cute. So, if you like swallowing, this gets the same recommendation the DTH movies always get. Even if you don’t like swallowing, it still get my highest recommendation because?you guessed it, it’s that damn good.

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