Sugar Walls



113 Mins.

Elegant Angel- 1997

DIR: Nicky Starks.

STARS: Monique, Chastity, Mia, Maci, Dior, Poison, Julian St. Jox, Mr. Marcus, Byron Long, Santino Lee.
THEMES: Black women, New Girls, All Black sex.



All black tapes have to the fastest growing genre in adult films of late, so it’s only natural that the bigger companies would catch on and throw their hat into the ebony only sweepstakes. What is nice about El Angel picking up on the bevy of black beauties coming into porn is that we know the sex will be well shot and the women will be ready for anything. Since this is in the same vein as Tom Byron’s Cumback Pussy series, there is no plot we have to comb over for politically incorrect stereotypes and just enjoy the sweet Sugar Walls.

Monique is up first and I have to applaud the decision to let her lead off. I have seen this sexy creature in a number of videos and she is a star to be sure. This is rather early in her career, but the ease she shows in front of the camera while talking about how she likes to fuck , (Not to mention her killer butt.) is a great indicator that she came into this biz with some serious game. She backs up every word, attacking the cock put before her with all the lust and fire befitting a porn superstar. Watch her just go off when the guy goes after her asshole with his tongue. What a treat, a good looking, all natural woman who fucks like a rabbit and has all the athleticism of a gymnast on ecstasy. Doggy seems to do the trick best for Monique as she wiggles that superior posterior as incentive for him to slam fuck her from behind. Personally, I would have loved to see the nice load he leaves on her chest, aimed a bit higher, but Monique doesn’t shy away from licking the last few drops off the head of his prick. Hot scene from a very hot lady.

Chastity is an LA girl with super long braids who says she loves it best when her man takes her doggy style. She may not be as pretty as Monique, but she is very eager to spread her smooth thighs for Santino Lee. He is quick to get a taste of that ripe and ready pussy and Chastity is soon smiling ear to ear from his oral attentions. Luckily for Santino, and the viewing audience, Chastity gives as enthusiastically as she gets, attacking his cock with her hands and mouth. Given her fantastic backside, I was a little disappointed to see the doggy footage last less than a minute, but in any position, Chastity is a well put together young woman. Santino decides to give that tight backdoor a try and finds that Chastity is quite the screamer when her asshole is being filled. For some reason the last of the anal and the facial are fucked up by the digital strobe effect that hate so much.

Mia is a super cute girl who doesn’t look close to her twenty three years. Just listen to her say how she loves to suck dick and tell me you don’t want to volunteer to help her with that pastime. By the time Julian St. Jox arrives, Mia is already working on her shaved slit and swollen clit. Julian takes over and seems to be immediately smitten with her tiny, tight, tasty hole. A little muff diving gets Mia in the mood to taste his cock and with her hard working mouth on the job, he is hard and ready in a flash. She curls up next to him, grabs his balls in her hand and does a serious number on his fat prick. Mia sure does love sucking cock. She also loves fucking and that is clear as she slides down onto his shaft, rubbing her shaved pussy lips as she bucks and writhes in his lap. Julian tosses her on her back for a rather quick mish before exploding all over her stomach and chest.

Maci is a nineteen year old, perfectly posteriored Jersey girl who loves shaking that backside while getting fucked doggy style. Julian is back, his lucky prick once again sliding between a luscious set of full lips. For some reason, this doesn’t last long, and in the blink of an eye, Julian has his dick up inside the honey pot. I can’t say I blame him for wanting to get in as quickly as possible, but for our sake, why not slow things down a bit? After the oral and first two positions take less than three minutes, we end up with a very long doggy/squish mish/doggy that ends with Maci taking a load on her ass. In a tape where every scene is good, this one stands out the least.

If you love firm, real tits, you are going to flip for Dior, a sexy New Yorker whose love of a tongue in her pussy is rivaled only by her desire to swallow pole. Byron Long is the lucky holder of the cock that is to be granted the key to oral Heaven. First, he has to get down to some serious slit sucking. Judging by Dior’s rather enthusiastic praise, he must be doing something right because she’s making more noise than all those damn little shits in the theater who ruined ‘Scream 2’ for me. (Oops, sorry, got a bit off track there.) Once he gives her all she can take, Byron can’t get his fat pole out of his pants fast enough. Dior goes right after this monster slab of meat, giving a VERY impressive on screen blowjob. She can’t take it all in her mouth, but her hands and lips get it good and ready to fill her fun box. Now, Dior had said in her interview that all a man really needs is a tongue, but watching her hip slam her slit down onto Byron’s cock sure makes it look like she is at least as passionate for a huge slab of cock. She rides his cock for a long while, climaxing a few times along the way, before rolling onto her back so he can fuck her hard enough to get those big tits shaking and quaking. Being a true booty bandit, Byron gets Dior on her hands and knees and sends his huge prick deep inside her love canal until he spews a thick gob of goo on her ass. Dior is one to watch.

Poison is the last girl in this tape, and the twenty two year old Houstonian is quite happy to be paired with Mr. Marcus. She gets right down to the task at hand, working on getting his big cock hard and slick for her enjoyment. Love the way she works her fingers on her clit while sucking his dick. The somewhat pained expression on her face seems to indicate that Poison may have bitten off a bit more than can chew as Marcus squish mishes her pussy full of meat. Doggy doesn’t seem to be much better, but it must work for him because his pop shot comes a bit early. Certainly this is a testament to her sweet stuff, and not a performance problem on his part.

If you are at all attracted to black women, you are definitely going to want to grab this tape. All the ladies in this tape are quite lovely, generally quite enthusiastic in their sexual performances and, a plus in my book, there is not an enhanced breast in site. For an Elegant Angel video, there is little anal action and few facials. This works against it to some degree, but could certainly be a plus for those of you tired of these two things. Monique is the clear-cut star in this tape, but cute Mia and busty Dior are not far behind. There is not a dud in the group, making this tape quite good, even if you are not specifically looking for all black action. Of course if you are, then it’s a given, you must pick this one up.

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