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Samantha Stylle Interview
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March 1998

First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to do this, for the readers and for myself.

Thank you.

Before we begin, I have to tell you that I just watched “Seymore Butts Meets the Tushy Girls” two days ago and I’m very impressed.

Great. Did you know it was XRCO nominated?

I heard that it was nominated for best gonzo tape and that you were nominated for a scene. Best group scene right?

Yeah. It was only the second scene I had ever done, so I was nervous doing it and absolutely thrilled to be nominated. I had no idea I would be nominated for that scene.

It was a great scene though. You deserved it.

Thank you, I was a little nervous since I’d never done double penetration before.

You must be a natural, because it looked great.

They just said, “this is how you do it” and so I said “OK.”

How about a little background. Where were you born?

In Sacramento, California.

And that’s where you live now?

Right. Well, I live actually on the outskirts of Sacramento in a smaller town, but most people know Sacramento, so I say I’m from there.

Close enough. The Sacramento area. When’s your birthday?

October 13, 1977.

Wow, you know you are almost ten years to the day, younger than me. Mine is October 17, 1967.

So you’re a Libra too.


Where are you from?

I was born in Laguna and have been in southern California all my life. But hey, who gives a shit about me. The readers want to hear about you. How would you describe yourself growing up? Were you outgoing? Shy?

Growing up? Very studious. I am in “Who’s Who in America’s High School Students” I was in all honors classes in high school, AP Spanish, four years. I got all the way to calculus, did geometry, trigonometry. I did the model United Nations, I could go on and on.

Wow, I’m impressed.

But there’s more. I did flag team, I was president of my choir club. I was in vocal ensemble. I was in a lot of activities.

You were quite active.

I was one of those kids. Very high grade point average.

So, do you think the people you went to school with would be totally shocked if they knew what you were doing?

Absolutely shocked. Absolutely. I’m sure that they are looking at my pictures wondering if that’s really me.

Do you know if any of them know? Anyone you grew up with?

A few people I’ve run into have, but nobody has said ‘oh my gosh, I’ve seen you do this’. I’m still waiting for that day. It’s only been five months though. I come from a little town and I still live in the same town I went to high school in.

So someone is bound to find out soon. What about your parents, do they know?

Yeah, my mom knows.

And what does she think?

I think she kind of expected this because I was dancing before and thought, I needed to move on. I’d been dancing for a while and wanted to try out the movies. I’m going to college right now, so it’s a good job to have.

Oh sure.

So yeah, my mom knows and she’s cool about it.

That’s good.

At first she was not thrilled, but now she has calmed down a little bit. Now I tell her all about it. ‘Mom, I just want you to know my movie is number two right now.’ She’ll say ‘OK don’t tell me that.’ I guess that’s a little more than she wants to know.

OK, so before you got into movies, you were dancing up in the northern California area?

Yeah, right in Sacramento.

So, how did you get started in videos?

In August I was dancing and I was in contests. Then Ron Jeremy came to my club, and I said OK this is my chance. I talked with him and I asked, “can you get me in? Can you introduce me to some people if I fly back down with you?” and he said sure. Ron was totally helpful. He got me into the business. I met a few people and set up some things and then when I met Seymore Butts, Seymore said “I want you to cancel the other things you have, if you would and do your first scene with me.” So I did my first scene with Seymore, with Ron Jeremy and Alisha. It was of course anal. Everything I do is anal, you know that right?

Of course. Everything I’ve seen has been.

And so, we did that scene and then I came back home and Seymore called me and offered me a contract. So it was very simple for me to get in, I was extremely lucky. Seymore is a total gentleman, he is wonderful.

Good. Now the first movie was Behind the Sphinc Door Right?


Which got a good review by the way, I don’t know if you have seen it yet.

I’ve seen one review, in AVN.

Well, I don’t write for AVN.

I know. Gottcha! Seymore sent me copies of your reviews. Nice work, thank you.

Mine tend to be a lot more positive towards Seymore’s work.

I was quite pleased with what you had to say. I can take constructive criticism, but insulting isn’t necessary.

Right. I’m always really honest, but I don’t like to get personal against people. If I like someone, I’ll get personal all the way. Everybody knows, if I like somebody, that’s going to show up.

