Private Gold 42: Madness 2




150 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman


THEMES: Euro-Babes, Anal Sex, Gorgeous Women

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Pascal St James, Melody Kord, Gabriella Tchekan, Judith Fox, Alain Deloin, JPX, James Bossman, Paola, Laura, Hever Bodilis, Suzan Strong, Zita Bernstein, Franco Roccaforrte, Sylvie Raz, Karl Ben, Tamara, Edina, Agnes, Soray Curiel


With part one of this movie still fresh in my mind, I’m going to sit down and finish this off. For those of you who missed the first part of this movie, go check it out. To this point, we have a bit of a muddled story about a crazy chick who likes killing people with a knife. However, it isn’t the story that is really impressive so far. It’s the great looking cast, the beautifully captured sexual action and as a bonus, the incredible locations. We get a recap of the first movie at the start, and it actually makes more sense than watching the whole movie. (Though you will miss out on some great sex if you do it that way.)

We start with our hero in jail, set up on a rape charge by his psycho ex. Don’t worry, we don’t watch him raped behind bars or anything. Instead, we follow his phone call. Sure, he friend is happy to help get him out of jail, but the dude’s wife needs some lovin’ first. The lights aren’t on for this scene, so it’s not quite what we got in part one. Still, this babe looks hot even in funky blue light. She rides hard and jerks him into her mouth for a long time, making us think he’s about to pop. Instead, it’s back on top for some reverse cowgirl riding that would be really hot in normal lighting conditions. There is a lot of anal action here, so if you don’t mind blue tint, this is another one to watch. Personally, I’d hold all loads for a later scenes.

The action switches to a hospital, but who cares who the people are at this point. A hot blonde drags a guy out of the room and practially rips his clothes off to get at his cock. She strokes his cock right into her mouth, bringing a load of cum down onto her cheeks. Not letting up, she sucks out the final drops. Nice change of pace scene.

Our crazy chick is getting checked out for rape, but there are some other hotties in the same exam room. A really cute brunette is in for a cut on her leg. The doctor and sexy nurse want to check her out more closely. He spreads the young cutie’s thin thighs and gets her juiced up manually. When another guy walks in, the nurse now has something to suck on. Now both horny couples can get it on together. The nurse has a really cute face and a great ass. The patient is a bit thin, but quite beautiful and both women know ho to fuck. Some very nice anal footage as both girls prove to be all access Euro-sluts. The nurse gets my vote for hotter of the two, but cumming on either face would be a treat.

Back in jail, our hero gets a visit from his wife. (A tall blonde he fucked in the first movie.) She isn’t sure what to think about the rape charges. Wracked with guilt, he confesses his affair with the crazy woman and begs her forgiveness. She leaves with a lot of doubt and more than a little anger. Back home, the crazy chick confronts the wife who suddenly acts like she doesn’t know what’s going on. (That will teach me to pay such close attention to the plot when there are so damn many hotties to watch instead.) Saving me from plot overload, the crazy babe takes a real estate agent out, telling him she wants to look at an expensive property. When they get there, she spreads her legs and he licks it faster than can see ‘seaside view.’ They quickly exchange oral before he slams her into a deck chair. More head from this pretty girl would have been really nice, but she looks great fucking him in her little dress. She does a high energy squat fuck before they run upstairs to finish on a bed. She jerks frantiacaly until he unloads on her pretty face.

She makes another call to the wife, asking for the house and a pile of cash to drop the charges. The busty blonde wife has to think of something to save her man. Talking to the lawyer (Who earlier banged the daughter) wifey decides to get even with her husband for cheating on her. Nice, quick blowjob before she stands up and takes it from behind. This is the really tall woman from the first movie and she really gets into her scenes. She drops to her knees between positions to get him even wetter for the anal insertion. When this chick gets even, she goes all out. Nice anal footage in a semi standing doggy. (Perfect for leg and tit lovers alike.) He finishes her off with a hard piledriver, spilling his load on her pussy.

The crazy chick invests the help of her hooker friend for another frame job. To seal the deal, they hook up for a little veggie fun. The hooker takes a big dildo and starts stuffing her thick bush while the skinny psycho sucks her nipples. Woodman doesn’t generally do a lot of simple girl on girl scenes, but this one has two very mouth watering morsels, and some great toy play so it works for me. The sexy little working girl takes a super sized cock up her ass, but meets with a rather unpleasant end.

Now she needs a now accomplice, so it’s off to a seedy strip club to recruit. Stopping near a back room, she watches a hardcore little blonde slut working two guys. They work her at both ends, filling her mouth, pussy and of course, her ass with cock. After some very tight anal footage, the second guy shoves his cock right up her pussy, ramming her hard while our evil female lead strokes her tits nearby. If this nasty three way is any indication, I woul say that the blonde slut is up for anything our crazed killer has in mind. Instead, she has the blond help her hire a bodyguard.

Our hero finally gets out of jail and is greeted warmly at home. We can only assume he’s having a hot reunion with his wife, but we’re watching the daughter play with her sweet hole by herself. As her favorite vibrator makes it’s way into her mouth, the pretty young thing starts to fantasize. There isn’t much of a scene here, just two guys jerking off and cumming in her open mouth. Still, it’s a bonus for facial fans and guys who wanted to see this babe in action again.

Her hot fantasizes spark something inside the young girl. She is intent on going after the killer and getting back what was stolen from her family. (Oh no, does that make her a strong female character and too threatening for some people?) I’m sure it’s going to help her that the killer’s body guard is busy trying out new sluts for some party fun. The girls, a brunette and a blonde say they’re cousins and show him the family tag team blowjob secret. The brunette is much prettier, but both girls have the same cock starved attitude. They take turns riding his cock and pulling it out for a taste in between strokes. When the bruntette takes it in the ass, her friend is right under there to lick at the pretty pussy. In walks the killer chick and she starts masturbating to the A2M action. While they are all getting hot and horny together, the daughter uses a spare key to sneak into the house. She’s gathering knives as the blonde gets deep anal action and the scene comes to a climax. I’ll let you guess what happens at the end.

There is some nice ID as the final credits roll. The killer chick is Melody Kord, the wife is Holly with Juidth Fox playing the sexy daughter. This is a great tape, with or without the first part of the movie. If you missed part one, the recap at the start of this one, and a pretty basic story make it easy to pick up. A few of the scenes in this movie are different, because of the lighting or the content. (The oral only and the lesbian scene.) Still, the women are gorgeous, the sex well shot, the action hot and as a bonus, the locations are incredible. Pierre Woodman has brought us another movie that is well crafted, filled with Euro-babes to stroke over and is a must for any serious porn collection.

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