Toe Story




80 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

JM Productions

THEMES: Interracial Sex, DP, Facials.




STARS: Kiki D’Aire, Candy Cotton, Joel Lawrence,.


One of the good things about reviewing a JM Productions flick is that I’m familiar with the format. It makes it easy to know what’s coming. I imagine that also makes it appealing to the consumer since they know exactly what to expect. With the White Trash Whore line, we always get a lot of trailer park, spam and crystal meth jokes. We also get plenty of potentially offensive black and white stereotypes. So, if you’re too thin skinned or PC, just ignore this line and leave it to the people who really want to see a dirty little white girl get group fucked by well hung black studs. The format is simple. Our star will fuck a couple of white guys, usually her deadbeat husband or stepfather. Then another white chick will do either these guys or a couple of black studs. Finally, the group of blacks will send our little trash queen home stretched and full of cum. Pretty simple eh? What makes this one very appealing is that the lead girl is Kiki D’Aire. (Are we sure she’s white? She has an ethnic look that is totally cool.) That’s more than enough reason for me to have this movie in the VCR the same day I got it.

Kiki is with Joel Lawrence, a guy with an ace up his sleeve when it comes to negotiating land clearing deals. He brings his hot little wife into the deal and the guy can’t help but respond. She looks great in her little cutoffs, but ever better with a dick in mouth. As she’s bobbing like mad, Joel pulls down her shorts and takes advantage of that sweet, exposed slit. When they all get up on the hood, Kiki goes riding reverse cowgirl with a dick in her mouth. This little squat fucking fireplug looks great with those big tits bouncing and that mouth working overtime. Naturally the guy wants some assfucking thrown into the deal, so Kiki’s third hole gets the full treatment. After they DP her tiny frame, the guys shoot cum all over Kiki’s smiling face. We’re off to a great fucking start.

When three white folks come around looking to score some meth, Joel puts them to work cleaning the place up. That turns out to be a bad idea, because busty blonde bimbo Candy Cotton is too horny. This babe fits the white trash mold perfectly in her tank top and shorts, sucking cock in what looks to be a junkyard. Her little mouth is going at warp speed to get these two guys hard and ready to fuck her. Once they do, she takes one in the puss while still drooling over the other. Candy may not be as good looking as Kiki, but as second slut in the WTW series goes, she’s a pretty solid fuck. It’s like she can’t get enough cock, no matter how hard they pound her shaved slit. When they move from her pretty pussy to her ass, she keeps rubbing her clit and talking dirty. The sweet sound of the trailer park party girl doing what she does best, is there anything sweeter? Lots of tight shots of that ass getting stretched and Candy screaming out for more. Of course, that leads us right to a DP that has Candy so full of white dick she looks nearly ready to take a lead in the next WTW. She wears the twin loads on her face quite well, holding up her end of the scale nicely.

Kiki is sitting around the house when Weed comes in from the yard. He’s looking to get paid and needs money for his whole crew. Naturally Joel has left Kiki with no money, so she does the only thing she knows how. I don’t know what he was supposed to get paid, but her lips on his cock seems to settle the bill. Her mouth is so fucking sexy, so ready to please a hard dick I can hardly stand it. In the middle of the blowjob, Julian St. Jox joins the party and is told to pull out his dick as well. If one blowjob was good, then her double suck is even better. The whole thing gets even more crowded when a third guy comes in. Kiki is starting to realize that this is a huge bill for her mouth to pay so she sheds her shorts and takes a dick in that pussy. With five guys now around her, she starts bouncing on dick and asking for cock in her mouth. The action is hot, but what makes it hotter is the way Kiki looks taking dick. She is the perfect girl for this type of scene and totally rocks the house. They turn her around and start fingering that ass, getting ready to really show the WTW who’s boss. Before they DP that bod, the guys line up for a little blowjob train. Kiki knees and really puts a lot of energy into things as she sucks them all for a few seconds them moves on. That proves to be a nice break for her before the anal can begin. The close up action during the DP is great, though a few longer shots that showed Kiki would have added something for me. Naturally, the only way to end this is to have the guys start shooting on her pretty face. They cum one at a time, giving us time to hear her beg for cum, take it on the chin, cheeks tongue and on those huge tits.

Obviously, the best reason to watch this movie is Kiki D’Aire. She has two of the three sex scenes and nearly all the strokeable highlights. Candy Cotton does do a pretty nice DP, but her scene is a step down from the other two. Basically, this is exactly what we would expect from this series. An opening scene that is hot simply because Kiki plays her role so well, servicing both guys in the junkyard followed by a second scene that is well shot and works. Finally, we get the big group grope and with Kiki leading this way, this is one of the best interracial gang fucks this series has ever brought us. She sucks, fucks, gets DP’ed and wears load after load of hot cum, proving that she is one of the hottest performers in all of porn. More women like this in the lead role will make this series even better than it’s been to this point.

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