Hot Bods And Tail Pipe 1



140 Mins.

Seymore Butts Home Movies- 1997

DIRECTOR: Stoney Curtis

STARS: Jill Kelly, Johnnie Black, Charlie, Dee Baker, Raylin, Shelby Mine, Candy Hill, Alyssa Love, Nikki Neals, Cari Cassidy, Lea Stevenson, Mark Davis, Tom Byron, Dave Hardman & Sledge Hammer.

THEMES: Bikini clad women, Anal sex, Three ways.



After years of making the very best videos on the adult market, Seymore Butts has branched out a bit and released the premier edition of this video magazine. The slick looking box promises three ways, four ways and boasts an incredible cast. Let’s see, nice box, great cast, lofty billing (“Facials Every Scene” on the box.) and the fact that Seymore chose this tape to add to his own brilliant work, with all of that, this better be one fucking good tape if it wants to live up to the billing.

The premise is pretty simple, hot cars, hot women, hot sex. Got it? Good. Following this simple formula, Stoney cruises up to Alyssa Love and asks her if she and her friend would like to take part in his video. She shows up the next day in her bikini with similarly clad gal pal Dee in tow. For his video, the girls are just supposed to tease a bit next to the car, but what do you know? Things begin to develop into something more. As Dee and Alyssa start to heat things up with each other, Tom Byron happens by and I’ll bet you can’t guess what happens next? If you guessed a spirited game of chess, you are not only terminally stupid, but are unworthy of watching this scene so kindly go away now. For the rest of you who guessed Tom had something a bit more carnal in mind for these two hotties, you are correct and can stay and enjoy. The girls take turn slobbering knob in a well shot but short double blow job before Dee gets her fill of Tom’s cock from behind. Alyssa keeps herself quite busy sucking Tom’s balls and licking Dee’s juices off his cock as she gets an up close view of the action. Dee gets similarly involved when it’s Alyssa’s turn to ride the pale pony. As promised, Tom gets to do some booty busting, laying the wood to Alyssa in three brilliantly captured positions while Dee watches on. Both girls are on the receiving end of a killer face bath and lick it from each others mouths in a cum swapping delight. Awesome start.

Mark Davis has to do Tommy one better, squaring off against a trio of lovelies, Raylin, Charlie and Lea Stevenson. While Charlie, who is very nearly too beautiful for porn, and Lea start slipping out of their bikinis, Mark and Raylin have slipped off into the bathroom for a little game of President and the intern. (Allegedly.) Raylin even has the mad technique going on, taking every inch Mark has to offer and making it disappear. While Stoney if capturing this fine bit of action, Charlie and Lea are keeping each other busy. Lea ends up helping Raylin while Charlie fills her sweet hole with plastic. Lea vanishes from the set just about the time Shelby Mine shows up. While Raylin folds her legs back over her head and gets royally slam fucked, Shelby tires out Charlie’s girl loving tongue. Hey, these girls are fun to watch, but they can’t touch Raylin and her out of this world fucking style. She takes his cock up her ass from behind and from above. At last, Mark rewards her with a facial cum shower that Raylin happily accepts with a smile.

Dee is back with Cari Cassidy in tow, to provide eye candy for Dave Hardman. They give a show that even takes his mind off the hot car. We get to watch for a while, as Cari samples Dee’s magnificent muffin. This woman has to have one of the tightest bodies in all of porn, perfect head to toe. Dave finally gets his act together and sticks his dick in between their faces long enough to be on the receiving end of a very nice double blowjob. They move inside for more oral entertainment before Dee shows off her awesome abs while riding reverse. Cari takes her dick from behind, shaking her shapely ass and showing off her pierced labes. As long as he’s down there, Dave gives Cari’s ass a quick poke while Dee’s husband provides a little meat for her buns. Some very well shot, side by side butt busting ensues, ending with twin face frostings. Another winning scene thanks to the incredible Dee.

Tom comes back to dip his wick into a couple of blondes, Candy Hill and Jill Kelly. Candy is cute, but (And I know this is going to set some people off.) I really don’t get the big deal with Jill Kelly, not at all. Still, two bikini clad blondes sucking Tom off is not such a bad thing to have to watch. He sure seems to enjoy fucking the two of them, but for me, things are only interesting when Candy is working on that flesh pole. Luckily, Candy takes a very long, and quite hot assfucking, which keeps me watching big time. Jill sits by, playing with her pussy. Sorry guys, no butt busting for Jill, but with Candy there to take a facial, it’s really no big loss.

Johnni Black, Nikki Neals and Sledge Hammer warp up this tape with a final three way. Nikki is not bad, but Johnni is just fucking incredible looking as always. Johnni warms Nikki up a bit, but nothing, NOTHING can prepare her for the huge slab of salami Sledge sports. Ms. Black, who does perhaps her best work with super huge cocks, clearly loves what she has to work with here and gets to work sharing suck duties with Nikki. When it comes time to get fucked, Nikki is quite impressed with just how well Sledge fills her pussy. However, it is Johnni who shines, hopping up on that fat pole and shows everyone why she swept the best newcomer awards last year. Some fantastic low angle footage while Johnni squat fucks, highlighting her pussy, stretched nearly to the limit. Taking it one step further, Sledge slides right up Johnni’s ass, fucking her hard from behind and then in mish. Nikki does her part by pulling his cock out of her ass and sucking it clean. Sledge puts the finishing touches on a great scene by raining jizz down on their faces and watching while Johnni and Nikki swap spooge in a sticky kiss.

Well, volume one of Hot Bods & Tail Pipe can only be described as a rousing success. I may not be a big car buff, but hey, hot chicks in bikinis, three and four ways, anal, oral, facials, there is enough here for everyone. Johnni Black, Alyssa Love, Dee and Raylin are the stand outs for me, but with eleven women in this cast, even if that quartet doesn’t do it for you, one of the others surely will. Great concept, well shot sex and hot women, that’s all I need to recommend this tape to absolutely everyone.

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