Behind The Counter


105 Mins.
Sin City
THEMES: Asian Women, Anal Sex,
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Taylor St. Claire, Samantha Stylle, Jade Marcela, Kamiko, Candy Cotton, Chennin Blanc, Tyce Bune, Jay Ashley, Chris Cannon, Karl Kincaid.
Before I spent my days in front of a keyboard reviewing more porn than any human should ever see in a lifetime, I had a number of �real� jobs. The one I had for the longest was as a counter jockey for various video stores. This isn�t the greatest job in the world, but if you�re really lucky you collect a few dozen fun stories to share. Some of those stories led to this script a few years back. As the graphic says at the beginning of this movie, this is based on a true story. The names have been changed to protect the somewhat less than innocent. Luckily for everyone watching, director Alex Ladd has hired trained professionals to act them. Alex had graduated from gang bang and vignette porn to some light features lately and with this one takes on a comedy. What I hope is that he brings his ability to shoot super hot sex scenes to the feature world and gives us all one of those perfectly balanced sex/plot movies.
Before the dialog begins we get a scene between busty blonde Candy Cotton and dread locked stud Karl Kincaid. Without a word, he licks her shaved slit on the couch, then stands to feed her his hard cock. Candy bobs her head forward, taking him deep and drooling all over the shaft. Her big tits are a perfect fit for a little bit of cleavage fucking. I�ve seen Candy in some other movies, but she looks pretty good in this scene and is energetic as she rides his cock. She has a nice looking pussy, but Karl is already thinking about putting his black dick right up her tight, white ass. She takes it like a champ, spinning to suck it right out of her butt. This must turn Karl on because seconds later he unloads his sack all over her open mouth and outstretched tongue. Very nice facial to cap off a solid opening scene.
The scene we�ve just watched is playing on the TV if a local video store. Jay Ashley is working behind the counter and is a little put off by a somewhat intrusive patron, Tyce Bune. It turns out Tyce used to work in the same store and the two exchange banter about the ins and outs of the job. They get to talking about customers and Tyce relates a tale about one very special customer. Samantha Stylle is a conservatively dressed, uptight woman who has a question about her bill. She has late charges on movies she never rented. Upset at the idea that her husband would watch such filthy, Sammy decides that she needs to become a woman like the one in the movies. Of course, it�s Tyce who actually gets to enjoy the benefits of her new attitude. Looking fantastic in her little glasses, Ms. Stylle drops to her knees and takes his cock into her mouth. Easily taking it to the root, she shows the sort of oral antics that have made her such a personal favorite. Tyce lifts her onto the counter, rips a hole in her pantyhose and starts fucking her shaved slit. (Not sure that PMRC soccer moms are big on the shaved genitals look, but what the hell.) If she was a shy wife before, this babe is letting it all hang out for her new friend. Sammy rolls him over and really starts grinding on his dick. The two of them are sweaty in no time, really putting a lot of energy into this scene. Playing her character perfectly, she asks him to show her how to be an anal queen. After pounding down on it a few times, Sam dismounts and sucks his cock straight from her ass. In a matter of moments, she has gone from uptight housewife, to true anal princess. Tyce slams every inch of meat into her prissy ass and she just loves it. To complete her first lesson, Tyce shoots a big load right into her mouth. Another great scene where the performer stay in character and fuck like mad.
Jay has a few stories of his own, flashing back to a time when the boss, Chennin Blanc walked in on a bit of after hours hanky panky between he and co-worker Kamiko. Instead of being pissed, the boss actually encourages them to keep going. Chennin orders the gorgeous little Asian down to her knees for some oral that can�t help but look good. Kamiko was a great find for Sin City and is easily one of the cutest little cock hounds in the business. Chennin doesn�t let Kamiko have all the fun, dropping down to get a taste of meat as well. (Would Jay have a sexual harassment suit against his boss for this.) Taking advantage of her position, Chennin takes the first ride, squat fucking for a while before turning him back over to the petite little babe. Great shots of Kamiko bent over the desk, sucking the boss� pussy and getting slammed from behind. Since every scene in this movie has anal in it, Chennin offers her butt for some deep stroking action. No anal for Kamiko, but Jay does pull out of Chennin�s ass and drop a wad on that gorgeous face. Most of us get fucked by our bosses, but Jay got to do it back.
