135 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Thomas Zupko

Extreme Associates

THEMES: Jail Sex, Prostitutes, Anal Sex, Natural Tits.




STARS: Kristi Myst, Stevie, Krista Leigh, Gauge, Wanda Curtis, Brian Surewood, Alek James Hidell, Mickey G, Valentino, Mojo, Mr. Pete and Anthony Crane.


I have to be careful with Thomas Zupko movies. They are kind of like Kubrick films in that I have to watch them with some space in between so as not to overdose. After Days of Whore, I needed some time to recover. I actually made it almost all the way through Ass Clowns, but decided to save that review for later when the Abyss came my way. With Kristi Myst now an Ex-Extreme girl, this may be her last chance to really get down and dirty. As some of you know, I don’t share Zupko’s for pure shock smut, but if he can do with Abyss what he did with Days (Take us on a trip that is disturbing, sometimes deep and often enough, strokeable) then we’ll be in good shape. This story begins with a long set of subtitles that outline the basic plot. The visual montage played during this open is quite well done, but you have to read to keep up. (I rewound it to watch the montage by itself.)

We begin in a Russian prison cell where four former Generals are reduced to eating live bugs to stay alive. We flash back to a happier time when the four were vying for the same political appointment. A rival gave them his estate for the weekend and the quartet haven’t a clue what they are in for. They are certainly happy to take advantage of the wonderful gifts he has left for them. The first is Gauge, who looks really hot here. She picks two of the guys, Mojo and Brian Surewood and leads them outside. First, her dress drops, exposing her firm tits, then Gauge drops to her knees to free the cocks waiting to violate her. This babe look so fucking hot with a cock in her mouth, like she was born do please pricks. When both dicks are hard, she stands to take one from behind while slobbering all over the other. The best shots come when she’s squat fucking one guy while being nearly choked by the other. What I like here is that this is just pure sex without a lot of the sexual violence that often makes Zupko’s movies less than perfect stroke material for me. They move her down to the ground for some doggy that includes her fine little ass getting ripped open by a hard cock. There aren’t too many girls who can take a fucking like this and still seem ready for more. Check out the acrobatic upside down anal fucking she takes while still nearly swallowing Brian’s cock. They have to DP her in order to really finish this hot little whore off. They pound her little holes raw before shooting cum all over her face. It drips all over her young tits, covering this horny little slut with jizz. This is probably the best sex scene Zupko has ever shot, right up to the puke shot in the post cum play. Dude, what was that?

Naturally, the whore dies, but that’s all part of the plan and I don’t want to give it all away. Krista Leigh is the next girl to be victimized by the randy Russians. This scene is rougher from the start, which will be a big plus for some of you. From the way Alek Hidel is talking to her, I guess she’s supposed to be royalty of some kind, but she sure sucks like a filthy whore. Krista is fairly new to porn, but this is a sure fire way to see if she’s going to be able to handle the business. Personally, I don’t get off watching chicks slapped, choked or hearing Alek drone his monotone misogyny. (Nothing kills a boner more than hearing some guy talk dirty.) The actual sex is well shot, with Krista’s pussy and ass fucked hard in a number of positions. If you like super rough slapping scenes and enjoy the kind of verbal homoeroticism of a never-ending male soundtrack, then you will have creamed a dozen times before even reaching the half way point of this scene. Krista is a bit of a thick girl with great tits and an ass so tight it visibly grips cock with every stroke. When they start DP’ing her, I could almost jerk off to the action. In fact, with the sound down, this is just another hot, hard double fuck. They cover her in load after load of cum. (and of course, she ends up dead.)

We cut right to a thin chick in a field, going down on Valentino. I’m pretty sure this is Wanda Curtis, though I remember her hair being a different color. She opens her mouth wide, but when he pokes his prick in deep, her cheeks stretch anyway. Since he is already doing some stretching, it’s only natural that he reach down and start pulling her ass apart with his fingers. That’s just the start for her tight little hole because Val has bad intentions for that little rosebud. In typical Euro-slut fashion, Wanda takes it in the ass with utter delight, bouncing on his cock like she’s riding her favorite pony. This scene is back into the good hard sex category and is just as well shot as the others. (Oh, and check out the natural tits on this babe. That’s three scenes in a row for you keeping score at home.) Val rips that little asshole, going deep and then lying back while she pulls his pud from her ass and hungrily sucks and strokes a load from him. (Three guesses what happens to her when she’s drained him dry.)

As we knew they would, things finally go bad for the four generals. They are sent to prison and we pick things up where we began. The man who set them up, Anthony Crane, takes great delight in torturing the prisoners. He brings a beautiful woman, Stevie, to see them and join in the mocking. I don’t know where they found this chick, but damn is she a hottie. Crane gets to fuck her while torturing the guys. (Now that’s a job.) I guess since they don’t have any pussy, watching this super pretty girl go down on Crane’s cock is better than nothing. After licking her lips a little, he bends the long haired babe over at the waist and fucks her pretty pussy. Nice slut that she is, Stevie even bends over far enough to suck some cock through the bars. This isn’t too rough at all. In fact, it’s very hot. The lighting is a bit dim, but it’s supposed to a fucking dungeon, so we have to give it some slack. Watching her do the reverse cowgirl thing is about as fucking spoogeworthy as anything I’ve seen in a porn this month. They move away from the cell so we can see her riding dick better. Stevie looks a little bit like a toned up Charlie who just can’t get enough cock. Now she gets bent over so the guys can fuck her from inside the cell. Wherever Zupko found this girl, he did one fucking great job getting her to perform like a perfect jailhouse slut. One load shoots on her ass while another coats her pretty face.

Finally, the guys are visited by the Virgin Mary, played by Kristi Myst. In typical Zupko fashion, the guys paw at her and she spits things up on her. According to Mary, there is no God, so I guess that means all bets are off. As I said with the violence, I don’t personally find the mixture of religion and sex to be a very strokeable mix. When she isn’t screaming about God, the hot talk coming from her mouth is fine. As usual, Kristi is a wild fuck who demands it in the ass. Personally, it’s all good when she gets two cocks in the mouth and another up her ass. I don’t know what happened to Ms. Myst during her time away, but she came back as a totally different performer who does everything and then some. In this scene, she has four cocks to please and does most of the work with her mouth and ass. There is a great shot of Valentino fucking her from behind while she’s up against the wall. After a short DP, the cum starts flying and Kristi takes it on her face, sucking every last drop out and wearing the loads like a champ.

Our plot continues, but you don’t want me to give away the end do you? While I don’t think the Abyss is as deep or even as shocking as Days of Whore, I think it’s a better piece of jerk off material. While I didn’t dig the slapping in the Krista scene or the religious mix in the final fuck, the rest of the sex is pure, (good) filth. Gauge fucks as well as I’ve ever seen, giving us the best Zupko sex scene ever. Whoever this Stevie chick is, she needs to be cloned and passed out to smut lovers everywhere. For the most part, the sex is very well shot and lit. It fits the story, but isn’t overwhelmed by it. I know I like different things than a lot of Zupko fans, but am quite impressed. I liked Days for being edgy and inventive, but for stroke value, this is the best Zupko movie I’ve seen and makes the list of the best I’ve seen this month.


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