Wax That Ass 4




120 Mins.


Extreme Associates

THEMES: Anal Sex, Spoon Fed Cum.




STARS: Jewel De Nyle, Dominica Leoni, Milena, Chennin Blanc, Sophie Evans.


Luciano has risen rather quickly from the ranks of the hard working porn stud to contract boy and now director. Of course, keeping up with the smut makers at Extreme isn’t a walk in the park, so he had to come up with his own hook. I can’t recall anyone shooting a line where guys pop all over the chick’s ass then spoon feed her the jizz. (Hey, it’s porn, no one is going to the moon here.) Like any wall to wall fuck flick, one of the keys to success is to compile a good looking cast that likes to fuck. Luciano has that with this group, so all that’s left is to shoot the sex well and make sure no one drops the camera.

The girls come out, show off their bodies a bit and get ready to be filled with dick. Milena is first and she’s an OK looking brunette who gets on her knees for two hard cocks. She seems to have a bit of an accent, but most of the time, her mouth is too full to really hear anything but muffled moans. Once both dicks get wet, she straddles one and lets the other guy fuck her face. Nice hip action from this anxious babe as she grinds away. They really want a shot at her ass, so she lies on her side, head still bobbing on a shaft, while her tiny ass gets blasted. Lots of close up shots as her puckered pooper grips cock on every deep stroke. Eventually, they both penetrate her, giving us more close up action during the hard pounding DP. Nothing gentle about this, just solid, but stretching sex. Finally, with some begging from our exotic honey, the guys shoot loads on her butt. Using a spoon, they clean her up then feed her that baby batter. Mmmm, mmmm good.

Sophie Evans is a tall blonde with a slight accent and great ass. I guess if you’re going to spoon feed a chick from her buns, it helps to have an ass worth jerking on. She teases a little bit, shoving her ass into the camera while waiting for the guys to feed her hungry mouth. This girl has a nice looking face and a big mouth that takes cock deep. She’s one of those women who can take a hard face fuck without choking and making a mess. Like before the guys take turns, one fucking her pussy while the other keeps getting head. I like the close up shots as she rides, showing off her smooth thighs and inviting lips. Using the side position again, Sophie is able to take one dick in her ass, rub her pussy and still nearly swallow all of the big cock in her face. This scene looks a lot like the first one, showing that Luciano has found a rhythm and look he likes and is sticking to it. With some verbal encouragement from the accented blonde, the guys blow loads across her ass then feed them to her.

Dominica is really cute with a wicked twinkle in her eye that hints at some serious sexual mischief going on. She gives a very hot looking solo warm up, fingering her tight young pussy. Again, two guys come in, shove their cocks in her face and we’re off to the races. You’ve got to dig two on one blowjobs to really like this movie and so far, the girls have been able to handle the double dick action well. Dominica has just enough of a sorority girl look to make it doubly fun to watch her bouncing on a cock with her pussy and gasping around a shaft in her mouth. They move into her ass, stuffing that sphincter and her pussy at the same time. Any time you get a young cutie taking a DP with this much energy, all you can do is sit back and enjoy the lovely sight. When the spoon the cum into her mouth, Dominica takes the spoon and licks it all clean.

Chennin Blanc is always super energetic in her scenes, attacking cock like she loves nothing better than to be on the business end of a throbbing shaft. She starts out by dirty talking her way right out of her clothes. By the time the guys come in, I’m ready to jump in their and pump her round rump. Since I wasn’t invited, there are two other cocks brought in for Chennin to suck on. When she isn’t sucking, she’s still talking dirty, really adding a lot of verbal heat to the hard pounding action. She gets on her hands and knees to be fucked from behind. Of course, there is no way the guys are going to let her go without fucking her ass raw. Hard and fast anal sex topped off with another girl taking her medicine like a champ.

Jewel De Nyle has been all over the place lately. Her added exposure is a good thing for porn fans because this is one seriously good looking brunette. She’s another girl who knows how to talk during her pre-scene tease. By the time she’s done fingering that pussy, it looks wet enough to put out a fire. Instead, she gets her mouth busy on a pair of dicks,. Moving back and forth quickly between them. She leaves a little too much drool running down her face for my taste, but you have to give her big points for high energy. She loses none of that energy when one of the guys is in her pussy and the other dick throbs in her fist. The final hole to be filled is her tight and tiny asshole and Jewel easily takes dick back there as well. She sticks her ass out, giving the guys a target for their loads, then the pretty babe gulps down the testicular tartar, licking the spoon clean and closing things out.

Everyone knows that Luciano’s career as a performer has taken off since he joined the Extreme team. Now we’re getting to see what he’s like behind the camera as well. It helps to have a wall-to-wall director role model like Tom Byron to teach you how to shoot nut busting sex. Luciano has been paying attention and brings us some great, no nonsense action. The hook for this series is the fresh from the buns, cum that is spoon fed to each girl. Personally, I’d rather see a facial, but that’s just me. As far as the action goes, it’s solid from blowjob to butt bang. Jewel is turning out to be quite the filthy little slut and I know that will make a lot of you very, very happy. Sophie Evans is another one to watch. This girl can really fuck. If you love spoon fed sluts, you’ve got one more reason to like this movie.

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