Up Your Ass 4



140 Mins.

Anabolic- 1997


DIR: Sean Michaels

STARS: Alyssa Love, Kelly H, Danni Kelson, Regina, Petra, Georgia, Suzy, Omar, Frank Gun, Tom Byron, Sean Michaels.

THEMES: Interracial sex, Anal Sex.



Anabolic video is one of the most consistent companies on earth when it comes to producing hot, anal themed videos. One of the main reason for this super high batting average is the great work of Sean Michaels. His ‘Up Your Ass’ series has become as much a sure thing as Tony Gwynn winning the batting title each year, and I for one, have enjoyed watching things progress. (And by the way, as much as I love watching T Gwynn swing a bat, Sean brings a bit more sex appeal to his craft.) With a collection of names new to me, teamed up with one my favorite new girls, Alyssa Love, UYA #4 looks like it’s going to be fun to watch.

Kelly, a tall, thin British girl is up first, masturbating in a field of daisies. She is not a stunning beauty, but there is something very open and appealing about her. Sean decides she is the sweetest flower in the bunch and decides to give her a test run. She goes down for a little dick sucking, but before we can even really get into watching her go to town, Sean takes her to blanket nearby and goes to work filling her pussy with dark meat. Nice footage here, especially the shots of her shaved beav while he takes her from behind and again later as she rides backwards in the saddle. Back to doggie for the mandatory assfuck. To her credit, Kelly takes dick in her butt with a cute grin on her face and even manages to work her hips back, meeting his strokes. Nice close ups for those of you who want to see every detail. Good facial finishes off a scene that is much sexier than I would have thought at first.

Now it’s time for some super fun. Alyssa Love hooks up with Tom Byron and from the start, they can hardly keep their hands off each other. One look at her superb ass and Tom is on his knees with his face buried in her crack. When he gets things nice and wet, Tom does a little two hole finger fucking that have Alyssa ready for bigger and better things. (Any volunteers?) Before she can be filled with cock, the young girl has to pass her oral exams. Alyssa puts her double tongue studs to good use, dragging them slowly over Tom’s head and slobbering all over his thick fuckstick while staring right into the camera. (Mega props Sean, the audience is melting.) More of this would have been well appreciated. It may be just me, but I love watching women with fine, long legs get fucked, especially when they get pushed back like Alyssa’s do here. Oh yeah, that looks like fun. Where do I sign up? After some nice vaginal, Tom gives Alyssa a long, slow penetration in her tight backdoor. Well captured initial stroke, drawn out and close up. Tell me that naturally busty, booty bandit Alyssa isn’t one of the hottest pieces of ass in all of porn. Go ahead tell me. (Anyone trying is a freaking liar, so sit down and shut the fuck up.) Tommy explodes all over her asshole, capping off another memorable Love scene.

Over in the UK Sean hooks up with some girls from the Kool Klass agency run by Kristin, the huge titted blonde who has appeared in a handful of Buttman videos. Petra and Georgia give Sean an eyeful of fresh flesh. Neither of them are going to win any beauty contests, but both the blonde and the brunette seem to have a genuine love for sucking dick. That has to count for something, just ask the Commander in Chief. Props to Sean for a well shot and decent scene. I just didn’t find either of these women personally appealing, so you will forgive me if I just sort of put it on cruise control and revel in the memories of the Alyssa scene. For the rest of you, both girls get their buns busted and the footage if very well shot, very close and very nasty.

When blonde Danni Kelson spies Omar outside, she decides she just has to have him. Be warned, if the site of a pretty blonde sucking on a HUGE black cock scares/offends or otherwise upsets you, please turn off your VCR right now. This guy is packing some serious meat. So much so, that pretty Danni has to struggle just to get lips around it. She does the best she can, working him to full mast with a lot of hand action. In spite his size, Danni slides right down that pole and sits in his lap, working her hips and having the time of her life. No gentle fucking here, Omar just lets loose and slams Danni from behind and then pushes her legs back and mishes her practically through the couch. Just about the time I started to think there is no way this chick is taking that dick in her ass, Omar turns Danni around and takes a shot at that shitter. It’s a short by high energy pooper poke, ending with Danni milking a thick wad right onto her pretty face. Wonderful stuff.

Sean gets back in the saddle with sexy Suzy, a rail thin brunette who wastes no time taking his long member into her accommodating oral orifice. A man of many talents, Sean is busy snapping still photos while Suzy sucks away. Once battle ready, he moves in behind to fill her from behind. Suzy really has a nice ass for a thin girl, quite doable in my book. More of that fine behind on display as Suzy rides Sean for a long time while he gropes at her inviting asshole. Before busting her buns, he decides to slick it up with a little slit licking that includes her tight rosebud. This leaves her ass well prepared for the massive organ set to invade. Another short, but well captured booty busting that ends with sperm splattered all over Suzy’s chin and chest.

Finally, we get Regina, the sexy covergirl of this video. She teases us for a long time, walking slowly up stairs in her super short skirt. Damn, that looks fine! This time, Sean has Frank Gunn along to help Regina prove she can please as well as she teases. With one dick on each side of her head, the brunette Euro-babe does her best to keep both of them hard and wet with her cock starved sucking technique. After a nice long, balcony double suck, they move her inside on the bed where Frank puts his tongue and fingers where they do Regina the most good, between her lovely thighs. She gets turned on enough to move almost immediately into an anal coupling with Frank while Sean sits by and watched, stroking his cock as the young woman gets her butt drilled. They guys switch off so that Frank can watch while Regina rides RC on Sean’s long pole, taking it to the root in her love canal. After he sees that tight ass get filled, Frank moves back over to add his cock to a scorching DP. We close things out with a very nice double face plastering, including a very good load from Sean.

Sean has put together a nice collection of mostly new girls here. Of course, the highlight for me is still Alyssa Love, even if she doesn’t hook up with Sean. Maybe next time. For her scene alone, I would say you need to rent this tape. Danni is another very hot young lady with a visible hunger for cock that is just too hot for words. Regina, Kelly and Suzy all give performances that outshine their beauty level. Somehow, Sean just brings it out of these women.


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