After Dark


71 Mins
DIRECTOR: Nic Cramer
THEMES: Ghosts, Fantasy
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Ava Vincent, Julie Meadows, Skylar Knight, Tabitha, Maya Divine, Dillon Day, Evan Stone, Alec Metro, Randy Spears
Nic Cramer is at his best in big budget, plotted porn movies. His attention to detail and film making skills shine in this type of flick. From the looks of the box and the opening credits, After Dark is just such a project. It stars Ava Vincent (Who should have simply kept her Jewel Valmont nom de porn) as well as super cuties Julie Meadows and Skylar Knight. Since Cramer also shoots women in a way that makes them look as beautiful as possible (While still taking dick in every hole) that all bodes well for this movie.
When Ava shows up at house, she looks around like it might be haunted. This lasts for a few seconds before she lies on the bed and starts frigging herself. (Hey, when the urge strikes you.) With a ghost watching, she turns a sexy little solo to get us started. Still uneasy in the house, she calls her pal Skylar and tells her she’s hearing things. Later that night, she drifts off to sleep only to have the news guy pop out of the TV and start fucking right in front of her. Julie Meadows and Dillon Day get right to the good stuff. Always gorgeous, Julie lifts her long legs high to let him lick her sweet treat. When she gets down on her knees, the camera holds a profile shot for a long time, but does finally move around for a little POV action. Julie has really blonde hair in this scene and it looks good on her. Once again, her long legs come in to play as she faces the camera, drops down into his lap and starts slam fucking his lucky prick. With Eva watching every stroke, Julie joyously rides Dillon until she needs a rest. He takes over, holding one leg up over his shoulder as he keeps plowing that beautiful little pussy. This great scene ends when he shoots his load on her face. More Julie, more Julie and did I mention, more Julie!
Ava calls her boyfriend, but he’s too busy to come over. She heads to the movies only to find her friend Skylar fucking on screen while a scary hood, Evan Stone, is lurking behind her. On screen, as Skylar fucks Ava’s boyfriend, she chides the blonde for being so bad. Presto, the good girl Ava has the stranger’s cock in her hands. Just seconds after saying she’s not that kind of girl, Ava is pro sucking Evan’s long dong in the theater. He doesn’t mind lifting her skirt to get at her pussy. This is sort of a quickie fuck in that she leaves her skirt and top on, just pushing them aside for the nasty action. Evan gives her the fuck of a lifetime, then shoots a load all over her outstretched tongue to thank her for a job well done.
On the screen, Skylar keeps right on fucking Alec. (Thank you Cramer, for NOT intercutting.) Gorgeous Skylar is so pretty sucking dick that it’s almost not fair to ever let her stop. Only after playfully slurping away for a while does she move up on top of him to ride that shaft. As much as I love watching her suck, it’s not a real step down watching her pretty butt rock as they grind into each other. On her back we get a great view of her real tits, lovely hairless slit and pretty smile, though they don’t really hold the position for very long. This is a fairly high energy fuck from Skylar, though she shows her cum dodging ways taking a load on her neck and tits.
Maya Divine and Tabitha team up on Dillon in another fantasy fuck. This time the two on one action has the sort of pretty girl, dreamy quality that Cramer’s Ecstasy Girls movies are known for. Maya really turns up the heat in this scene, leaving Tabitha in the dust from the start. I like the sexy little outfit she has on and give her bonus points for taking a shot in the eye without running away crying.
At last, Alec comes to the rescue, delivering Ava from her nightmares. She is so glad to see him that she nearly chokes on his cock while swallowing it to the root. Very nicely delivered blowjob from the cock starved blonde. Apparently Alec hasn’t really been getting much on the side because he has all the energy he needs to drill her tight little muffin. Not as hot as Julie or Skylar, Ava still has a nice little body and is more than happy to take on a second cock when it pops into the shot. (Remember Spears, the ghost?) Both of them drop loads onto her face, closing this movie out in fine style.
The porn ghost story is not the most original feature idea on the block, but it usually works. After all, it gives us smooth transitions into scenes that aren’t really happening, allows innocent characters to behave like wonton sluts more than once in a movie and makes voyeurism something that just seems natural. Ava Vincent does a decent job as the lead in this movie, but it’s the side characters who turn in the best sexual performances. Julie Meadows looks fantastic and is the best fuck of the flick by a long shot. How she wasn’t used in more than one scene, I’ll never figure out. Skylar looks great, but doesn’t have her A game on today. Ava’s scene with Evan in the theater is probably her sexual highlight, very nice work. This movie will be a big hit as a couples movie and thanks to Julie and Ava, there are enough strokeable moments to make it worth a look.

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