Sky’s Day Off


116 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Camera Guy
THEMES: Handjobs, Semi-Public Sex
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Sky, Samantha Stylle, Christian, Kamy, Nacho, Billy, Jason, Joey and Toni.
Just about the time I started to notice Sky, she bolted from the Shane’s World family and ended up at Vivid. While I saw a few of her movies there, I never felt that Sky’s personality really came through in those productions. The more fun, gonzo style movie works a lot better for her. Sky just always seems to be having the time of her life whether she’s doing a scene or out in a limo trolling for surfer dick. There aren’t many women who combine her good looks, smoking body, sexual energy and sorority girl gone terribly wild way of doing things. Having her back in the SW fold is a good thing for all porn fans. I for one, can’t wait to see what she does on her day off and to make matters even better, this movie marks the return of Samantha Stylle. The one time Tushy Girl has been doing her own thing for a while, but is back doing what she does best in this flick.
Sky opens the movie with a little dildo saber battle. The visual and sound effects are top notch, as is the choreography. Luke Vs. Vader it’s not, but Sky sure looks better than Mark Hamill. We follow Sky on a little trip. First she has some fun in a hotel room, then it’s out to a bar. Wherever this bubbly blonde goes, fun follows. She ends up picking up a guy in a bar and taking him back to the hotel room. Sky curls up between his legs and starts working his cock with her hungry mouth. With her mouth locked tightly over the head, she works her hands on the shaft, giving what has to be an awesome blowjob. Her fist replaces her mouth on the head when it comes time to make him pop. This isn’t the best looking oral scene ever, but it looks like it feels fucking great and this only enhances Sky’s reputation as a wild little tramp.
Next up is Samantha Stylle, a woman I have been high on for a couple of years now. After taking some time to work on her web site, Sam is back shooting movies and she is as hot as ever. While she looks delicious, Sam’s greatest strength is her attitude. She always looks like she’s having the time of her life and as she starts bobbing her pretty head on his cock, the fun kicks into high gear. Taking it deep into her throat, Sam shows skills and a love for cock that make her perfect for porn. Foot lovers will be glad to see that she has also learned how to give two sole footjob that is as skilled as her mouth work. Once the preliminaries are done, she gets up on his cock and leans forward, letting the camera move in tight as he spreads her cheeks and jackhammers that pussy. Vocal as ever, Samantha rolls over, hooks her leg over his shoulder and invites even more hard pounding action. Sam gets tossed around the bed and slammed from every angle before the anal even begins. Nothing slows down when the cock goes in her ass and Sam takes it right up until the A2M facial pop. It’s great to see Sam back, even better to see her looking so great and better still, to see her go butt wild in this high energy scene.
Sky hits the boardwalk to pick up a couple of guys for some handjob fun. As you would expect, it doesn’t take her that long to find a couple of willing dudes. She makes plans to meet them later, which gives us the chance to see a brand new couple get it on. Camy and her guy are fans of porn who just want to get it on for the cameras. He spreads her pale thighs and starts sucking away on her little clit and sweet lips. This woman may have never sucked cock on camera before, but you can tell she’s watched plenty of movies just from the way she gives a camera friendly knob shine. Lots of tongue action and ball sucking to get him up and ready. This guy is pretty lucky to have a babe with such a nice round ass and hot legs. Great shots of both as she knees on the couch and takes cock from behind. They turn in a solid fuck that ends when he pulls out and covers her belly with sticky goo.
Sky returns for her ride with the two lucky guys. (Hmmm, Sky how about an interview in the back seat of a car?) Sitting between the two guys, Sky plays with their cocks, then lets them suck on her tits for a while. This is the kind of thing that Vivid just wouldn’t let Sky do. It may not be your typical porn scene, but there is something raw and real about it that just kicks ass. The first guy shoots a major load into his own lap, then fingers Sky as she helps the other guy fire his load as well.
Showing off some green screen techniques, Sky takes a magic carpet ride with some lucky young guy. Taking him back to her hotel room, she clearly freaks this dude out. After playing with him for a while, Sky finally takes his cock out and slips it into her mouth. With all that skill at work on his unit, we need to give this kid credit for not just shooting into her mouth at the very start. He actually lasts long enough to let Sky lean back for a little finger action. (She keeps jerking him off at the same time.)
All the amateur fun over, Sky gets to take her turn with some professional porn cock. Nacho has the kind of big, hard cock that makes Sky just want to get down and thank her lucky stars she’s a porn star. Before she goes after his dick, Sky pulls off Nacho’s pants and slaps his ass. Since this is a fully tested porn stud, Sky is free to just go nuts with Nacho’s cock. Still, he slips a condom onto his dick His thick cock slides slowly into her shaved pookie, but once they get going, these two really work each other over. She takes a quick, hard ride, then lies back to let him shove her leg back to her shoulder and piston fuck that pretty pussy. After teasing us with oral and hanjobs for the whole movie, Sky really lets it all out here. When he pulls out to shoot on her belly, we cut a bit quickly, but this is still very hot scene.
Christina and her man get together on Sky’s bed for a little bit of indoor fun. I’ve seen this girl in a lot of movies lately and she always gives a performance that is hotter than you might think when just looking at her. She has pretty eyes and a decent body, but it’s the way she attacks a hard cock that makes her notable. He gives it right back to her with equal energy and enthusiasm. This hard and fast fuck ends with Christina taking cum in her mouth and smiling for the camera.
After some time on the shooting range, Sky comes home for some sex. (I thought that guys were supposed to get turned on firing pistols.) She was good with the gun, but much better with a big dick in her hand or mouth. Again, she clamps down on the head while working her hands and giving great eye contact. When he’s had enough of that, Sky stands him up, turns him around and does a reach around while tonguing his ass. They move inside, where Sky spreads her legs on the bed for some 69 to get them both ready to fuck. Great doggy action here, with Sky’s firm ass high in the air and those wonderful thighs spread so wide her pussy nearly rubs on the mattress. Matching her earlier scene, Sky puts forth great energy, bucking her hips and rubbing her clit nearly raw. It’s always nice to see such a good looking girl who seems so into sex. Sky certainly puts a lot of effort into giving a great scene. He pulls out and shoots all over her fine ass.
Since Sky carries most of the sexual action in this movie, it helps if you like her as much as I do. What makes it even better is that she does two very hot scenes with regular porn studs in addition to fooling around with some guys she just picks up. This allows us to see her fun side as well as her totally hot sexual side. Adding Samantha Stylle to the mix only pushes this movie even farther into the must see section of my personal collection. Lots of gonzo fun, some super hot sex scenes and a dildo light saber battle that is unlike anything I’ve seen in porn make Sky’s Day Off a great way to spend your leisure time.

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