See, I’m still scared to read a bad review. I haven’t read one yet, but it will be weird.

If anybody writes a bad review of your movies they must be nuts, because they’ve all been really good.

Well, you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until you see the next stuff coming out. I have worked so hard and I am so proud of it. It’s going to win awards I just know it.

Awesome. Let’s see, your first scene was with Ron right?

Right, and Alisha.

You pretty much told me how it was. That was my next question. See, you’re so good, you’re following up all my questions for me.


No, that’s good. Besides the first one, are there any other scenes that you are really proud of that my readers should be looking out for?

OK, yes. The next movie, called Tushy Heaven is coming out February 20th has. First of all, I’m in three scenes out of the five. The first is with Sean Michaels, a continuation of the scene in Europe Part 2. It’s an anal scene and it’s really good. And there’s a scene with me and Halli Ashton, the new Tushy Girl, Alisha and Wendy Knight. All four of us do Sean . That’ an incredible scene, but the killer scene in this movie is when Alisha and I give an awesome blow job to Seymore Butts. It is killer, the fans are going to love it, cuz you know Seymore’s fans. They love Seymore, they love following his life. They are going to love this blowjob. I am very proud of it.

Seymore shoots the best blowjobs in the business, no doubt about it.

I think that he does, you know he has taught me well, in the short time I have known him I have learned a lot about how to give good head.

Somehow I doubt you needed much teaching.

So, look out for that one, and then, I have more to tell you.

OK, go.

I have another movie coming out in March, I’m not sure what the name of the movie is yet, but there’s a scene with me, Halli, Tom Byron and Alex Sanders. There’s not much girl/girl interaction but it is really good like couple’s stuff. It’s just a good scene all the way around.

Sounds like you’ve been really busy.

And then, this is the killer, killer, killer scene. This one I hope is going to win an award. This is me and Alisha and Tom Byron and when Tom is fucking her in her ass, she’s squirting and she squirts all over my face and I’m licking it up, getting it all over my hands and sucking it up. She squirts everywhere.


Squirting fans are going to love that one. So I’ve done some good work the last couple times I’ve been down there. This stuff is going to be released soon.

OK cool. Now I’m gonna be calling every day asking “where are the new tapes, give me the new tapes.”

Rog if you like Seymore Butts Meets the Tushy Girls, you will LOVE the next two movies that are coming out, cuz I’ve been practicing and getting a lot better. A lot more verbal.

One thing I said while reviewing Tushy Girls, was that it’s time to see more of Samantha. Alisha was all over Tushy Girls, in every scene and really dominated the movie.

She is very dominating. Of course, I’m six years younger than her. She’s been having sex for a lot longer than I have. I’ve only been having sex for like three years. I have a lot to learn still so I look up to her. She is a wonderful lover, that’s what I always say about her. I can learn a lot, she really knows how to please women, she knows how to please men perfectly. She knows the right time to do the right thing. If you watch her videos, she’s just always there, you know?

I do know, but you’re learning quickly.

Well you will defiantly see in the next video. You’ll say “wow, she really is learning.” The Sean Michaels stuff and the blowjob scene, watch for those they’re killer.

Any favorite males to work with.

Tom Byron, I love working with Tom. He is such a gentleman, so clean, and a great lover. He’s everything you want a male actor to be when you’re working with him.

How about any females.

You know what, I haven’t really gotten a chance to work with any other females besides the Tushy Girls and Wendy Knight, but Alisha is my favorite, we totally click. Everything just matches, our chemistry is always on. You’ll see in the next couple of videos, we were so hot for each other and it’s getting more intense each time.

I can’t wait. You guys were so hot together in Tushy Girls.

Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you really want to?

I think there are a lot. You know who I would like to work with? I’d like to work with Sindee Coxx. She does the makeup for our internet shoots. I’d like to do her. She is just so cute. We always see her in a working environment, but she’s never like involved so I’d like to do her. I really have a big crush on Juli Ashton. I wrote to her when I was 18 and still in high school. I wrote her a fan letter and I was actually on Night Calls. I called in and they arranged so that I was on it. It was cool. Then she came up to Sacramento and we hung out in a club here with her and Jill Kelly. So that was actually my first exposure to the business.

