Sizzle 2


86 Mins.
Plum Productions- 1997
DIRECTOR: Mitchell Spinelli
STARS: Toni James, Tina Tyler, Alex Dane, Angelica Sin, Shawna Edwards, Davia Ardell, Alec Metro, Rich Handsome, John Decker, John West.
THEMES: Rock Stars, Groupies, Facials.
OK, so this is a part two and I haven’t seen the first one. I know this may cause some problems, but somehow I think we can manage. If any of you have trouble keeping up with the intricate plot twists and subtle symbolism, well then quite frankly I don’t think you should be operating a VCR, let alone a computer. Kindly gather all electronic appliances, take them to the nearest Salvation Army and give them to someone who is less likely to hurt themselves throwing a piece of white bread in their VCR or toss this tape into the bleedin’ toaster. To those of you who are left, let’s press on shall we.
Tina Tyler is a famous pop star who just can’t seem to beat her melancholy. Seems, all the money and success is not enough, so Tina turns to fantasies for help. What she gets is a poolside tryst with an adoring fan. I have always been a huge fan of Tina’s and she look fantastic here. The fan shows how much he idolizes the pop icon by spending a healthy amount of time tonguing her lovely, shaved pussy. She returns the favor in fine style. Tina has always given some of the very best head in all of porn and this blowjob is a prime example of this super skill. After sucking him hard, Tina grants this adoring fan his greatest wish, to be inside the music superstar. (Mariah Carey fantasies anyone?) He gives her everything he has, fucking her like he knows it’s his only chance. Tina must like what he has to offer, and takes a load right in her mouth.
On a plane ride to Philadelphia, Tina’s manager picks up a young hottie, Toni James and brings her along for a little fun in the sky. Toni is quite a beautiful blonde who soon has Tina enjoying the fun as well. Mile high action is always fun, but when you’re sitting back watching your dick passed from Toni to Tina and back again, it just defies description. The quarters are a bit cramped, but Tina just folds her legs back behind her ears to get fucked quite loudly. Oh, I love it when she talks dirty. Toni hops up and slams down on his cock as well, nearly smacking her dome on the top of the cabin, but unable to help herself as she takes a wild cock ride. Sexy Tina pulls his cock out at the last minute and slurps down a thick, protein shake, lapping what she misses up off Toni’s muffin.
Back to reality, Tina is haunted by visions of a beautiful mystery woman, Alex Dane. Though Tina wants her desperately, she is denied. The next time some fans hit up Tina, she storms off, leaving them to fuck without her. John Handsome, Alec Metro, Shawna Edwards and Angelica Sin get together for a four way under the hot SoCal sun. These women are good looking and quite into their sex, but the first two scenes spoiled me. After watching Tina work, it would take a lot to impress me. There is a lot of oral sex here, which makes for some great viewing and the guys really pound their pussies. Both women even get fucked in the ass, but it’s not enough to make it as good as what we have seen to this point. I must say, I will be looking for more stuff by Ms. Sin, but Shawna still does not impress me.
Mystery Woman Alex is now in Tina’s bedroom, helping her work through her angst. Alex still won’t let Tina fuck her, but she does bring John Decker into bed with her. Tina takes off again, but that leaves us with Alex and John, and what a sight it is. He gets down and samples her sweet pussy for a long time. Hell, I’d spend all day between those thighs given half the chance. I know purists are upset by Alex’s new tits, but come on, watch her suck cock for three seconds and tell me she isn’t one of the hottest women alive with or without fun bags. Fantastic oral sex here, with Ms. Dane loving his cock with her tongue, lips and mouth as if her very life depended on it. More than happy to fill her aching need for cock in that tight pussy, John slides into Alex and fucks her good and hard. Not satisfied with this, he rolls her over, pulls her hips up and slips his cock right up her asshole for a rousing butt busting. After fucking that perfect little ass, John finishes off by plastering her beautiful face with a huge load of jizz. Fucking brilliant, beginning to end.
Letting her wild side show through, Tina pulls out a video camera and tapes Davia Ardell taking on a pair of eager studs. She is quite pleased taping the blonde slut fucking and sucking like the true hose beast she is. Most of the close-up shots are in black and white through Tina’s viewfinder which might bug some of you, but didn’t bother me much. As you would expect, Davia takes dick in her ass, and this is easily the best footage of the scene. You know, sometimes Davia really does it for me, and other times she doesn’t. This time, with Tina and Alex in the same cast, this scene just comes off as your average pairing, in spite the lengthy anal and double face splash.
Look, the best reason to watch this tape is Tina Tyler. She doesn’t work a lot these days, so it is best to grab anything and everything with her in it right away. Her two scenes in this video are both excellent, showing off all the skills that have her permanently burned into my brain as a sexual Goddess. Alex Dane only has one scene in this tape, but it may be the best of the bunch, a true scorcher in every sense of the word. Toni James provides a nice compliment to Tina in a well shot three way. The other scenes are well shot and have some fine action, but I am so smitten with both Tina and Alex that to be honest, nothing else really mattered to me. They are worth the price of this tape all by themselves.

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