Teenie Boppers




120 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Eric Allen


THEMES: Young Girls, Pigtails

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Cheyanne, Eve, Samantha, Alexxis Tyler, Ashley Sage, Molly Rome, Aurora Snow, Billy Glide, Adam Wilde, Voodoo,


Eric Allen has been doing Metro’s newcomer line for a while and now he’s moved on to the teen line. I guess he’s still going with the first timer theme. Instead of shooting girls who are new to fucking on film, he’s setting up scenarios where we watch girls get boned for the first time in their young lives. He’s got a pretty impressive cast of young girls who know how to fuck and suck for the camera. Tops on that list is Cheyanne who is so damn near perfect it hurts. Samantha and Aurora Snow are also in this movie and that gives me three very good reasons to shut the fuck up and start the damn thing.

Adam Wilde cruises into the kitchen where Cheyanne is blowing bubbles. The super cute brunette tells him that her big sister is out so Adam decides that her mouth should be working on something else. You have to love the pigtails and the way her body looks in that tiny skirt and little white top. She trades in her bubble hoop for a cock that grows quickly in her young mouth. Cheyanne is a quick learner and is sucking like a pro in no time, looking like a wet dream the whole time. Give the director five bonus points for letting her use her big tits for a bit of cleavage boning before Adam finds out that Cheyanne’s sweet lips are better than candy any day of the week. Pushing her panties to one side, Adam shoves his cock into her warm love nest and holds her tightly enough to smash those glorious globes between their bodies. They use the counter quite nicely, doing some nice standing doggy that allows for some great low angle shots. Cheyanne has great legs and such a pretty pussy. How is she not on everyone’s list of hot new babes? (Come on guys, get on the bandwagon.) If you think I dig this chick’s bod, just wait until I tell you how fucking cute her smiling face is as she takes a load on it. The only problem with this scene is that Adam doesn’t shoot much, causing us to cut away a bit too quickly. Otherwise, it kicked serious ass.

Eve is a horny little blonde, playing with her pussy on the bed when Dale comes in. He wants some action. She’s worried about her father coming home, but Dale’s bone just won’t wait. Her protests last for about three seconds before a dick between her lips shuts her right up. Eve isn’t as cute as Cheyanne, but she really puts a lot of effort into her blowjob. Her pigtailed head bobs up and down on his rod until every inch is shiny with spit and ready to invade her southern borders. He lies flat on his back as the thin Euro-babe mounts his rod and starts bucking her hips to get some good friction going. After letting her do all the work for a while, Dale stands next to the bed and enters her from behind. Those of you who like the little while socks will be happy to see Eve still wearing hers as she gets slam fucked. This young babe even takes it in her little ass. Dale pushes her knees back to her chest and really gives her sphincter a work out before sending her to the floor to take an A2M facial pop. She may not be the prettiest girl on the block, but this babe knows how to fuck and I’ll be watching her again.

Samantha is another thin blonde who knows how to get down and dirty. She plays a girl with a huge crush on her favorite boy band star, Voodoo. Her walls are covered in his photos and she even says a little prayer that he will take her cherry. After drifting off to sleep, Samantha wakes up with her idol in bed with her. Doing her best teen fanatic impersonation, she attacks him, begging to suck his dick. Once she gets going, you can see the skills this dirty blonde has. She uses great hand motions and slurps loudly with each stroke, nearly taking his uncut cock to the root. I don’t know if teen virgins should have tattoos, but what the hell, she looks totally do-able and Voodoo slides her body on top of his for some 69. (He just doesn’t want that hungry mouth to leave his rod.) When she gets on for her first dick ride, Sam squirms wildly, moving her hips, pumping her thighs and practically bouncing on his big bone. This girl knows how to fuck, but also knows how to lie on her side and take it like a big girl. Nice leg shots as she pulls her knee to her shoulder and lets him spoon her to a loud climax. Again, the white socks are prominent in a lot of the shots, both in the exaggerated mish and the deep doggy action. If being a boy band gets you a prime piece of young female fuckmeat like this, maybe the stupid clothes, lame facial hair and bad music aren’t too much to bear. Voodoo pulls out and creams all over his number one fan’s pretty little ass. This is one of Sam’s best looking scenes to be sure.

