Sugar Daddy 22




90 Mins

DIRECTOR: Dave Cummings

Dave Cummings Productions

THEMES: Older Guys, Younger Women

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Juliet Sheridan, Felony, Justine Romee, Jen X, Jennifer Nyce, Monica, Pandora, Dave Cummings.


Dave Cummings makes movies for people who really like sex. Everything I’ve ever seen him shoot is overwhelmingly positive. In a time when many porn vids seem to be trying to outdo one another for a harder, more over the top sex act, Dave keeps doing the same thing he’s done for years. He finds pretty young women, treats them with respect and manages to get them to open up every orifice for his much older cock. I’m not quite as old as Dave (In fact, my dad isn’t even as old as Dave) but he gives us all hope. If we can take care of ourselves like he has and keep a positive outlook, maybe we can all be banging co-eds in our seventh decade. (And if not, at least we can watch him do it.)

Juliet is a huge hootered chick who starts right out in 69 with Dave. Her ass does a pretty good job of smothering him during this quick intro. Dave always shoots two scenes with every girl. One is a full length, usual with anal, while the other is sort of a mini scene. We never know which one we’re going to get until it gets going. Foot fans get a treat when she uses her soles to stimulate him in between positions. Tit lovers will enjoy her bouncing bowling balls as she lap rides. (I’m pretty sure this chick was a fluffer in the Big Boob Bukkake video I just reviewed yesterday.) Her pussy looks nice and tight and Dave enjoys every stroke. When he is on top, Juliet is vocal, even if she doesn’t move much. After taking most of his load on her bush, she crawls up to lick the last few drops off the tip of his cock.

Felony is a girl I haven’t always liked, but she looks very pretty here. Dave sure likes the way she looks while she’s stroking his cock. He moves her up onto a chair and enters her young pussy from behind. I’ve seen this woman look really hard, but other than her tats, she looks pretty fresh in this scene. It’s over fairly quickly when Dave strokes a dribble of semen out onto her face.

Jen X is a chick with scary tats all up both arms. They start off outdoors, but move to Dave’s car where the young blonde sucks his dick for a bit. As soon as she hits the door, Jen is slamming her ass down on Dave’s lap, trying to power fuck him right through the chair. No, she’s not a pretty girl, but all those tats really sort of ram home the age difference idea. Even if I don’t find her attractive, I’m sure someone will and this scene is nicely shot, especially the high energy piledriver. Facial finish to this scene.

Jenifer Nyce is a rather average looking blonde with very nice tits and a gentle way of sucking dick. Not as attractive as a lot of the girls he gets, Jenifer is a willing, though hardly enthusiastic fuck partner. Her body does look pretty tight when she’s doing doggy and it even appears that she is able to climax in this position. Still, this scene is a tad less below the bar in both eye candy and energy.

Rick Shaw is a fix-it guy who catches a glimpse of Justine Romee playing on her computer. He watches for a bit, then tells her that everything is fixed. Always friendly, she invites him to join her in looking at some of her naughty photos. Naturally, this makes him excited and Justine isn’t the kind of girl who lets a hard cock go to waste. There is not question that Justine is the best cock sucker in this movie. She puts everything she’s got into loving his dick with her mouth and then later, her tits. Once the fucking starts, her mouth is clear and the hot talk just won’t stop. Justine is very hot looking and gives easily the best sexual performance of this movie, riding Rick’s dick with her pussy while ramming her fingers up her ass. Naturally, it ends with a nice facial, Justine stroking every drop onto her face and rubbing it around with the tip of his shrinking dick.

Monica is a brunette nurse who takes Dave’s blood pressure. For some reason he has no pants on and his cock is hard. Seeing this stiff shaft, she goes about pleasing Dave with her mouth. She mount his face, grinding down while they 69. Moving quickly to the fucking, Dave pumps up into her young pussy, enjoying her firm body. Very nice low angle shots as he stands next to the bed, fucking her from behind. Monica’s slit is shaved totally bare and looks nice and tight with a big cock stretching it. To finish the exam, she has to taste his cum, happily taking the load Dave fires at her face.

Pandora closes out this tape with a non nonsense fuck scene. She and Dave hook up and get right to it. They 69 in the center of the bed with the blonde enjoying it most when Dave plays with her asshole a bit. Nice doggy, but we get a better look at her face and tits when she’s on her back. The squat fucking looks pretty hot as well, especially if you have a thing for long, blonde hair. Another facial finish to cap off the finale.

With a workable winning format, Dave Cummings’ movie rely on good looking women to put them over the top. When the girls are hot, the tapes are great. When their appeal is limited, then things aren’t solid. Many of the women in this video are below Dave’s standards. Rather than start with them, let’s talk about the one woman who really gives her all in this movie and saves the whole thing. Justine Romee looks great in this movie and she really adds genuine heat to her sex scene. After her scene, the rest sort of hover around the middle. They are all well shot, but it depends on how much you like the girls. I didn’t find most of them very attractive, so the scored dropped considerably. If you happen to disagree with my taste, then factor that into your decision. It’s still the best series on the market for older guy/young girl, non-pedo porn.

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