Sugar Walls 26


110 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Dale Jordan
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Black Girls, Big Asses, Real Tits
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Monica Barnes, Deeveeous, Caprice, Desire, Devious, Juicy Fruit, Deja Vu
Since Dale Jordan took over the all black lines at Elegant Angel, he’s been putting his own stamp on the ethnic genre. He’s still keeping things simple, bringing us hot black babes and shooting them in a straight forward, no bullshit manner. Some of the girls may never be seen again, making it sort of a pro-am venture with a an ethnic twist. (Does anyone remember when Pro-Am was actually a valid porn genre?)
The first girl says her name is Lucy Pearl, but I don’t know what name they have listed on the box. She is a pretty nice looking babe with a great set of bikini tits. Mark Anthony joins her and gives her shit about having eaten tacos before kissing him. (Breath mints baby.) He quickly gets her out of her panties and starts fucking her totally shaved slit. Just when things get going, he pulls out and lets her suck on his cock for a while. She hops into his lap and the camera stays very tight on her soft, round ass bouncing as she rides his dick. He dribbles a little load into her mouth. Though she is decent looking and everything is well filmed here, this scene just lacks spark.
Devious has some scary looking front teeth. If this girl gets into her blowjob, someone could end up bleeding to death. Santino Lee gets busy between her long legs and this girl really seems to like the feel of a tongue on her lips. He flips her over and starts playing with her big ass, getting her really ready to party. Devious has a thick tongue that she uses liberally to get his dick hard while taking him down deep. Santino hops up on the couch and assumes a position that makes it easy for her to lick his asshole a bit. She has good energy and really appears to be having a good time. Check out those nipples, they could cut glass. Again, the camera is in close for a long doggy fuck that becomes anal. After doing a little A2M, she gets on the floor and they finish the anal action with some spooning. He pulls out and shoots his load across her face.
D�j� vu is the best looking babe so far and her personality comes through in the very short interview. One of the things she says she likes is a guy who talks a lot of shit to her. Santino Lee comes in and starts licking her ass instead. I guess that’s sort of shit talking. That makes his dick really hard and D�j� makes short work of that stiff prick. While her mouth is working overtime to make him happy, her hand slips down to rub that juicy pussy. They slide easily into a 69 and Deja seems able to use a dick as a breathing straw, never coming up for air. As she spreads out across his lap, Deja lowers her smooth slit onto his dick and starts bouncing up and down on him. Both of them are pretty loud as they fuck, with Santino holding her round ass in his hands and guiding her up and down. When he turns her over to return the favor, things get pretty hot. Santino drops a serious boning on this sweaty young fuck bunny and she loves it. When he pulls out, she opens her mouth wide for a shot on her tongue. The angle isn’t great for the shot, but she swallows his load quickly anyway.
Desire is an eighteen year old sweetie who is joined by Caprice, Deevious and Juicy Fruit. I have to say that these are four very fresh faced babes, I just wonder why Jordan would put them all together instead of spreading the wealth a little bit. Desire’s tits alone are worthy of a scene. In come the guys and this quartet of fine young sistas gets a couple of feet of dick to chew on. Hey, these girls deserve a little super size action, but I can’t figure out why you would lump your hottest talent together so that they all get lost. Pat Myne walks into the orgy and finds a free mouth (Female) for his dick. There are a couple of these babes really like and there is certainly nothing wrong with the scene. It’s just too much going on for those of us who really like to enjoy a woman. Not only are the best girls and some of the best action buried in this orgy, the thing just goes on forever. As a final travesty, the editor puts in some funky effects to cover the last couple of pops.
It’s been a while since I’ve checked out a movie in this series and I have to say I’m a bit disappointed in this one. I can’t for the life of me figure out why any director would take all of his really cute talent and pile them together in a huge cluster fuck while using some pretty dreadful girls in spotlight scenes. That’s not the only problem with this movie, but it’s the most glaring and the one that really drags down the over all score. As much as I liked Deja, the girls I really wanted to see all get lost in the final scene. The action is pretty average and the girls who get good screen time are below average so I’d have to say this is one that can easily be passed up.

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