Bottom Feeder 2




110 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan


THEMES: Anal Sex, Big Tits, Blondes

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Brittney Baer, Adriana Sage, Ryan Connor, Jewel De’Nyle,


The return of Rosebud video has meant some new must see titles on the all-anal shelf. Director Jules Jordan has brought the same non nonsense approach to the movies that made Rosebud one of the best known names in butt banging smut vids throughout the early nineties. In this video, he’s got four willing anal princesses who are more than ready to have their tight buns busted by some very big cocks. Throw in some well shot action, high picture quality and some copious loads fired on pretty faces and you have the formula. What more could a smut fan ask for?

Busty blonde Brittney Baer is running a private little carwash. She is in a little thong and a tight little top that really shows off her smoking bod. We get some shots from inside the car then some very nice tease shots as she soaps up the car. This is sort of like one of those Playboy vids except the babe is about to get the living shit fuck out of her every orifice. Check out the hooters on this babe, they look, holy shit, I think they might even be real. Erik Everhard hops out of the back of the car and Brittney shows that she does more than just tease. She caresses his cock, snuggling up to it before taking it into her mouth. This babe is built for pleasure and Erik is more than ready to take her for a little test drive right there up against the car. By the time they find a more comfortable place to play, she is down to just her white tennis shoes and a sexy smile. Her pussy is as bare as the rest of her and wet enough to make for very easy access. Her cheeks part for some deep dick action and Brittney loves it. Great low angle shot of the RCA as she slides all the way up his cock, giving us a glimpse of her slightly gaping butthole. I guess this is a full service car wash, because the pretty girl gets back on her knees and works her hands and mouth on his rod until he shoots a load all over her smiling mug. Now that’s what I call a hot wax job.

Ryan Connor has one of the most slamming bodies in all of porn, so including her in this movie is nothing short of genius. She shows of her round ass for the camera, teasing us all as she goes into the house and gives us a head to toe tour of her bod. A woman this hot needs two cocks to cool her down so Everhard is joined by Mark Davis. They each take a tit and start sucking while she gently uses her hands to get them interested in a little more. Ryan has a pretty face and great lips for sucking dick. First, it’s one dick at a time, but eventually, Ryan goes after both dicks, turning her head from side to side to keep her mouth full. It’s Ryan’s ‘sista’ ass that the guys want though, so they quickly take turns filling her pussy. As she gets rammed from behind, her slit is oozing love juices, slicking their shafts for some backdoor entry. Her energy level stays high as the first cock slips into her ass. Ryan just seems to love cock and sucks happily on one as we move in for some extreme close up shots of her ass as it gets blasted. They both move into position and start double fucking the hot blonde, giving her all the cock she could possibly want. To reward them for such a great fuck, she opens her mouth and greedily takes their seed into her mouth. Ryan even licks the last few drops off the heads of their dicks.

Adrianna Sage is out for a relaxing blade down the boardwalk. I love the way she fills out those tight shorts, especially when she has to bend over for some water from the fountain. After some smooth talking, we get to follow to a beautiful house in the hills. She gets comfortable and starts teasing us. When she finally gets around to pulling those shorts over her ass, Adrianna reveals a superior posterior. Her teasing gets the camera guy all nice and hard which suits this exotic little hottie just fine. He starts by licking and fingering her tight ass, getting Adrianna to wiggle that butt in anticipation of bigger things to come. Using a butt plug to keep her ass ready, he moves up to her mouth and slips his cock between her lips. All of her teasing ways are gone now and Adrianna delivers a cock pleasing blowjob, taking it deep and using plenty of great hand action to get the job done. She wants to be fucked and spreads her thighs wide to give him plenty of room between her legs. I love the way she holds her ankles back behind her ears to be pounded. The butt plug helps make an anal entry ever easier. Now we get what the movie is all about, pure, butt ripping anal sex. Shaking that ass on the beach was nice, but we get a good look at her true talent when she rides his lap, using her ass to squeeze his shaft on every stroke. After a long ass fuck, she gets on her knees, points her face high and takes a load of cum that streaks her chin and even marks her forehead. You have to way this little skater tease takes a monster load on her smiling face.

Jewel De’Nyle is the final girl in this movie and she’s been on an anal streak of late. The busty brunette has always been great eye candy, but lately, her scenes are matching her beauty. There is no set up here, just a little lingerie footage before a cock moves in from behind to give her something to play with. She’s bent over, so we start with some ass licking, but quickly, Jewel turns around so she can get a hard cock in her mouth. I’ve said it before, there are few things hotter in porn than a pretty girl sucking dick, but it is so much hotter when the woman really gets into it. Jewel gives a nice blowjob, then bends back over to take it in the pooper. The best looking footage comes when she’s spread wide on the couch, with her leg up on his shoulder and getting that tight hole stuffed raw. Proving that she is ready for it all, Jewel takes a little A2M action before rolling over onto her side for some more hard anal. Her pretty face makes for a perfect sperm target and she happily opens up for a big load of liquid lust.

Jules Jordan basically brings us a non-nonsense anal fuck flick that is well shot, with a good looking cast and hot sex. What more could we ask for? There are a couple of real treats in this movie. Brit’s car wash scene may be my favorite of the movie, but it’s got some stiff competition from Adriana’s. Jewel once again shows that she’s a lot more than just a pretty face. Rosebud is back, bringing us the kind of sphincter stretching action we have missed for so long. In the immortal words of the Who, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

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