The tales continue as Jay talks about what can happen in a porn room when no one is looking. Chris Cannon is checking out some video boxes, getting himself all turned on by the sight of Taylor St. Claire on a cover. Out of the Blue, Taylor strolls into the room, looking just like a porno fantasy in heels. She�s happy to meet a fan and rubs her ass against his crotch. Feeling a bulge growing, Taylor gets down to some serious cock sucking. This is one very pretty woman who really seems to enjoy the feel of a hard rod in her mouth. After receiving head from his dream girl, Chris gets under Taylor�s short skirt and licks her pretty lips. Taylor is wet in seconds and ready to be fucked like the little porn tramp she is. He fucks her hard enough to get those big, glorious titties really bouncing on her chest. With her skirt and top pulled aside and her black boots still in place, he takes his fantasy to the ultimate level, fucking her right up the ass. Taylor takes it in the butt like a champ, then wears a load all over her beautiful face.
As it turns out, Kamiko was working in the store even back when Tyce was on the other side of the counter. One night, she drops down for a little head before closing time. Naturally, an annoying customer (Played by the director himself) wanders up to the counter and just won�t leave. Once he does, Tyce can really enjoy the oral talents of this super cute babe. (Have I mentioned just how badly I want to have Kamiko curled up under my desk. Tyce pulls her out from under the counter where he can really enjoy all of he treats. After fingering and licking her pretty pussy, he slips into those silky folds. Kamiko is petite, but with great curves, gorgeous tits and legs that look great in all of the many angles Tyce manages to bend them. This is another high energy scene with Kamiko riding like she can�t get enough. This time, her little ass doesn�t escape. Tyce holds out long enough to off that butt a while before spraying her face with jib.
As the tales get taller, Tyce tells Jay about this girl he used to work with. Now she�s a porn star and back in the day, he fucked her. Like magic, she appears, to contest Tyce�s bragging. Instead of being too upset, she decides to give them both an afternoon they will never forget. In an instant, Jade is naked, looking totally tasty, and ready to party. They lie her down in the center of the store and each take an end. Tyce licks her tight little muffin while Jay fucks that warm, inviting mouth. As always, Jade sucks cock like a complete slut on a mission to drown in semen. By the time she starts getting fucked, Jade is moaning so loudly, she can hardly keep her lips on the cock in her face. Few women in porn take dick as eagerly as Jade and as Tyce fills her from behind, she�s swallowing Jay�s cock. Eventually, the guys work around to her ass and start filling her third input as well. This certainly isn�t your typical �feature� sex. Jade is loud, hot and all over the place as the guys fuck the hell out of her. For the final fuck of the movie, we step things up a bit, with both guys fucking Jade�s hole raw. She ends up wearing two loads of cum, closing things out with a rousing three way.
Hopefully, none of you are watching this for the story or the witty dialog. If you are, I can�t possibly comment on it. If you�ve tuned in to see some cute girls get royally fucked, then I can and will comment on that. Kamiko, Sin City�s cute little contract girl has two scenes in this movie and carries the action. Her one on one with Tyce on the counter is a very hot scene, feature or not. Her three way with Chennin Blanc isn�t half bad either. Samantha Stylle has best combination sex and acting scene, transforming from uptight housewife to downright porno slut before our very eyes. It�s not often we get this much hard anal and A2M action in a feature sex scene. Jade Marcela is her usual hot self for the DP that closes the movie. Taylor St. Claire proves once again that super pretty women can be true porno sluts in her single, bun busting scene. Candy Cotton opens the movie with a nice interracial anal scene, making every scene in this movie sexually hot. I did like the way the movie was cut, with some care for the dialog and some funny non sex moments, but mostly, this is a well shot, sexually charged stroke flick that should please just about everyone.

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