There is a little lesbian scene in the middle of the cherry busting as Alexxis Tyler and Ashley Sage watch a scary movie together. They have to huddle close to get over the fright. One way to keep your mind of the boogyman is to make out with cute girlfriend. Both of these girls look fresh out of high school and are really good at exploring each other’s bodies. Once the pussy licking starts, the girls show their true colors as experienced clam divers and slit stickers. Since girl on girl action isn’t my bag of chips, this scene is the least interesting for me, but it follows the same theme and style and will no doubt delight those of you who always wanted to peek inside a slumber party. Here’s a hint, this one even has fun sexy toys.

Molly Rome is a very cute girl who really needs to get her broken tooth fixed. This scene takes the twisted teem them to a new place. Molly has a big teddy bear that is equipped with a huge strap on cock. When Molly is feeling naughty, she pops his dick in her mouth and takes a ride on the well endowed stuffed animal. Cute Molly isn’t great with dialog, but she looks so tasty, who cares. In comes Pat Myne wants to replace the bear in little Molly’s bed. Happily, she takes him into her mouth and stretches her lips around the invading shaft. He has her take of her top, revealing perfect little titties and a big tat on her back. (Who would have guessed that sweet little, shaved slit Molly is a Pittsburgh Steeler fan?) With her pert little nipples pointing towards the sky, Molly spreads her thighs to have her box licked clean. She seems to be in a bit of pain as she starts piston pumping her puffy pussy. The close up shots look good, but this girl is one tight fit. Pat moves her to her hands and knees where the pale little cute is able to take more dick and even fuck back a little. As it blasting a bald beaver weren’t enough, Myne rolls her onto her side and slips it between her teen cheeks. After a quick fuck in the butt, Molly holds her head over the edge of the bed so Pat can drip a barely visible load onto her chin.

Our final young cutie is Aurora Snow. I just interviewed her last weekend and have to say that she’s so damn cute in person it’s hard to concentrate. More than just a pretty face and hot bod, this girl has a great personality. Like a homecoming queen who doesn’t know just how damn sexy she is. That personality doesn’t come out in her scene as she drops down on Billy Glide’s dick without a word. Rather than bemoan the fact that she doesn’t act out a little scene, I’ll just enjoy the sight of this super cute teen trying to swallow Billy’s monster sword. Her fingers don’t quite make it all the way around and her lips only slip over the first few inches, but Aurora knows how to make a blowjob look great. (I’ll bet ya big bucks she knows how to make it feel even better.) Billy finally lets her come up for air, turning her over and licking between her long legs. By the time they finish giving each other head, there isn’t much time left to actually fuck. Billy puts Aurora on her hands and knees facing the back of the couch and fucks her hard
enough for the those firm tits to just shake invitingly. Speaking of tits, this set is on full display when she rides his lap. (Though they seem to have some penetration problems in this position.) For the big finish, Billy bends her legs back against her body, slams her a few time before pulling out to shoot on that pretty face. Aurora reaches for dick and starts licking the last drops out, but the camera cuts away too quickly. Linger on this kind of action for a while.

I’m not sure the world of porn needs another teen themed porn line, but if the audience is there, you know that the smut lords will beat this horse until it’s been dead for a while. In the past, Metro has given Eric Allen the often unenviable task of taking totally raw talent and milking some sort of passable performance from them. More often than not, he has handled that task well. This time around, they’ve let him take some still new girls and have them actually act out their (or more likely, his) teen age fantasies. Sometimes the set ups are funny, but mostly, it’s the chicks who make this flick work. Right out of the gate, Cheyanne is nothing short of a walking, talking, cocksucking wet dream. Samantha does the best job of playing teen, parlaying her boy band idolatry into a very hot scene with Voodoo. Molly Rome’s stuffed animal fetish could seem a little twisted until you realize what the alternative is. Somehow, she sucks it up and manages to look like she’s enjoying Pat Myne’s cock just as much as the plastic one. Aurora Snow is a great bonus at the end, showing great promise and a whole lot of teen sex appeal. A step up from his pure first timer videos, this is Eric Allen’s first chance to expand and he succeeds. Thanks largely to a much better than average cast, this one is going to go over big with the fans of the teen market and with guys who want to see stone cold stars in the making like Cheyanne, Samantha and Aurora.

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