Simply 18 4


SIMPLY 18 #4
96 Mins
Sin City
THEMES: Young Girls
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Dominica Leoni, Paige Sinclair, Claudia Adkins, Molly Rome, Aurora Snow,
Alex Ladd is a very busy guy, shooting a number of lines for Sin City these days. This line, one of the countless 18 titles out there, happens to packed with some of the best fresh chicks in all the land. Aurora Snow and Paige Sinclair are already top drawer porn chicks. Claudia Adkins is a fine Euro-babe and Molly Rome is one of those painfully young looking girls. (Has she done Max movies? I can’t imagine him passing on her.) There are little set ups for each scene, but the main focus in any Ladd flick is on the chicks and that’s good, especially with this cast
Jay Ashley has apparently fixed Aurora’s car. Apparently, when her mother has the car fixed, she doesn’t have to pay the guy, so young Aurora makes the same arrangement with Jay. He goes down on her, licking the crotch of her cut off panties until they are soaked. (From the inside or the out, you be the judge.) Even at eighteen, this lovely girl knows what to do on her knees. Aurora uses perfect hand to mouth action when she sucks, giving a great looking blowjob that I’m sure feels even better. Turning to the camera, she drops into his lap for a high energy squat fuck that shows off all of her good parts at once. (Unless you’re looking for her feet, ass or the small of her back.) After a quick doggy, she’s on her back and seemingly having a great time. Her prefect tits bounce with every stroke and Aurora even curls her toes as he pounds away. Pulling out, Jay shoots across her belly. Against her pale skin, there isn’t much cum to see, but this is still a great first fuck.
Herschel Savage dials up Molly Rome on the phone and invites her over to play roulette at his place. She misunderstands, thinks he said role playing and shows up in pigtails and plaid. Not one to complain, Herschel quickly strips her out of her outfit and goes down on her pussy. Molly’s face is quite cute, but she doesn’t fuck like an innocent girl next door. Her little lips wrap tightly around his cock and she gently massages his shaft with her tongue. Turning the tiny girl onto her side, Hersch gives us a good view of her pussy which is pierced by fairly tight it appears. Molly can be a little mechanical when she fucks, but the RCA with her legs high in the air and her white socks still on, she is the prefect picture of co-ed nastiness. Savage dribbles his goo onto her face and caps off a pretty fair effort.
Claudia Adkins is very horny, fingering her pussy as she talks on the phone. Her plaid skirt is pulled up around her waist and she is telling her boyfriend to hurry over. While we wait, Claudia treats us to some nice finger fucking action, but the second Jay arrives, he slides right in to lick up the sweet sauce. When she returns the favor, the pretty brunette is on her knees leaning in to take cock with every thrust. She does a little more gagging and drooling than I like, but this is a hot blowjob and Claudia looks ready to fuck. Once again, Ladd takes advantage of a girl who looks good in reverse cowgirl, letting Claudia grind her hips on Jay and show off that smiling face. After a short doggy, we go back to RC for equally energetic anal. I love watching women bounce this hard on a dick. We finish with a nice piledriver and a shot onto Claudia’s pretty mug.
Dominica Leoni is also a horny young thing, playing with her pussy when her man comes home. They get right down to it, kissing for all of three seconds before her lust for cock overtakes her and she just has to suck it. Pretty nice exchange of oral with pretty Dominica giving a nice tongue flick blowjob. Foot fans may enjoy the way he kisses her feet while removing her shoes. The sex here is nicely shot but pretty average. This babe doesn’t really start fucking until the end of the doggy when she actually kind of bumps back a bit. Gape lovers get some wide open anal action as he piledrives her colon from above. He ends up shooting right on her asshole. Even though this is the weakest scene of the movie, it ain’t half bad.
Paige is doing some modeling for Jay and of course, he talks her right out of most of her cloths. There is something cute about this girl that I just can’t resist. Her thigh high white stocking are pretty sexy and probably feel pretty good on Jay’s ears as he goes down for a helping of Sinclair sundae. By the time he’s done, she looks ready to rock, but Jay wants some of that famous Paige head. With her stockings and white top still on, she devours his cock, licking up one side and down the other before swallowing him whole. At times like this, I almost feel sorry for porn guys. I’m sure Jay would have loved to just sit back and blast a big load, but nooooooo, he has to lie back and let her fuck him first. Like most of the other girls in this movie, Paige loves to bounce up and down on a hard cock. Fans of long legs will really get a jolt watching her spread those sweet things and do a first class bump and grind. All that effort earns her a rest and Jay bends her over for some super hard doggy against the edge of the mattress. Turning back over, she pins her knees back to the sheets for a great, super limber fuck. Paige’s tight teen twat gets a serious workout and that lights her face up. After such a great fuck, a weak pop on her belly is a bit disappointing, but this still a hot way to finish a tape.
It’s always a good sign when all of the girls in a movie are worth watching. A few stand out above the others, but all of these babes are worth a stroke or two. As far as I’m concerned, Ladd used the ‘odd’ principle with this tape. Scenes one, three and five are the real stand outs here. Aurora Snow starts things out perfectly. She is just so fucking cute it hurts and her scene isn’t half bad either. Claudia Adkins just keeps finding ways to impress me and turn me on big time. Paige closes the tape with a great scene for guys who like long legged teen nymphs. With two other fine scenes, this one is bound to be one of the most solid jerk off tapes you’re going to find the shelves of your local smut shack.

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