Private Gold 41: Madness




146 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman


THEMES: Euro-Babes, Anal Sex, Gorgeous Women

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Pascal St James, Melody Kord, Gabriella Tchekan, Judith Fox, Alain Deloin, JPX, James Bossman, Paola, Laura, Hever Bodilis, Suzan Strong, Zita Bernstein, Franco Roccaforrte, Sylvie Raz, Karl Ben, Tamara, Edina, Agnes, Soray Curiel


It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a Pierre Woodman movie and I have to say I’m in the mood for something good. This is the first of a two part movie from the master of the multi-tape porn epic. Regular readers will know that I think Private and especially Woodman make some of, if not the very best smut on the planet. They seem to find some incredibly gorgeous women and get them to go all out sexually. Beyond that, they usually give us tremendous technical quality, lavish locations and make some effort to give us a story that makes sense. The only trouble is going to be figuring out who is who in this huge and unknown (to me) cast.

Before the story really gets going, one of our leading guys goes overboard with the sexual harassment of his household staff. When his main tells him know, he reminds her that she better do what she’s told if she wants to keep working there. (Yeah, jobs cleaning toilets are so hard to find.) This pretty, exotic woman has fantastic eyes and looks great with a dick growing between her lips. No wonder he’s so insistent with her. After a brief bit out pussy licking, he climbs up between her legs and starts pumping away. (Those of you interested in her attire will note that the maid uniform stays on, bunched at her middle and mostly covering her tits.) There is a very nice shot of her lying on the couch, slowly sucking his cock. Very well shot and sexy. When he returns to the pumping, the guy bangs her cute little ass, making her work overtime to keep her job. Her pretty face makes a great cum target to close out the opening scene.

Across town another guy leaves a package for his lawyer. Guy number two has a totally hot wife and a daughter who looks as young as her mom. When mom hits the gym, dad leaves the package with his daughter. Bet you can’t guess what’s going to happen when the lawyer shows up. She spreads her legs and invites him to cool off in the pool with her. The location for this scene is just beautiful, making for a great backdrop. Thought the sex is the focus, there is a great shot of her sucking cock on the edge of the water with the ocean in the background. Really fantastic looking. Back to the action with the pretty brunette doing a great squat fuck that shows off her thin, strong legs and cute ass. The use of the water, her hot body and a high energy fuck make this a scene that I’m sure we will see in compilation tapes for years to come. I love the way she shows such enthusiasm as she jerks his load out onto her smiling face.

Those of you following the plot are in for a long day I think. We get a flashback to a dirty blonde locked up in a mental hospital. Her doctor whips out his big, black cock and feeds it to her through the gage. The woman who is telling us this story is dragged into the room by two hot nurses and forced to strip. I’d say the staff at this hospital really get into their work. Taking the blonde out of the cage, the doc bangs her hard. This girl looks pretty good, even with the red streaks in her hair. Very nice little body and a pussy that just gobbles up his hard rod. The nurses think their punky little patient needs more, so he shoves her legs back and fucks that tight little asshole. Eventually the nurses put her in a straight jacket so they can share that monster pole. The blonde and brunette team give a fine double blowjob before taking turns on that stiff stalk. Eventually, the doc slams the dark haried nurse’s ass while she licks her co-worker’s bush. This long scene comes to a close when the nurses get back down for a shared facial. Very hot action here.

The woman from the hospital is pretty pissed off at the dude who put her there, but she’s so pretty some dude from the restaurant hits on her as soon as the first guy bails. He takes her to his place and she is impressed with his house. (Fuck, she should be, it’s another gorgeous home.) In no time at all, they are in the bedroom and she’s got his cock in her mouth. Great eye contact from this pretty girl as she shines his stick. Looking great, she hops up on him and starts riding. The sex is a bit mechanical here, not helped by the canned audio. Eventually, his cock slips up her ass, but this scene is good for eye candy more than genuine sexual energy. Right in the middle of the action, they call his maid in to join them. She’s a good looking girl who adds a lot to the mix. Since she got into the game late, they hurry her along, fucking her tight little ass right away. My only question is how this guy could have had such an anal whore working for him all this time and not have already been banging her. All does not end well for this horny couple though because the brunette chick has a knife. We cut away as soon as the maid gobbles down a load of cum, licking his dick clean, but we can imagine what happened to them. (Or wait two minutes and we can see the bloody crime scene.)

Elsewhere a dinner date between a blonde and a horny stud soon turns into an all out fuck fest in the bedroom. This woman is tall and has a classy look about her. She also happens to be a pretty fine cocksucker. They get on their knees for an interesting position. Kneeling mish? As good as any description I guess. Damn this woman is tall, when he flips her leg over his shoulder, it clears his head with ease. Another well stroked load onto a pretty face. This is becoming a theme with this flick.

Now is the time in the movie when we need not follow the plot as much. Woodman movies tend to fill up with sex scenes that don’t really further the plot near the end of the first tape. (Nothing wrong with that by the way.) Two very cute blondes work a guy over in the sauna. Either one of these women could make a dead man stiff, and this lucky fucker gets them both. When he starts fucking the one with the big butt, she seems less than eager to go down on her friend. Instead, she takes it in the ass while the other girl masturbates. This scene started out hot, but sort of fizzles along the way. Still, there are some nice anal close ups and a shared facial for the two horny babes.

We move to yet another beautiful home on the ocean for a pretty brunette on her knees. Hey, there are some repeated patterns in porn that are just fine with me. This pretty babe has one hand around his cock and the other between her sweet thighs. He bends her over the railing and starts fucking away. Check out the smooth, slightly tanned skin this girl has. MMMM, I miss summer already. I know I’m not supposed to notice the surroundings this much, but check out the view of the ocean. OK, now check out the great action as she goes reverse cowgirl. Damn, those are fine tits. Like the other pretty girls in this movie, she takes it in her ass with no problem, looking great while being nailed. Any facial shot on this pretty face is going to be hot, so this scene finishes beautifully.

Our crazed killer is out on the street, picking up a hooker to perform with a guy. It’s all part of her plan, but I’ll let you see how the hooker fits in. What we get now is a raven haired street walker who looks mighty fine with a hard cock in her mouth. I want to know what city has chicks like this out fucking for pocket change. She looks great squat fucking his cock, first with her pussy, then with her ass. To finish him off, she wraps her lips tightly around his head and jerks him off hard until he fires a load into her mouth.

What can I say about this movie? Pierre Woodman makes some of the best smut in the world and this is another fantastic example. The women are hot, the sex is even hotter and the locations are unbelievable. Sure, the story gets a little lost in the translation at times, but anyone examining the story that closely is missing the point. Yes, there is a plot and for porn, it’s a pretty good one. However, this is still a movie for people who just like seeing beautiful people get together and fuck each other silly. What I did notice, were the incredible locations. The homes used in this movie are phenomenal and make a great backdrop for the hot Euro-babes and the steamy action. With a cast like this, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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