83 Mins.



THEMES: Toys, Size, Fisting

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Bridgette Kerkove, Charlene Aspen, Alana Evans, Autumn, Shay.


These days everyone is looking for an angle. Just having pretty girls getting fucked isn’t enough for a lot of people. Some porn companies have tried to go mainstream to find their niche. Others have gone ‘freak show’ on us. Still others are pushing the legal limits to bring us the hardest of the hardcore. We’ve got bukkake, bukkake under three feet of sand, girls drinking their own puke and just about anything else you could possibly want. So, what has Matt Zane decided to focus on in this new video? The pussy. That’s right, my friends, the pussy. Before you start rejoicing (Or condemning) over such a simple concept, let me finish the thought. This movie focuses on the pussy and limits it has. Since every pussy has a limit to what it can take, why not see just how many toys, cock and fingers we can shove into one? Each of the girls in this movie will have their own inner walls stretched to their very breaking point and we have a ring side seat fro the action.

Bridgette Kerkove starts things off, and what better woman to open a movie like this. Defying all sexual special laws has been her specialty for the last two years. I haven’t ever been a big Bridgette fan, but she’s got a great attitude and looks pretty good here. (Though I will never understand why she did that to her breasts.) We start out in the bedroom where Bridgette gets a real cock to warm up on. Wrapping her swollen lips around the hard shaft she goes to town, swallowing the shaft and working his balls until both drip with spit. After a little manual pussy stretching, he starts fucking her while she keeps a couple of fingers in there to massage his shaft. After nearly fisting herself while being fucked, Bridgette is ready to break out the heavy artillery. With two red dildos working her, she goes back to sucking for a few minutes so he is nice and wet when it’s time to add a real cock to the three shaft action. Not only can he fit it in there, but he’s actually fucking that slit pretty hard. Of course, you know Bridgette is going to take it in the ass as well. The dick in the butt action is just a warm up for a monster black dildo. This thing looks like a horse dick, but she smiles as it nears her puckered pooper. It won’t all fit in there, but enough of it goes in to make it impressive. After a quick fuck, the dude shoots into her mouth while Bridgette licks her own ass off the massive toy. Like her or not, Bridgette is perfect for this kind of scene.

Autumn and Alana join forces to stretch each other’s lips. Alana opens up by taking a red dildo and four of her own fingers, pulling them out for a second red cock. They give way to the super big black one and Alana’s pussy is dripping to get that beast inside her sweet slit. Not only does she take some deep strokes with that thing, but she actually adds a red one to the mix. Damn girl, that’s some big dick you got in that little hole. When the switch places, Autumn starts out on her hands and knees while Alana uses four fingers from each hand to let us know that her friend is hot and ready. After that, the black dick slides pretty easily past her lips. (Check out the big, real tits on Autumn.) They each start with a red dildo, but quickly double that so that Autumn has four fake cocks fucking her pussy. Not to be outdone, Alana gets fisted, although the lighting here leaves a lot to be desired. When the blonde fists her new friend, the lighting is better giving fist fans something to be happy about.

Shay is ready to push her boundaries and is going to take on two dicks to see how much she can take. Tony Eveready comes in and the light skinned black girl starts working his cock with her pretty mouth. I don’t like the extreme quick cut editing during the blowjob. Tony rolls her over and gives her a bit of the fist. Then he slides a dildo into her pussy while he fucks her at the same time. She takes the fine and even lets Tony fuck her ass for a while. I’m not sure which is worse in this scene, Shay’s complete lack of energy, or the quick cut editing that all by ruins any heat there might have been. I do like the popshot, as Shay bounces on the monster toy while taking Tony’s load then gets down to lick her own cum off the fake cock.

Finally we get Charlene Aspen, who is just about the most size crazed little fuck bunny to come into porn in recent years. She will attempt to shove the biggest dildo she has ever seen into her tight little pussy. Add to that, some fisting and Charlene is ready to stretch her limits in more ways than one. She starts out by sucking dick and few women do it any better than Charlene. Other than some quick cuts at the end, this is great footage. While still sucking, she uses four fingers on her pussy while her man adds four of his own. Using a toy, she manages a little DP action before opening up her Puerto Rican pussy for the big, fat, black toy. This is great footage that is fucked up by the editing again. I still love watching her fuck herself silly while he shoots a load all over her face.

Some of these theme movies really leave me cold because all of the attention is on the freak show act and the director forgets about the real sex. That isn’t the case with this movie. Even if you don’t really get off watching girls take more in their pussies that you think they can, you will likely find something to enjoy in the movie. Of course, if super big toys, fists and many, many fingers get you off, then you’re going to just go nuts for this movie. There are some great stretching scenes here, especially by Bridgette, Alana and Charlene. I would have liked to see Alana take on a real cock as well as the fake one, but she does a nice veggie scene. Charlene is the hottest fuck in the bunch this time out, looking great, fucking with energy and even keeping up with Kerkove when it comes time for big things to go up into her tiny holes. For the most part, this is well shot and the action is pretty damn good, making it a good movie to watch with an added bonus is ‘stuffing’ is your thing.

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