Private Gaia 5: Temptations Of Clarisse



75 Mins.

Private- 1997

DIR: Christophe Clark

STARS: Carmen, Hyapatia, Jennifer, Laura, Clarisse, Nikki Andersson, Yanka, Andrew Youngman, Christophe Clark, David Perry, J. Yves Lecastel, John Walton, Jonathan Morgan, Kalman.

THEMES: Models, Plot, Euro-Babes



Remember the old days, when Private only made Private Video Magazine? They had no plot, just several short scenes with some of the most beautiful women on the planet doing the best sex captured on tape. (And none of the performers were identified.) Well, some things have changed. They have a number of different lines now, some with plots and everything. What has not changed is that they still get the best looking women to do incredibly hot things on camera. The Gaia series does a few things differently, it’s a little more couple’s oriented and this one even has quite a bit of lesbian action. This tale of models, lust and irresistible temptation is directed by Christophe Clark which pretty much makes it a lock to be well shot and packed with hot, raw sex.

Jonathan Morgan plays a porn director with an eye for talent. Not only is he successful, but he has landed one of his top starlets, Michele (Lovely Hungarian brunette Carmen) and has plans to marry her. The trouble begins when Clarisse, a fashion designer, takes notice of Michele. She wants to take her away from porn and make her a star in the high priced world of fashion modeling.

Their brief meeting has an immediate effect on Michele. She actually hesitates for a few moments before burning up the screen with two couples in a five way porn set fuck. She may have model good looks, but that doesn’t stop Michele from fucking like a pro and stealing the spotlight from her cute costars. For some reason, Morgan is not as impressed with her performance as I am and pulls Michele aside to see what is the matter. This leaves things in the hands of the two hotties left to finish the scene. A couple of quick DP’s and a pair of slow motion cumshots close out the scene in fine fashion.

While Michele has a secret meeting with Clarisse, Morgan continues shooting his movies, capturing a couple in another torrid pairing. Taking a bit of dramatic license with his own movies, Morgan decides to add his own dick to the mix and make it a three way, capturing a double pop shot all over her tits.

Now that both of them are lying about their activities, Michele and Morgan find themselves drifting apart. While their storybook romance unravels, Clarisse busies herself with one of her other young models. Donning a good sized strap on, the fashion consultant shows her friend just how to rise to the top in the cut throat world of modeling. Anyone else wonder if Cindy Crawford had to eat pussy like this to get where she is? Nah, probably just my wishful thinking.

After a scene on a boat, that, quite frankly, is just too short for my taste, Morgan brings one of his top studs to meet a new girl, Wanda. What he doesn’t know is that the sexy young thing is a plant sent by Clarisse. Morgan clearly thinks she has what it takes to be a star and with the help of David Perry, goes to work trying her out in a number of intriguing positions. The two guys fuck her hard and fast from the front and behind, including some well captured anal action. My problem is that things progress too quickly. I mean, we are a half hour into the film and when the guys unload on her tits, it’s the end of scene four already.

With her trap now all set, Clarisse invites Michele to a very sexy fashion show to show her the world she has only dreamed of. At the party Michele spies on a couple furiously fucking on a patio. As the well hung stud nails his pretty blonde friend, Michele just has to play with her pussy. Enter Clarisse, and the two women share a long kiss and some hot finger fucking while watching the het action not ten feet away. Nice mutual finger fucking that gives us a tease of what might come later.

Clarisse’s personal advances fall on deaf ears as Michele runs back to her fianc饮 Meanwhile Clarisse works out some of her frustration by hooking up with Nikki Andersson for a little lesbian tryst for a horny male onlooker. Nikki is, without a doubt, the most genetically perfect female to ever walk the face of the earth. As such, watching her entertain Clarisse and the lucky guy is a treat to be savored. Even if the action is again, too fast paced, Nikki is so incredibly sexy that she lights up the screen. Much of the action has Nikki taking dick in her ass from behind in a spoon position, her long, stocking covered legs on display nicely. The stockings are the focus later as well when Clarisse sucks her toes and then Nikki uses her feet to stroke the guy’s cock. (I’m guessing foot lovers are going nuts about this.) For some reason, the guy leaves Nikki masturbating on the bed while he fucks Clarisse for a while before returning to cum all over the blonde’s chest. Hot scene, even if it is too short.

Michele is talked into coming by to see Clarisse just one more time. When she arrives, Clarisse unleashes her whole plot on the poor girl. After drugging her drink, she breaks out the pictures of Morgan cheating. Distraught, Michele bends over the table sobbing. Clarisse orders one of her cronies to then fuck the brunette from behind. Well, that seems to bring her out of her depression. She quickly turns into an all out revenge fuck, sucking his fat cock and letting the man splash her pretty face with his seed.

All this does not push Michele away from Morgan however. Later that evening, the two engage in a tender, yet torrid bit of lovemaking. It’s more gentle than a lot of Private scenes, but the stockings and heels stay on. (Only in porn.) Most of the sex, set to lovely piano music, is mish, with a bit of spooning thrown in before the slow motion facial cumshot. Romantic? Maybe. Erotic? Somewhat.

At a wrap party for his movie, Morgan announces the impending nuptials just before an all out orgy breaks out. Is it mandatory for Gaia films to end in an all cast grope fest? Personally, I don’t like group action, because it takes away from the individual women and fucks with the rhythm of the scene. However, since Nikki is back, this time taking two cocks in her at once for some well shot DP action, I was more than happy to stay tuned in. Watching Nikki get double plugged is easily the highlight of this massive fuck fest, and the highlight of the entire film in my eyes. Facials abound as the entire cast gets off together.

Once again, there is a story at the heart of this sex filled romp, and it’s not a bad one at that. The sex scenes come at breakneck speed, and are paced much too quickly for my taste. Technically, everything is well shot, and this is one of the best looking casts I have ever seen. Still, I would have liked to have Carmen is quite lovely and sure to turn a lot of heads. As always, Nikki Andersson is the hottest thing on two legs and must not be missed. Overall, I say it’s still worth a look, but far from the top of my list of favorite Private tapes.

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