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77 Mins.
Vivid- 1997
DIR: Michael Zen
STARS: Jen Teal, Dyanna Lauren, Ruby, Stephanie Swift, Raven McCall, Jon dough, Steven St. Croix, TT Boy and Michael Hurt.
THEMES: Historical Figures, Beautiful Women, Outdoor Sex.
I have been watching porn for well over a decade and have had the good fortune to see, in person hundreds of adult movie stars. With this as a background, I feel absolutely confident in the following statement. Jen Teal is, quite simply, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. So, when I see her on a boxcover, I can’t help but pick it up, just hoping the tape is as hot as it’s covergirl. With a strong cast and Michael Zen at the helm, this film might just be able to pass that little test.
Dyanna Lauren is a writer struggling with a serious case of writer’s block until she is visited by the very characters she is supposed to be writing about. Before you can even begin to question what they’ve been putting in Valley water, TT Boy is up to his chin in Jen Teal and enjoying ever delicious inch of her inviting folds. The blowjob she delivers in return is an incredible visual treat. Jen’s face in the same zip code as a hard cock is wonderful to look at, but when she gets her mouth going on TT’s hardon, wonderful becomes unfuckingbelievable. Great full body side shot by Zen, catching the oral action as well as Jen’s perfect backside and legs. We get more of this incredible butt as TT moves around to take her from behind for a while. As he turns her over, one can not help but notice the wonderful fact that Jen’s perfect breasts, are in fact, her very own. Not only does she look stunning, there is plenty of energy and sweat in this scene, which ends with a popshot on her chest, capping off a memorable pairing.
This odd encounter gets Dyanna writing again, but when she misrepresents the sexual symbolism in “Little Red Riding Hood”, Red, played perfectly by Ruby, has to come in and set her straight. The twist in Ruby’s version of the story, is that the wolf is really a stud who makes Red’s day in the woods one to remember. Steven St. Croix plays the wolf, and he soon gets to sample a little red Ruby head while Stephanie Swift watches. As always, Ruby throws everything she has into her blowjob, purring and slobbering all over Steven’s rod. Once she has him stiff and wet, Steven rewards Ruby a with a raucous ride. The doggie is quite hot, but Ruby’s best position is on her back with her those perfect legs splayed high and wide, a visual treat to be sure. Not much of a pop shot, but still quite a scene.
Raven McCall and Michael Hurt go at it next, as Helen of Troy and Casanova. There is nothing wrong with Raven, or with this scene, but considering the mondo talent surrounding this pairing, I found myself just wanting to get past the average action and get back to Dyanna, Jen or Stephanie as quickly as possible. There is some decent anal in an otherwise forgettable scene.
Dyanna is having more trouble concentrating since Jen and Peeping Tom, Jon Dough are fooling around. She sends them out to the pool where they continue to get to know each other in that special way. Once again, Jen’s delicious morsel makes a tasty treat for the lucky stud who gets to sample her wares. I love the well lit outdoor action here, it gives a great look at her perfect features and, finer than any work of art, body. Am I the only one praying she will never change her natural, perfect breasts? Some nice low angel shots during doggy will keep you ‘pussy close up’ guys happy. Dough finally lets loose a huge load all over Jen’s heavenly breasts, capping another memorable scene.
Once her story is finished, Dyanna finally succumbs to the desires burning within her and joins Stephanie and Jen Teal for a three way finger fest. With these three luscious ladies, one only has to figure which perfect bod to eye in order to see the very finest female flesh around. If you love to watch beautiful women masturbating, this scene will have your running out for extra tissue in no time. Wow.
With her article behind her, Dyanna sets about rediscovering the passion in her own life, practically attacking hubby Steven. Once again, the poolside setting is great to looks out. Too bad we get rushed through the oral sex, because Ms. Lauren looks like she is doing some serious hose humming. After an all too quick fuck, Steven fires a great cum shot right across her nose. Too bad the scene is so short, because it is hot stuff.
This is a very nice looking video, with lots of couple friendly, but hot sex. Jen Teal is amazing, hot in her two b/g pairings and beautiful as ever. Ruby does a great scene as well, showing once again why she is one of my faves. Stephanie Swift and Dyanna Lauren get wasted a bit in solo only and short scenes which is a bit wasteful. Overall, if you like beautiful women and outdoor sex, you will be hard pressed to find a better combination than this one.

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