Buttwoman Vs. Buttwoman




140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Patrick Collins
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Gonzo, Lesbian Sex.
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Tiffany Mynx, Charlene Aspen, Daisy Chain, Linda Deigo, Chloe, Mariessa, Tina Cheri, Dominica Leone.
The story of Buttwoman goes back a decade to a super cute blonde chick named Tianna. Her battles with Buttman are the things porn legends are made of. The female version of Stagliano’s buttocks obsessed gonzo protagonist, Buttwoman spanned the globe looking for the perfect posterior. Fast forward to 1997, when Patrick Collins tagged Tiffany Mynx as the next Buttwoman. “Buttwoman 97” was a fantastic gonzo porn and should have helped Tiffany win Performer of the Year honors. Fast forward again, with Mynx gone, Collins found Charlene Aspen to take over the roll. In each case, the star found a way to make the character of Buttwoman her own. Now we find ourselves at the end of 2000 and Tiffany Mynx is looking to get her title back. Can Charlene withstand the challenge? Will Mynx be Buttwoman again?
Tiffany walks timidly into Collins’ office, decked out in Elegant Angel wear. She wants her role back, but Patrick thinks that maybe she is beyond her ability to give the kind of energy required. As she walks out of the office, dejected, Charlene and her man are sitting in the car outside the Elegant offices. Charlene runs into Patrick’s offices, pissed that someone would try and take her title.
Tiffany may be upset, but she’s not about to give up. She takes a drive over to see her pals Mark Davis and Chloe. Talk turns to Tiffany’s desire to be Buttwoman so Chloe and Mark decide to break her in. The footage that Tiffany shoots is black and white, which makes for a nice look, but I hope it ends when the sex actually starts this time. She bends over with that perfect ass in Chloe’s face while Mark moves around to the front to feed Tiff some cock. After Chloe licks Tiff for a while, they decide that she needs to lick Mark’s ass to prove her loyalty. She shows off her great oral skills, taking Davis to the root several times before turning his dick over to Chloe. Great two girl blowjob footage with Tiffany begging for a taste. After a short cowgirl vag with Chloe licking her asshole, Tiff turns around for some close up RCA action. No doubt, Tiffany’s ass can take a big dick pounding like few in the history of porn. She’s a hall of famer for sure. Not one to be outdone, Chloe takes over for a high energy fuck of her own. A great two girl facial is fucked up by the cut to the black and white footage right in the middle. I like the idea of the two cameras, but please, color only during all sex acts.
Linda makes her way through some deserted warehouses. Daisy Chain sneaks up behind her and does a little semi-force play with a knife. They both get into the rough lesbian sex a bit before Charlene shows up. Not about to pass up on a good thing, she turns this whole mistaken identity thing into a new scene for her Buttwoman tape. Linda is a bit hard looking with a nice ass. She also looks a little bit like Gina Gershon and loves the rough way Daisy goes about playing with her pussy. All three women really get into the action, and lesbian action lovers are going to flip. However, Charlene is the only one who really looks good to me, so this scene is nicely done, but with limited personal appeal. After some furious finger action, all the girls end up rubbing pussies and grinding against each other.
Tiff comes by a set and finds Erik Everhard putting on some make up for a movie. She starts doing his make up, making Erik look frighteningly like something off the Crying Game cutting room floor. Though he has the look, Erik doesn’t yet know how to pose like a chick, so Tiff gives him some quick lessons. Watching her get naked has the same effect on Erik that it would any logical straight guy, he gets turned on. (Well duh, she’s on her knees purring.) Since she’s there, it seems only logical that he would be open to having her suck his big cock. Again, the black and white footage is a bit disturbing to me, since we miss out on a great POV shot of Ms. Mynx sucking cock. After a short blowjob, she slides her body up his and then slams her pussy down on his cock. From the start, Tiff is totally aggressive, fucking him hard and talking dirty. This is going to scare some people away, but from where I sit, it’s just one hot woman totally into the sex and blistering up the fucking screen. She eventually begs him to call her a slut and takes a super hard slam fuck. If there was any doubt who the hottest Buttwoman of all time is, this should clear that up. Erik pulls out and shoots his load all over her toes then watches as she licks them clean.
Charlene decides to make her own video, talking into the camera as she works on a cock with her mouth. Great talk here and a very nice oral seduction scene. Charlene is doing a great job making love to that cock with her mouth and hands. Eventually the camera pulls back to reveal Tina Cheri also being eaten. Now the scene becomes a four way fuck. I’m not sure how fair it is to make her share the spotlight if she’s supposed to take the lead from Tiffany, but Charlene’s dirty mouth manages to keep her in the game. Nice two girl blowjob and side by side fucking. I would have to say that the Puerto Rican prick pleaser easily out battles the busty blonde for hottest fuck in this scene. They both take facials, but it’s clear who the hotter little slut is.
Always one to one up, Tiffany has Nacho and Tony on hand to double fuck her. To get them warmed up, she starts out with a little bit of solo toy action, rubbing her pussy and buzzing her clit until things are nice and slick between those fine thighs. Moving forward, the guys fill her first two holes, fucking her face and pussy. Tiffany not only takes it, but she loves it. Some more fucked up black and white footage, but otherwise, this is hot from the start. Even as the guys pick her up and toss her around, Tiffany keeps a cock in her mouth and sucks away like a champ. Though she is supposed to be trying out for Buttwoman, Tiff takes a double vag fuck that ends with two very messy facials. Being a perfect slut, she swallows the load. The winner, hands down is Buttwoman 97.
To be fair, we need to watch the final Charlene scene. Dominica and Meriesa join her for a final orgy. Come on Charlene, how do you expect to keep your title when you let inferior sluts steal your action? When she is doing the fucking and sucking, things are once again hot. When she’s not, they are pretty average. Nothing against the other two women in the scene, they just aren’t up for one of the most prestigious titles in the Elegant Angel family. The other girls do a little more double vag and some anal before Charlene sets herself up for the big finale. Her tight pussy takes two cocks at once, but the best footage here is a single dick squat fuck. All three women share a big twin load to close things out.
Let’s be very clear. I like Charlene Aspen a lot. Her energy in scenes is amazing and she’s got a cute little body on her. That said, there is just no way she can keep up with Tiffany Mynx when it comes to being Buttwoman. Perhaps a different movie would better showcase her skills, but in this one, the scoreboard is clearly tilted for Ms. Mynx. First of all, Charlene never gets any one on one time with a guy in this movie. Tiff has a great scene with Everhard, then adds to that with her two on one fuck. Add to that, a stunning three way with Davis and Chloe and you have the makings of a route. Charlene does the best work in the orgy scene and adds some eye candy to a nasty, hard-core lesbian scene, but her best stuff comes when she is talking to the camera and sucking Drake’s dick. More of that might have kept her in the game, but so far, it’s Mynx way ahead on points in the battle for Buttwoman.


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