Planet Max 6


80 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore
THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Pigtails, Anal Sex, Facials.
STARS: Jade Marcella, Cloey Adams, Rachel Moore, Patricia and Max Hardcore.
Since some of you seem to think that I harp too much on the material Max does that I don’t like, I decided to take a new angle with this review. I’m not going to ignore the sexual antics, but I am going to be very clear with the things that I like about Max’s stuff and especially the qualities that make his videos technically superior to just about every other movie on the ‘coater market. Maybe we can even find out why this travel log series somehow got overlooked by a certain magazine when they were nominating every ‘continuing series’ imaginable.
We start out in Cannes for the 2000 film festival. The crew for Max TV is all over the place, picking up shots of hot babes in and out of their bikinis. We get a nice little montage of cute chicks, but that’s just a warm up for a little sex on the beach, Max style. Just when it looks like Max will have to spend his afternoon on the beach by himself, Jade and Cloey call down from their balcony. All he needs to hear is ‘shaved pussy’ and he’s off like a rocket to give them the treatment. He likes the way they’re dressed and slips his cock right into Cloey as she stands along the railing. The location of this scene is great, overlooking the ocean. Of course the real treat is Jade who looks delicious with her slit all shaved clean. The sound is kind of hard to hear, but that’s all right because the visual is a lot hotter. Max fucks Jade’s ass while pounding her pussy with a fat dildo. Cloey is quite pasty and likes spreading her ass until it gapes a little. Smoking fans will be glad to see the girls light up and pass a butt back and forth while Max sodomizes Cloey. He lays Jade on a table with her head hanging over so he can choke fuck her then have her rim his ass. Other than some shadows caused by the outdoor lighting, the action is well captured, but Jade keeps rolling her head to the side and spitting. He ends up shooting a big load all over their open mouths and is heartily thanked by the two young sluts.
On the other side of the globe, Max makes a return to the Long Beach Grand Prix. He finds pigtailed Rachel at the track and takes her for a walk nearby. (I shot a wedding near there once.) Inside the Max World RV, he starts punishing her for her provocative dress. This girl is pretty average looking, but has long legs and a pussy that easily takes his first four fingers. At first I didn’t really like her little 70’s glasses, but a closer look at her face tells you why she needed them. She’s not hired for her looks though and Max starts pumping prick into every hole she’s got. After he smears lipstick on her and spits in her face, Rachel seems to be just about ready to cry as Max pumps away between her legs. He ends up popping on her face, letting the cum mix with the make up to make a serious fucking mess of this bitch.
Traveling the globe again, we hit the French Rivera to find Patricia, a petite little fucktoy who is just dying for some cock. She skips along the beach, sucking on her lolli until she finds a nice place to strip down and lie in the warm sun. Max comes down to the beach and decides that this horny little Miss needs something more meaty to suck on. First he offers to take her picture, posing the young thing just the way he likes her. When he starts fucking her tight little hole, it’s not nearly the brutal fucking we usually get from Max. Instead, we get a really well shot scene that includes the girl with a dick in her ass and her candy up her couch. (No, this is not a kinder, gentler Max.) The rocks are a little tough to maneuver on, but Max does manage to turn her upside down for some more slobber inducing face fucking. For all of you who watch pretty couples movies and wish the sex were as hot as the seaside settings, this is for you. Great location, but by the time Max is done with this girl, she’s got spit all over her face and her asshole is fucked completely raw. He drops another monster load all over her face.
So, what was good about this movie? A lot actually. The locations are fantastic, the sort of places we expect to see in a high gloss couples movie. I loved the rocky beachfront fuck and the opening three way overlooking the ocean. The sexual action in this movie is the kind that Max fans are used to. I may not get off on it, but it’s what should be expected. I’m a little surprised that the girls aren’t very good looking. Jade is the best looking of the bunch and Cloey does have a lot of energy. What I still can’t figure out is how, with the rabid fan following, outstanding technical aspects and well shot action, Max managed to end up with zero nominations as a director and none for a best series award. (For those of you wondering why the link to Max’s site is back for this review, it’s there because this is one of two screener copies of his movies I have been sent in the last month. It looked like the ban on this site was lifted, but this week, more Legend boxes with ‘No Max’ scribbled on them arrived.)

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