Russian Rhapsody


87 Mins.
Fallen Angel- 1997
DIR: Roy Alexandre
STARS: Erika Bella, Anouska, Andrew Youngman, Firenz Lang, Eva Ivanovich, Reka Bartok, Mike Foster, Lazlo Bartok.
THEMES: Brunettes, Big Tits, Anal Sex, Euro-Babes
OK, after nearly breaking my fingers trying to spell the names in this cast list, all I can say is that the tape better be well worth it or someone is gonna die. The babes on the boxcover sure look worth a gander. Erika Bella, the busty brunette Euro-babe is always hot and this time, she is surrounded by some equally volcanic looking ladies. Director Roy Alexandre has taken this pack of lookers and placed them in the middle of a tale that involves terrorists, beautiful women, exotic locales and lots of hot sex.
Erika is visiting Prague with her boyfriend who has a package to deliver. With some time to kill, they take advantage of their small boat for some intimate time. Erika is a fine looking woman with a super body and her man takes great care to make sure he is intimate with every inch of that body, taking special care to lick every centimeter of her wet slit. She gladly returns the courtesy, taking her time to make sure his cock gets a royal tongue bath before sliding between her wonderful breasts. Wanting that big rod inside of her, Erika moves on top of her man and starts riding him like there is no place on earth she would rather be. When she spins around for some reverse cowgirl, those huge, mouthwatering tits are on full display and man is there a lot to gawk at. Erika is quite enthusiastic here and the sex is well shot, ending in a sizable blast, coating her face and tits in goo. Very sexy opening salvo.
Erika goes to make the exchange for her boyfriend, but instead sees a man approaching with a gun. Realizing that something has gone wrong, she sends her friend Anouska to distract the man. (What a pal.) This dark haried woman is not nearly as stunning as Erika, but attacks cock with the same desperation to please. If you like thin girls with big tits, then you will want to rush right out and check the long legs and heavy hooters on Anouska. Again, the sex is very well shot, with lots of low angle footage of her shaved slit stuffed with stiff meat. She closes out by jerking his load out onto her huge tits. Consider this thug distracted.
Distracted, but not out of the way, apparently as Erika must also keep this guy so busy trying to shoot his load, that he wouldn’t dream of popping a cap in her pretty dome. She has him hard and ready to fuck in no time with her full lips and exquisite tongue. Once he sees that he can bend her over and fuck the smiling babe silly, this guy forgets all about his murderous impulses. (Now there is an idea. Let the killers all fuck hotties and they won’t want to kill anymore.) When Anouska returns to see Erika getting boned, she just has to strip down and masturbate while watching. In the middle of this debauchery, the second guy finally shows up and sexual bedlam breaks loose as Anouska tries to make up for lost time with the new cock presented to her. Side by side, the busty brunettes get boned raw. Plenty of shaking tits on display for you mam lovers. One is not enough for Erika, and as she rides one stud, the other fucks her ass good and hard. Anouska insists on getting her share of cum however, and takes a face of goo right next to Erika, closing out a very hot double dorking.
There is some sort of double cross going on, but before I can keep track of it all, some sex breaks out. (Don’t you hate it when that happens.) This time, another brunette, Eva, helps her terrorist beau out with his growing hardon, but wrapping her fingers around his shaft and stroking it into her mouth.. Lots of great eye contact here from this pretty Euro-gal. Like the others, she is quite energetic and the sex is well captured, with plenty of close up shots of the action. When he moves around to take her ass, the camera moves in close for long shots of her buggered bottom and shaved slit. The plot thickens for Erika as she is asked by yet another man to switch the discs. While they take a carriage ride in the park to go over details, Eva and her friend have been joined by yet another raven haired lovely, Reka. The new girl is quick to pick up on the flow of things, taking his cock up her ass while Eva sucks on her clit. Nice pull out A2M splash onto Eva’s face. Cool scene, but why bring Reka in so late? Strange choice.
Meanwhile, in a predictable development, (Hold on Rog, this is a fucking porn video, EVERYTHING is predictable.) Erika has turned the carriage ride into an outdoor fuck in a field. No oral, and the fucking is pretty standard four position action, but the cowgirl in the moving carriage is well worth a look.
They pick where they left off later in a restaurant, and this time, Erika puts her talented mouth to good use under the table. It’s a good thing Alexandre lets her show off her oral skills here, because to miss out on an opportunity like this, is nearly inexcusable. Skipping the pesky vaginal sex, Erika bends right over to take his cock in her tight ass. (You want muffin or toast with that?) The anal sex is quite well captured, but I have to say the highlight is the shot of Erika’s leg, fully extended as she takes a standing butt bang. What incredible stems she’s got. The guy fires his well aimed sperm scud right onto her puckered bunghole, closing out both the scene and the video in fine fashion.
Well, the plot isn’t going to make anyone forget L.A. Confidential (Or Batman & Robin for that matter.) but when you have Erika Bella on hand, the only duty is to get her in as many sex scenes as possible. On that level. Alexandre comes through in a big way. Erika hooks up in three smoking scenes, the three best in the video in fact. This is a woman who has it all, pretty fact, huge rack and pooper made for poppin’. Anuska is another very sexy Euro-babe who also knows how to turn on the heat. The sex is very well shot, with lots of anal and some facials. Beyond that, there may not be a lot to recommend, but then again, what else is there? In case anyone has forgotten, we are talking porn here!

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