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January 2001

Before we start, am I
still in danger or have you called off the professional ‘hit’ you put out on

Yes I took the hit off, I finally decided to give you
another chance.  But remember three
strikes and you’re out.

Is it true you only did this email
interview to
avoid having to take your top off for me?

I think
you have seen my breasts before, and don’t you live in another state?

Where were
you born?

Del Rio,

Did you
grow up there?

I grew up
there and on the East Coast, my family was military, and so we traveled a lot.

What were you like growing up? Shy? Outgoing? Studious?

I was a nerd,
but didn’t look like one and I always got into fights with guys.  I was a mixture of all the above.  I was always popular with all the cliques.

How tall
are you?


And your


Were you a
sexual person at a young age?

Well, I
lost my virginity at the age of 13, and didn’t enjoy it.  It hurt like hell and I think I was way too
young to know what the hell it was. I think I was more sensual than sexual.

How did
you get involved in the adult entertainment industry?

I started
dancing when I was 17 to put myself through college.  After about 6 years of dancing, I did a Miss Nude Contest and met
Michael Raven.  He asked if I ever
thought about doing movies.  After
talking to him for a while, I met him out in LA and decided to try it.

Do the
people back home know what you’re doing?

As far as
I know, no.  There may be people who
know obviously, but my family thinks I only dance, I think hehe.

Do you think the people you went to school with
would be surprised to know what you’re doing now?

Yeah, I
think they would be shocked; I can’t wait until my ten-year class reunion.  I don’t know if I will go or not, depends on
how busy I am.

When did
you make your first movie?

I made my
first movie I believe in October of 1997.

Who was it

It was for
Cream, directed by John T. Bone

Who was it

I worked
with Dave Hardman.

Were you

Hell YES

When you were finished with that first scene, did
you know you were going to do more, or did you need time to think about

It was
after my second one that I needed time to think if I was going to continue.

About how
many movies have you made so far?

I have
made 16 movies, so far in a little over three years.

Are there any titles you are particularly proud of
or would want the readers to check out?

favorites are Maximum Zoë, Captive, Underworld, and Smoker.

Who are
your favorite males to work with?

Evan Stone
and Dale Da Bone


Not only
are they hot looking guys, but they are very sweet to work with and good at
what they do.

Are there
any guys in the biz you want to work with, but haven’t yet?

Since, I
have always been under contract until now, I don’t know too many people in the
biz.  There are always new people coming
in and out.

Do you
work with women on screen?

Yes, just
not often.

If so, who
are your favorites?

I Don’t

Is that
something you’re into off screen as well?

Yes, I am
bisexual.  I love having a girlfriend
and a boyfriend at the same time if I am going to be in a relationship.

Are there
things you won’t do on camera?

tons.  It would be easier to tell you
what I will do on screen.  I will do
straight b/g, g/g, and you can add a couple of other people, but no gang bangs,
and I do facials.

How would you say your on screen persona differs
from or is similar to the ‘real’ you?

Well, a lot of times I play a tough bitch in
my movies, which I can be if you piss me off.

For the most part, people tell me I am a down to earth, sweet, outgoing

Do you
watch your own movies?

I watch
each movie once, and I fast forward a lot.

What are
you looking for?

I think
you are your toughest critic, so I would rather watch other people or live it.

What do
you think of the business overall?

I think it
is good thus far, but needs a lot of work.

You were contracted with Sin City for a while, how
did that come about?

As I said
before, I have known Michael Raven for a while, so when they heard my contract
with Cream was about up, they contacted me.

How was it
being a Contract Girl?

I have
always been a contract girl until now, I like it better.  I think it suits my needs and me.

contract recently ran out, do you want to talk a little about that?

I was
going to resign with Sin City, but at the last minute, we had some creative
differences.  Did anyone say anal???

Any hard

I still
love everyone there; in fact, I am shooting two movies for them, one in
December and one in January.  There are
no hard feelings, if the offer came up, I would resign with them.

What are
your plans now?

Right now,
I am working a lot on mainstream movies.
I have about 5 movie offers, and in late spring will be talking about a
TV series.  I am also talking to
wrestling people.  I will be starting my
music CD early 2001.  I am also looking
into going back to school, for either entertainment law or accounting.  Oh, and I am still doing all the same adult

Are you
looking for another contract?

Yes, I
would like another contract.  If I don’t
get one, I will still only make one movie a month.

What are
your long term plans for the adult industry?

I guess
keep doing what I have been doing.

How do you
feel about working with/without condoms?

I don’t
care either way.  One, I don’t film that
often and I am very picky about who I work with, and two, I am allergic to

Do you feel the industry does enough to educate
performers and keep them safe?

I don’t
think so.  I think companies should pay
for the tests and that STD tests should be mandatory as well.

Do you
have any unfulfilled fantasies?


Do you have a fan club or a web site where people
can get in touch with you?
PO Box 3334
Lakewood, CA 90711

And what
is on the site?

Tons and
we are still adding.

also on IRC chat a lot, am I right?

Yep, well
not as much lately because I have been so busy.

Do you do
any feature dancing?


readers find the dates on your site?

Yes on the
free side of my site there is an appearance calendar that I update personally
and I do update.

What type
of music do you like?

I like all
kinds, but I guess my fave is rock.

If you could pick one person on earth, anyone at
all, to do a scene with, whom would it be and why?

I have no
clue, I don’t think about things like that.

Who is
sexier, Fred Flintstone or Barney Ruble?


Spears or Ricky Martin?

ummmm you
are kidding right?

Gene Ross
or Luke Ford?

Gene is

Luke or
Roger Pipe?

You of
course.  Luke does have pretty eyes.

Do you
follow any internet news/review sites?

Yes I
read, Luke’s, Gene’s, Tod Hunter’s, pornnewsdaily, stunning curves, ainews, and

What do you think about the things that are said
about performers on such sites?

I think a lot of people are too harsh on the
talent; they are not informed on all the details and shouldn’t believe
everything they read.

Do you
have a husband/boyfriend?


What do
you look for in a man/woman?

I don’t
look for anything.  It’s individual
chemistry.  You either have it or you

Is there
anything I missed?

Not that I
can think of right now.

you would like to say in closing?

I just
want to thank everyone for their support and caringness.  I really appreciate it!!!!!

Thanks Zoe.

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