Dirty Days In Hollywood



78 Mins.
Fallen Angel- 1997
DIR: Roy Alexandre
STARS: Julie Rage, Holli Woods, Bridgett Belle, Johnni Black, Mila Peter North, Alex Sanders, Dave Hardman, Jake Steed.
THEMES: Party Girls, Outdoor Sex, Anal Sex.
I go on and on about plot, production values and all the other stuff my time in college taught me to look for when watching any movie. (Face it Rog, when you review smut, you go on and on�PERIOD) Still, what really matters in porn vids is sex. (Oh master of the obvious, THAT was a good one.) What better place for a hot sex movie to be set than Hollywood, and who better than Johnni Black and Holli Woods to head up a cast of cock hungry young things looking for big breaks and bigger pricks to feast on?
Holli is new in town and takes a cab to her friend’s house. When they find no one home, she passes the time with cabby Alex Sanders. (See, no intricate plot to get in the way.) I prefer Holli without the wig, but she is so cute who has time to worry about her hair? She and Alex make the driveway their own private playground and from the looks of things Holli makes one hell of a jungle gym. Alex bends the cutie over the hood of his cab and gives her a thorough finger examination before letting her demonstrate how Texas girls swallow sword. Holli is just great with a dick in her mouth, soft, sexy and more than ready to please her man. Once Alex has had enough head, he bends Holli back over and fucks her young slit raw. With traffic passing by in the background as Holli gets plowed and screams out her love of cock. If you are looking for anal sex, you will be really happy with the way Holli drops her hips down for some serious RCA. Finally, Alex welcomes the lone star lovely to SoCal with a heaping helping of protein packed hospitality, right on her pretty chin.
Brigitte Belle is another hot newcomer to the Golden State and Jake Steed welcomes her to town with some generous pussy lapping. (Yeah, like he is the one being generous. Men would line up around the fucking block to suck this beautiful girl’s slit.) She is happy to return the favor, working Jake to full mast with good hand action and a very pretty set of lips. After a long, slow blowjob, Jake decides to see just how deep into her pussy, he can ram that massive rod. Brigitte has no problem taking it all from behind, smiling all the way, as Jake slaps her ass with his balls on every deep stroke. She loves it so much she hops right up and fucks him like a seasoned pro. As Jake is paying the pipe to her poolside, Holli strolls by with pal Julie Rage and the two stop to take a gander at the petite brunette stuffed full of fat dick. Just about the time Jake is hosing Brigitte down with his facial fondue, Alex comes by, stealing Julie away and leaving Holli to enjoy the show on her own.
Alex has come by in his brand new car, so this time he is able to work his lady over on the hood of a red Mustang. (A nice step up from the cab.) Obviously, Alex likes what she has to offer, since he goes down on her for so long, you’ll start thinking this is an all girl movie. Julie makes sure not to leave Alex hanging, showing his cock as much oral attention, in quality if not in quantity, as he gave her pussy. I’m not all that into Julie Rage personally, but she and Alex are quite passionate here, generating plenty of heat in their over the hood doggy boning. When fucking her just isn’t enough, Alex gives Julie’s ass a try. Very well shot here as she lies on her side and lets Alex just pound away on her ass. After a long assfuck, Alex pulls out and drenches Julie’s shaved slit with a big load.
Later that evening Julie and Holli hit the town in a limo for some more fun and games. It doesn’t take Julie long to convince her young friend into a little naked play time in the spacious back seat. (Probably easier to go down in the limo than in the pickups Holli likely steamed up back home.) Just when Holli is getting a good taste of Julie’s slit, they stop and pick up Peter North. Not one to ruin a good party, Peter seems more than willing to join in the antics. His meat is more than enough for both girls to munch on as each woman shows her contrasting cocksucking techniques. Julie takes the first ride while Holli feeds Peter her tits and strokes his shaft. Holli takes her cock from behind, giving Peter ample room to pump her full of just about as much cock as her tight pussy can take. Julie, ever experimental, decides to take that beer can-like member into her ass. Holli isn’t so brave, and the young thing even ducks away as Peter lets loose on one of his patented geysers. However, she learns quickly to be a bit nasty, taking his load, second hand from Julie’s mouth.
Ever the swinger, Peter shows up at a little shindig with Dave Hardman, Johnni Black and Mila. In less time than it takes a right wing conspirator to get a plant an internship, force a President into a compromising position, rig his zipper to fail at just the right moment and trip said intern at just the right angle to assure said President’s member ends up in her mouth, the girls get down to some serious tit sucking. Nothing like a little lesbian action to make guys stand up and take notice. Mila gets Dave, and you know what, with music covering her hideous growling, she actually gives a visually pleasing blowjob. Johnni, who never takes a back seat in any sex scene, (But often takes it in her back seat, if you know what I mean.) quickly moves around to have Dave fuck her while she goes down on Peter in a way that is sure to impress even the most jaded porn fan. Once Mila gets Peter’s dick in her, even the music can’t drown out her Linda Blair on crack sounding shrieks. Someone gag this woman please, she is just distracting. Regardless of how hard she gets fucked in the ass, I just can’t help but want to see Dave toss her aside and go DP Johnni. Instead, it is Mila that takes two cocks and no one even thinks to have Johnni sit on her face, a move that would have saved us several minutes of disturbing sounds coming from Mila’s mouth. All that aside, her mouth does make a nice target for a North blast, which she swallows with a smile. Johnni takes a big load from Dave as well and the girls share cum as the camera fades out.
I don’t know if Holli plans to stay in Hollywood, but her first few days are sure memorable. Without a lot of plot twists to distract from the action, the sex in this Roy Alexandre video takes center stage. Holli is nearly too cute for words and shines in her two scenes. Julie Rage proves to be just the sort of all access slut that porn fans love. For my money, Johnni Black is still the hottest woman in this video, even is she is underused. Brigitte Belle shows some promise and Mila is�.well Mila. Decent production values, hot sexual performances and some very well shot outdoor anal, make this a tape that is well worth a look.


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