Blow Bang 3


90 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Derek Newblood
THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials
STARS: Candy Cotton, Pricilla Jane, Cheyenne Mitchell, Skylar, Shai, Taylor McKay, Katanya Blade, Keri Star.
In the ever popular world of all-oral videos, companies are scrambling to find something new to do. The Extreme/Armageddon team have come with a few new angles along the way and this is their latest attempt. It’s pretty simple when you think about it. It’s a gang bang without the fucking. It’s a Blow Bang and if you like watching girls take lots and lots of cum on their faces, what more could you ask for?
The Ids on these girls aren’t good, so I have no idea who the wide eyed first girl is. She has short, curly hair, big tats on her back and what appears to be a soft, curvy body. Whoever she is, she moves happily around this circle of cock, sucking one after another. She’s got a pretty face and isn’t a bad cocksucker, actually slapping a few of them on her studded tongue as she works mostly with her mouth. When it’s time for the cum to flow, she closes her eyes and takes six mostly closed mouth shots that cover her chin to chair in man mustard.
Cheyenne Mitchel introduces herself before she starts sucking cock. Another tatted babe, this blonde is fairly cute as well. I love the way she works both hands on cocks while sucking a third. During this one, we can hear Alek Hidel offering his verbal stylings. Someone needs to make sure they gag him. Let him save his talk for his own movies. Some of us just don’t want to jerk off to guys. Nice eye contact as she sucks her way around the circle, but just too much man chatter for me. Cheyenne takes her loads on her outstretched tongue. Hotter babe, just turn down the sound on this one.
Taylor McKay is a cutie I really liked in another movie recently, so she was a big reason for me putting this tape in. She gets into the ring and starts going to town on a whole collection of hard cocks. See all that meat Taylor, it’s hard just for you. This pretty young thing has obviously perfected her skills in many front seats and behind the bleachers between classes. (Someone turn of the Regan reverb in the background, are you trying to kill the bone?) How cute is Taylor? So cute that I’ll even forgive her the tats on her tits and hip. Her face is the perfect sperm target and the guys around her shoot loads of hot cream all over that face. No way this girl ever had to do a car wash to fund raise for her cheerleading squad. Not when she could do this instead.
Katanya Blade is an older woman with big tits and mousy brown hair. The guys take her top off to molest those big tits while she keeps her mouth busy between a couple of hard dicks. You know, without that big tat, those hooters would be perfect for some hot cleavage fuck. (They would be good anyway, just wouldn’t look at good with the ink.) She may not be as cute as Taylor, but in this case, her experience pays off in the form of loads fired all over her face and tits. Bonus points to Katanya for licking cum off her own rack.
Shai is this cute little black girl who would rather suck cock than tell us her name. (Now there is my idea of a hot date.) With Luciano and Brandon both in the circle, the heavy guy talk is all around, making me reach for the sound so I can actually enjoy the sight of this girl getting some interracial meat into her skilled mouth. Shy is especially pretty when she gives eye contact, but has a really pretty face and a relaxed way of taking all these dicks, like she does it every day. Her face looks good with cum on it, even if Shy seems a little less than cum hungry.
Keri Star just comes right out and says what she’s going to do. Nothing like a woman who cuts the talk and starts sucking the dick. She’s not bad looking and really gets her head bobbing fast on the dicks. Keri doesn’t take it very deep, but makes up for it by sucking fast. If enthusiasm counts for anything, then she gets big points because she gets her mouth and hands all going, pleasing three cocks at a time. It’s like she does this all the time. I’m guessing poker night at Keri’s place is a good time for all. Keri wears her loads with no fuss, another plus.
Scarlet is a filthy redhead who loves to suck cock. She’s a tad older than some of the others, but her skill is deep throat. With some help, this babe gets all that dick down her gullet and comes looking for more. This naturally breasted babe has pale skin, a soft midsection and a throat built for pleasure. The guys line up to reward this cock sucking slut with several loads all over her hungry, skilled mouth and face. Great facial finish to this one.
Candy Cotton is a very dirty blonde with big tits and a do anything attitude that would make her the hit of any kegger. She shows some great deep throat skills as well, taking the biggest cock in the group and making it all go away. This is the first scene with some black cock thrown into the mix, but Candy is color blind when she’s on her knees. As do-anything, deep throating blonde bimbos go, Candy can hold her own. Loving the show, she jerks them off towards her face, talking to the camera a bit. If you’re going to orally bang a babe, then this is the kind of cum hungry oral whore you want to have on hand. Cum starts flowing and Candy wears load after load. She even blows bubbles with the jizz while waiting for more cum.
Well, this was a pretty decent little oral flick. No real gimmicks here just babes blowing small groups of guys and wearing goo on their faces. There are no stunning beauties in this cast, though Taylor is a stone cold cutie, but they aren’t hired as covergirls. They are there to suck and take loads and for that, each girl gets high marks. If anything brought this score down, it was the constant male vocals going on in the background. I know it’s a personal thing, but I don’t want to be in mid stroke with a dude’s voice going off in my ear. Beyond that, this is very strokeable smut and great for oral and especially facial lovers. In fact, if Newblood wants to send Taylor, Shai, Scarlet or Candy over to help take the edge off in the mornings, I’d gladly let them in.

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