Sopornos 2




122 Mins.

DIRECTOR: James DiGiorgio


THEMES: Strippers

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Jewle De’Nyle, Kendra Jade, Heather Lyn, Samantha, Lola, Bridgette Kerkove, Juliet Sheridon, Tony Tedeschi, William Margold, Alec Metro, Herschel Savage, Joey Ray, Tyce Bune, Adam Wilde with Rob Spallone, Windy Nites and Gene Ross


Last year The Sporonos was on of the better smut features on the shelves. Equal parts Sopranos, Good Fellas and Casino, it was everything we love about mob movies with a special added bonus, raw, hot sex. There was a lot of care put into the dialog scenes, giving the performers, porn regulars and some non-fuckers as well, a chance to show off a little. Picking up where the last one left off, this movie will, I’m sure also have plenty of dialog, but most of us watching to see if Jewel or Kendra takes it up the ass, not how well Rob Spallone can play a neurotic mob boss. With the recently selected Performer of the year anchoring a cast that also includes Lola, Samantha and Kendra Jade, the sex should be more than just a way to pass the time between the “I’m funny how” references.

Spallone is still seeing his shrink, still dealing with the same old shit, though he has a new club. As he tells her about it, we take the magical porn trolley into the land of fake titties and lap dances. After hours, the real fun begins. Tony Tedeschi throws some cash at one of the girls, a busty babe named Juliet, so she can suck Bill Margold off. While Bill’s getting his knob shined, Tony takes advantage of Lola on the bar. That pretty little busy beats the fuck out of beer nuts and pretzels any day of the week. When Margold drops his load on Juliet’s big tits, Tony and Lola have the place all to themselves. As usual, Lola takes cock deep in her mouth and puts a lot of effort in coordinating her hand and lips action. Great eye contact as she slaps his rod against her tongue. This is one place where being in charge clearly has perks. Lola is very loud as Tony fills her sweet slit with cock. Check out those nipples, she could cut glass with those babies. After a spirited doggy fuck, she drops to the floor to catch his load on her chin. The sexy brunette won’t stop until she has cleaned every drop off his shrinking dick.

The story continues with Rob telling about the girl he has running the club for him. Jewel De’Nyle might be a trustworthy employee, but she was in jail at one time. Behind bars with sexy Samantha, Jewel proves to be a great negotiator. Since Sam wants a job, Jewel puts her to work right there on the cot. Again, in the world of porn, it’s always good to be in charge. Sam proves to be quite the skilled little pussy pleaser, using her fingers and mouth to drive Jewel mad with desire. Jewel won’t let the pretty little kitty get away without tasting that treat between those thin thighs. We all know that g/g isn’t my first choice, but these two make a nice looking pair of slutty cell mates. Samantha’s legs looks fantastic and the action going on between them is worth a closer look as well.

Needing to expand, the Soporno family moves into the porn world. Jimmy D puts himself into the movie as the neverous director who takes Soporno’s money to make a movie. Their dialog scene is interesting, but not half as interesting as what goes on after the meeting. Hedging her bets, Jewel cozies up to Herschel Savage, getting down on the floor to take his throbbing salami into her mouth. She drools all over it, making it easy for her to stroke it hard while bathing the head with her warm tongue. Herschel wants a taste of that pussy and licks it just long enough for her to belt out a couple of really loud orgasms before stuffing his meat up in her flesh envelope. Jewel is quite vocal and her legs look great spread as far as they will go. They hold the mish for a long time before she gets up and faces the camera, bucking her hips up and down on his rod. I rather like the long shots here, showing off every inch of her body, but those of you who want the really tight shots get plenty of those as well. They close out the two position fuck with another facial, this one painting Jewel’s pretty mug.

Next we visit the porn set to watch Heather Lyn getting busy with a muscular dude. DiGiorgio is running around trying to get more smoke and effects going while Heather makes short work of his throbbing cock. The pacing of this scene is different since we see the crew and the plot of the movie takes place around the sex. It may not make for the best stroking material, but it is a nice change of pace. After a run in between the director and the mob, Heather settles in and gets her pussy fucked raw by this new guy, ending with a shot across her open mouth.

Tony has taken one of the porn chicks, Bridgette Kerkove, into a back room to offer her a job at the club. This naturally leads to sex after two lines of dialog. She gets down on her knees and starts sucking his cock, using her hands for a while, then just taking most of it into her mouth. For those of you counting such things, this is a post implant scene from Bridgette. Tony bends her over in front of the make up mirror and pumps her pussy. They fuck in a chair, which makes the switch to anal easy enough. He goes deep, finally pulling out and shooting all over her new, ballooned up boobs.

Jewel continues to carry the sexual weight of the movie, this time taking on Alec Metro and Joey Ray. They push her back on the bed and start enjoying her at both ends. After eating her pussy, the guys put Jewel on her hands and knees so she can suck one cock while taking another from behind. She’s got her stockings still on, carefully covering her middle, but that could be for decoration I suppose. She takes them all off in time to ride one cock and leave her ass open to another probing prick. I don’t remember seeing too many Jewel DP’s so this may be a special treat for a lot of you. After double stuffing the pretty brunette, the guys unload all over her smiling face. Another sexual highlight from Ms. De’Nyle.

The final scene comes when Bobby Soporno walks in on his partner’s wife, Kendra Jade, cheating with the cook, Tyce Bune. Before he comes in, we get to watch them get it on in the kitchen. Kendra must be a neglected wife, because she is all over the cook, shedding her dress and arching her ass up as she takes his salami between her full lips. She is quite hungry and turns her head upside down to make it easier for Tyce to fuck her face. Once he’s got the rhythm down, he keeps it up, slapping up into her pussy hard enough to make her boobs really shake. (They look kind of bruised, maybe just recently redone?) She hops up on top of him rides for a short time before dismounting and letting Tyce shoot onto her nipple.

Let’s not worry too much about the story in this movie. There are some well written dialog scenes, but no one expects us to follow this through and note every plot point. This is a Jewel De’Nyle star vehicle from start to finish. She has the best sex scenes in the movie by far and really proves that while she can handle dialog, her real skills come when she’s staring down a hard cock. Kendra Jade, Bridgette Kerkove and Lola also turn in nice sexual performances, but if you are looking for sexual highlights, you’re going to be flooded with moments from the new Female Performer of the Year. Yes, I liked the dialog, and there is a little bit of a gangster tale, but what shines here are the sex scenes. Thankfully, Jimmy D spends a lot of time making sure that the sex scenes are well shot and hot. For that reason alone, I recommend this movie.

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