Juli is awesome, a classy woman all the way.

Oh, she is so cool. I have the biggest crush on her. I would love to work with her one day, that would be awesome. I would love to work with Jill Kelly, you know all the big names. Guy wise, I like working with Sean Michaels, he was really cool. I haven’t worked with too many people yet, but I will.

So, there are lots out there that you would want to work with?

Yeah, I’m not too picky, I like everybody so far. I’m just having fun sucking and fucking on camera.

How many videos have you done?

OK, 3 are out right now and two of them are coming out. Five total.

Wow, a brand new star. For the readers who don’t know what you look like, how tall are you?

I’m five four and three fourths. Almost five-five.

And your measurements?

34C-24-36, and I weight 120 pounds.

Like any guy really knows if these are accurate numbers or not. We read them and go “Oh” then move on. As long as it looks good, who cares what the numbers are. Anyway, do you watch your own movies?

Yes I do, but it’s weird watching my own. It helps me learn what looks good on camera. You know sometimes you get wrapped up in what feels good when you’re there doing it. You get so into feeling good, but you have to remember that you’re doing this for people out there too That’s what I learned before I went down and did my last two movies. So you’ll see a big change I’m sure.

So you play now more to the camera?

Yes, I play a lot more to the camera now. Lots of eye contact.

What are you general impressions of the business.

My impression is that I am very lucky to work for such an excellent company. I know there are a lot of wonderful companies out there, but Seymore is the best. He treats everybody with respect, like ladies and gentleman. He’s just a great boss and I love what I do. I can’t believe that I love this as much as I do. I love going to work, you know?

That’s the best kind of job to have.

Yeah, that’s my biggest impression, and I’m just having so much fun right now. More fun than probably will ever have again.

And more fun than most other people will ever have at their jobs.

Here’s an obvious question, any favorite things that you like to do on camera?

You know what, I love to be on camera. I love the fact that people are watching me have sex on camera. I guess you can say I’m an exhibitionist. Any favorite things on camera? I really do like having anal sex on camera. It is so intense for me, especially knowing people are watching.

Well it shows. You can defiantly tell who likes it and who doesn’t.

How does your onscreen personality reflect or differ from your actual personality?

I think I am a lot nerdier myself. My favorite show in the whole world is Star Trek. I collect every ST collectable there is. So I think Samantha Stylle is a lot hipper than I am. I’m more brainy.

Oh no, a closet nerd.

I am a closet nerd. I love Xena, I watch the history channel, that kind of thing.

Careful, you’re going to ruin your reputation.

I know, see these are the things that I like. But Samantha, she is cooler. Everything has to be leopard with her now, leopard pants, leopard jackets, leopard tights, leopard shoes, leopard belt, leopard pony tail holders, everything. I’m even buying a leopard looking kitten.

Do you have a fan club yet?

Not yet, Alisha just got hers, mine is next.

Once this is published, readers can come to my web site to get a link to your fan club site. In the meantime, is there an address where fans can write to you?

You can write in care of me, to Seymore’s address and it will get to me.

Do you still do feature dancing?

I am going to start doing feature dancing again in the next few months. I want two more videos released first.

Again, readers can check with my site to get any upcoming dance dates. What are your career goals within the industry?

I am a marketing major, but am interested in so many things. I love this industry so much that I want to stay in it for a long while, save up some money, and open up my own business. I think that I want to either open an adult video store or invest in a club. This is way down the road though, cuz I want to do this business for a least six years. I’m still only twenty.

What advice would you like to give the people reading this interview?

To really enjoy themselves sexually. I love exploring every part of a lover’s body, and letting myself go. You know, when you’re having sex just let your whole body go. That’s what I love, you can let your body shake and grab hold of things and hold tight, and just do what you want to do. I love that about this job. You can do what you want to do and not feel bad about it. People shouldn’t feel bad about their sexuality.

OK, anything else you want to add for my readers?

Just that I am so happy that people are going to be reading this interview. It’s so exciting for me that people are interested, and that they are liking what I’m doing and I hope that they continue enjoying it and I’ll continue working very hard.

Well I myself am already a big fan. Thank you for you time, and thank you for the great work.

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