California Cocksuckers 17


82 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Eric Price
THEMES: Oral Sex.
STARS: Phyllisha Anne, Maya Devine, Mattie LeMae, Amia More, Gina Ryder, Chaz Vincent, Kay Lynn, Justine Romee, Bobbi Baron, Charlie Angel.
Every company has a blowjob line and for Sin City, it�s called California Cocksuckers. In the beginning, the oral sex took place mostly outside next to a pool. (Of course, it�s California, the weather is always perfect for a little poolside knob shining.) After more than a dozen videos, and a handful of directors, the series has shifted a bit, but the basics are still the same. It�s a blowjob movie and there really isn�t too much they can change about it. Porn vet Eric Price takes the camera for this one, so let�s see how he handles it.
������Bobbi Baron is a tall, bottle blonde who looks pretty good strutting around and teasing in her bikini. The hard pounding background music makes this look like a low grade garage band video, but that changes quickly when Bobbi gets a dick to suck on. Now it looks like a low end garage band�s fantasy video. She sucks the rather grungy looking guy�s cock with a fair amount of eye contact. For some reason, they mix in slow motion, making a dreary scene pretty much a waste of tape.
������Justine Romee is a short, curvy woman with a pretty solid booty on her. From the Spanish guitar music in the background, I guess we are supposed to assume that she is a Latina. After a bit of posing, Justine gets a mouth full of dick. She�s a step up in looks and easily swallows the dick given to her as if she�s done this a few dozen times before. Nice hand action, especially when she�s sucking on his balls. There are some nice POV shots, but the lighting is a bit harsh on these. The profile shots are better lit and give us a decent view as she drops a load on her lips and chin.
������Kaylynn is tall, thin and looks like she could be related to Monique DeMoan. Her solo segment is pretty hot, but things really heat up when she says that she wants a big hard cock in her mouth. Squatting on the warehouse floor, the sexy brunette finds just such a member and happily slips her mouth over the head. A little more eye contact wouldn�t hurt, but she does look into the camera, sparks fly. I guess they figure one cock just isn�t enough, because in comes a second and the little brunette takes it in stride, working both dicks with her lips until one shoots into her mouth. I guess the second guy just wasn�t up to a pop.
������Charlie Angel is a busty black girl with eyes so huge they almost take attention away from her heavy hooters. After spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy, Charlie gets those full lips around a big hunk of black dick. Licking it like an ice cream cone, she grips the base hard and seems intent on sucking his balls out the end of his cock. There are some unusual low angle shots that don�t always work, but when it comes time to finish him off, Charlie goes to her knees, looks up into the camera and doesn�t stop until he�s shot his cum into her mouth.
������Gina Ryder has on a very bright little mini dress at the start of her scene. It doesn�t stay on for long and is totally gone long before the cock comes into play. She gives some great looks into the camera, but for some reason we quick cut to an upside down shot. Hey, creativity is good, but this is a fucking blowjob, there are only two ways to shoot them. One is good, the other is like this. Gina jerks a load out onto her chin, but this one is really messed up.
������Mattie LeMae has a sexy little short haircut and nice long legs. During her solo, she bends over to play with her pussy and shows off a cute little ass as well. Gripping the cock at the base, she does that chicken like head bob thing to get some good lip friction going on the shaft. At least this one is shot bet and I do think I want to see what this girl can do in other scenes. She ends up giving a pretty average blowjob that ends with a decent pop.
������Maya Devine is looking pretty damn hot in her tease footage. Certainly hot enough to earn a big hard cock to suck on. When she says she really wants to suck some cock, I believe her. Putting all of her effort and energy into giving a hot blowjob, Maya gets down and licks the underside of his balls while talking to the camera. Nice to see some interaction between in this scene. With a sparkle in her eye, she holds her mouth open and takes a big load right between her lips. This is easily the best scene so far.
������Phyllisha Anne looks more than just a little bit wasted as she strips out of her clothes. Is it me, or does she look like a drunk chick at a frat party showing off for a camera? (That, for those who may be wondering, isn�t a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.) Adding a little interracial flavor to the soup, Phyllisha gets a hard black cock to suck on. If she seemed a big sleepy before, the taste of dick sure wakes her up. Her whole body moves forward as she takes as much meat as she can into her mouth. Great eye contact and some decent talk as well quickly move this right up there with the last scene. The guy doesn�t have great aim, but his thick load gets close enough to her mouth, for the little babe to get some of it on her face.
������Chaz Vincent is a pretty average girl from head to toe, but she does have a really pretty head of hair. The lighting is a bit dim for her solo and actually gets worse once she starts sucking dick. After the last two scenes, I had hoped things would stay at a high level. This is an average blowjob made worse by bad lighting. Chaz does suck that little dick until it explodes all over her face, but this really isn�t much to write home about.
������Finally Amia More takes the stage, looking a little unsure of herself as she struggles to get out of her clothes. She finds her grove a bit in the solo, but has her blowjob spoiled by the same bad lighting as the last one. Damn, someone turn on a light for these girls. That sort of ruins some good oral footage. Amia uses her hands well and takes it pretty deep. I would be a lot more enthusiastic about this scene and the shot in her mouth if the lighting were better.
������There have been some very good volumes in this series, but this isn�t one of them. Many of the scenes suffer from poor lighting and there really is no excuse for that. A few of the others could be better without some angles that just don�t work. At least in these, you can give credit to Price for trying some new things. Beyond the technical troubles, this movie just doesn�t have enough great looking women or exceptional cocksuckers to make this one really worth watching. Phyllisha Anne, Kaylynn and Charlie Angel are fun to watch, but there are better collections of California Cocksuckers in other volumes of this line.

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