Dna (deep N Ass)




100 Mins

DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan



THEMES: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Interracial Sex.




STARS: Alexandra Quinn, Bella, Nicole Sheridan, Sophie Evans, Lexington Steele, Jules Jordan, Marc Davis, Erik Everhard, Voodoo



With Jules Jordan movies, you always know what you’re going to get. In a very short time, he has established himself as a young director who does things differently than the other ‘young blood’ in the porn world. While most of them are off trying to rock stars, pimps, drug lords or basically playing the fool, Jules has decided to use good equipment and shoot technical solid, sexually hot videos. Which is better? I’ll let you decide, but I think everyone knows where I stand. This effort, for Rosebud promises deep anal sex from the four chicks in the cast. As a side note, the D’NA tag is a pretty fresh piece of porn gloss.

Alexandra Quinn is the first girl up and she always seems sexually charged. It’s as if she can put up with the interview so long, then she’s going to rape the first guy she sees. Alex knows she’s about to take on Lexington Steele and isn’t shy about talking about his notorious member. They retire to a lovely patio with an incredible view, but Lex and Alex only have eyes for each other. Before taking that thing in her ass, Alex has to do her best to swallow it. Ms. Quinn is one of those women who get almost scary around a big cock. She takes it as a challenge and looks willing to ram it right through the back of her head. More of this energetic blowjob would have been nice, but Lex had her bent at the waist so he can pound her pussy. Lex punishes her for being such a nasty slut, pummeling her until he’s ready to let her do the work. To her credit, Alex does a fine job of bouncing her big round ass in his lap, jerking off that foot long funstick with her twat. When she is finally ready. Alex sticks her ass high in the air, rubs her clit like mad and lets Lex penetrate her pooper. They quickly roll over for some mish anal with her legs up on his shoulders. Great close up shots here as Alex does indeed take it very deep in her ass. As before, she gets on top and shows that she’s willing to use her full body weight to jam that meat up her back road. Lex shows his strength, picking her up and bouncing Alex’s ass on his hard cock. After being totally ass fucked, she gets down on her knees and makes her mouth again available for oral pleasures. As before, her cock sucking has that desperate, cum hungry feel to it and ends when Lex shoots a load across her face, hitting her eye and even messing up her hair. This scene is pure filth, well shot and ball busting, the way sex should be.

Nicole Sheridan is preparing for he scene with a hot shower and we get to watch. We aren’t the only ones watching so Nicole takes special care to wash her long legs and even rubs her big tits against the glass. She puts on a sexy little outfit then teases Voodoo through the glass windows. When he is finally allowed in, Nicole circles him slowly. (Careful, she’s a tall babe and this is bound to intimidate some guys who only like seeing timid women.) In due time, she sucks dick just like a good slut will. Walking him into the house by the cock, Nicole is clearly going to enjoy this piece of meat with every orifice she’s got. While she bends over at he window, Voodoo slaps her ass then pounds away on her exposed slit. Very vocal as she gets fucked, Nicole shows that she’s a very nasty chick with a whole lot more heat here than I have seen from her in other movies. After some good begging, he finally gives her what she wants and fucks that dirty ass. The anal is very well shot again and Nicole is an enthusiastic assfuck who happily sucks his load right out of his prick. Nice facial and great energy in this scene.

Sophie Evans is pretty good looking from the neck up, but her body is just about flawless. After a long tease segment where she slips on her stockings and gets ready to take on a pair of cocks. Erik Everhard and Marc Davis watch as she continues to tease until their cocks are throbbing and ready to rip her in two. Those cool stockings look great against her skin as Sophie moves from cock to cock, sucking and stroking until both of them are nice and wet, ready to pump her puss. Erik and Marc each pick and end and start playing with the willing blonde. Her legs get pushed back and that exposed asshole is quickly filled with throbbing, thrusting man meat. Gape fans will be happy to see her ass stay open after some vigorous pounding. All hole get plugged as the guys DP here. No question, Sophie has a fantastic body, built for pure sexual pleasure. Top this off with a pair of sticky loads for her wide open mouth and you have another balls to wall ass busting scene.

Finally, we get Bella, a hard looking brunette with a hideous tattoo on her shoulder. Yikes, this isn’t going to be pretty. Even if her body looks pretty good, it’s hard to look at all of the ink on her skin and not want to just run out of the room for a snack. Maybe if I were there, ready to stick it in this tight little chick, I would feel differently, but watching her is not exactly as much fun as it should be. Erik Everhard lays the wood to her pretty hard and like the other scenes, everything is nicely shot. However, when the star has zero sex appeal, the scene can only be appreciated technically. Am I being too hard on Bella? Perhaps. She does have nice legs and a really cute ass, so the close up shots are pretty hot. Add a nice facial and you get a solid scene, as long as you think more of Bella than I do.

My favorite thing about this movie, other than the DNA gloss, is the first scene. Alexandra Quinn and Lexington Steele turn in a great performance filled with super deep anal action. Alex drools all over that slab of meat then takes it into her colon from every possible angle. This is the best scene in the movie and one that Alex should keep for her highlight reel. After this scene, the picture quality stays high and the sex is very well shot, but the heat never quite comes back to this level. Nicole Sheridan is a leggy babe who also manages to take it deep. Sophie Evans proves once again that she’s a natural born prick cushion. Bella just doesn’t do it for me, so the movie kind of ends with a dud. Everything looks good, and you may like the cast more than I did, but for my money, watch Alex take on Lex and you’ve seen the big highlight.


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