Extreme Teen 11



123 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Luis Cypher
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Young Girls.
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Mia Starr, Angel, Stacey Richardson, Kat Langer, Brandi Lyons, Sabrina Jade, Luciano, Mark Wood, Scott Lyons
Luis Cypher shoots some excellent feature fuck films for Extreme, manages to keep super sex kitten Jessica Darlin happy and in his spare time lenses the Extreme Teen line. Like other similar lines, this one stars young porn chicks in pigtails and plaid so that they look even younger. They often find themselves in very dangerous situations, but almost always get out after losing only their cherries. The girls on the cover of this volume look pretty damn cute. I know some of the names, but a few of them are pretty damn close to video virgins which is nearly always fun to watch.
Skinny Blonde Mia Starr is a little worried about Luciano getting up under her skirt. She’s bad, but she doesn’t want to get in trouble. It’s a little too late for that because he’s got a big hard cock that isn’t going to be happy until it has invaded every orifice on her tight teen body. I would say this girl has had a dick in her mouth a few times before. With her tank top pulled up, we get to see her tiny tits and super thin frame. It looks like he could break her in half if he isn’t careful. Of course being gentle isn’t what this line is about. Luci bends her over the table and starts pounding away at her totally bare beaver. He pounds her on the table for a while, but is happier just sitting back and letting the blonde teen tart bounce in his lap. Mia is too skinny for my taste, but her pussy looks pretty damn sweet. No anal for this girl, but she happily takes a load all over her face. Very nice facial from a girl who may have a future as well fucked porn slut.
Before the next scene can start, Cypher goes one on one with Angel on the basketball court. It might have been fun if they were really playing for something. They finish playing and go into the house where Mark Wood is ready to fuck the little B baler. Angel is in a baggy gray T-shirt, looking very un porn like. That doesn’t stop her from bending over his lap and working Mark’s shaft. All tomboy qualities disappear quickly when this babe gets a dick in her mouth. Thankfully this cute blonde only has a small tattoo on the small of her back. Otherwise, her pale, curvy body is quite fresh looking. I love her fleshy backside as she rides him hard on the couch. When she spins around, we don’t get the great booty shot, but we do get up close and personal with her smooth slit. Angel has another small tat on her belly and just a touch of baby fat around her stomach and thighs. Very nice energy in this scene. Angel knows how to fuck and likes having a cock up in that tight hole. A lot of his cum ends up on her neck, but not because Angel ducks. She’s one to watch.
Luciano doesn’t really like Stacey Richardson’s generic name, but he can’t help but like her fresh face, pig tails and grown up body. For a nineteen year old, she’s quite forward and apparently a horny little slut as well. Stacey gives a nice hand job, but he wants that mouth around his cock. Great eye contact as she works her lips as far down his shaft as she can. There is a little bit of Jessica Darlin in this girl’s looks, though she has a long way to go before she’s half as cock crazed. Right in the middle of a fairly low energy cowgirl, she dismounts and sucks her juices off his dick. When Luciano gets on top, the makes sure the energy level rises quickly. He pounds her pretty little hole until it’s nicely broken in. Stacey’s pussy stays nice and wet as Luciano puts her through the usual positions, stuffing her cunny like she’s only dreamed of. She needs a bit more energy, but the willing way she tastes her own juices and takes a big facial are good signs that Stacey will be doing some more great stuff in the future.
Cypher chases down a couple of kids out riding the rails. Kat Langer is a tattooed young girl with a serious street attitude. She wants nothing to do with this dude and his camera. He talks them back to his place and when enough cash is put in front of Kat’s nose, she is more than happy to perform a little sword swallowing act for the camera. I wonder if she learned how to do that on the road? Certainly a little cocksucker like this won’t have to go hungry too many nights. When the clothes come of Kat’s many tattoos kind of ruin her semi-fresh look, but she’s still keeping busy on that cock. I have seen this girl in a lot of movies lately and it has to be the way she seems open for anything that has made her such sought after fuck fodder. Mark is able to just slam fuck her little pussy right into the mattress. Kat’s tight pussy looks good when she’s being slammed from behind. (Partially because her butt is about the only area of her body not covered in art.) He pulls out and shoots his load all over her face. I guess eh won’t be going hungry tonight.
Brandi Lyons slides between the sheets with her very skinny better half. Someone buy this dude a razor and get rid of the caterpillar growing on his lip. Not that he needs to worry about attracting the chicks because he already has a young one with her mouth full of his dick. Brandi is thin with tiny tits and shaved slit. She also looks pretty good with a dick in her mouth, though she hasn’t yet passed eye contact 101 at Porn Valley Junior College. When she mounts his cock, her pussy stretches nicely around his shaft, gripping it with each stroke as he plays with that asshole. Brandi looks pretty damn good squat fucking as well, really putting her young, strong thighs to good use. Her skinny boyfriend manages to drop some pretty serious wood on her young hole as well, pistoning her pussy like he’s trying to finish up before her parents get home. Very nicely shot reverse cowgirl anal here, especially if you like smooth, pale thighs, neatly trimmed pussies and tight, well plugged bungholes. In the end, she takes a big facial across her open mouth and then rushes right out of the bedroom.
Mr. Marcus makes a very threatening ransom call, but fear not. The hot little victim, Sabrina Jade, is in on the scam. She is so in love with Marcus and his big cock, that she’s willing to let him stick it anyone in her tight teen body. Before he does that, he wants her to start rubbing her pussy for him. Once her fingers get going, Marcus feeds her some dick. Sabrina is pretty cute here and other than the tats over her tits, looks very fresh. She says she’s in love with him, but I think Marcus only loves her for the way she nearly worships his long cock with her young mouth. Her pussy looks tight, but with some effort, she is able to pump up and down on the full length of his big member, sticking her butt out invitingly in the process. The sex is really well shot here, but all those tats make the reverse cowgirl a lot less visually appealing that it should have been. When Marcus gets on top, she makes another call, this time so they can hear her ‘tortured’ screams as drops the hammer onto her writing body. Sabrina is the loudest little fuck in this movie and opens wide for a shot of liquid love, showing us a mouthful, then downing it like a perfect little slut.
At the end, we find out that Cypher will no longer be doing the Extreme Teen line. No word on who is taking over, but I am going to bet that it’s Brandon Irons who will be fucking the teens from now on. In his final Ex Teen vid, Cypher has a pretty good looking cast, most of whom know how to fuck. There aren’t a lot of super pedo storylines in this one, which I personally find much more sexually appealing. There are some good facials here and a few girls who stand out. Angel is cute and knows how to work it. Stacey may be the best thing about this video, really leaving an impression on me. Kat looks good here, making me wonder what has happened to this girl so quickly. Nicely shot sex with an emphasis on pig tail wearing young girls who would be quite fresh if it weren’t so man freaking tattoos. Nice work Luis, teen fans will miss you.


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