Dirty Weekend



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87 Mins.
Plum- 1997
DIR: Mitch Spinelli
STARS: Raylene, Holy Body, Sindee Coxx, Alex Sanders, Alec Metro, Sahara Sands, Steve Hatcher, Laura Palmer and Asia Carrera.
THEMES: Swapping, Sex in Water.
Last time I reviewed a Raylene video I said that she was the frontrunner for the Best New Starlet award. Considering she was in one of the best movies I had seen all year, I figure I should give her a try in some other tapes, to see if she still stands out as a top rate porn star. I can say one thing after looking at the boxcover shot. If you want to take bets on who might fill that vacant seat at the Vivid Girl table, you may not have to look any farther than this beauty.
We don’t start with Raylene however, but instead get Laura Palmer and Holy Body playing make out games in their bikinis. They put on a nice little show in the water to entice Alex Sanders to come in and get wet with them. Tell me, with Laura doing her sexy gymnastics on a blow up raft while Holy licks her asshole, how could any man stay on dry land? He finally wises up and lets Laura demonstrate her deep throat technique on his cock while Holy rubs her huge tits in his face. The floating raft makes for a nice mattress to soften the blows as Alex sees how deep the hot little blonde’s honey hole is as well. Holy won’t be left out, turning her big, round ass up to make an easy target for Alex. In fact, after a couple of pussy strokes, he slides right up the tight little hole in the center of that big ass. No anal for Laura, but she shares the facial cum shot with Holy, swapping spit and sperm in a creamy kiss that brings us back to where we started.
Here is the trick. You see, all this was in the mind of Alec Metro. He was dreaming the whole thing. He is just chilling by the pool next to his wife. (Sahara Sands.) They seem to like playing mind games with each other, but stop that long enough o have a little poolside fuck for real. New body or not, this is not a woman I am enamored with so the fact that there is any heat is a surprise to me. Actually, there is more than just a little bit of heat, as Ms. Sands shows some major league hip action as she rides his cock. Her ass is also fair game, and Alec grabs a handful of hip and slams home in her backdoor until he pulls out, tosses his condom aside and rains spunk down on her butt.
The games continue as another couple joins them on the deck. Raylene and Steve Hatcher (Yeah there is a likely couple.) end up in the middle of Sahara’s twisted mind fucks. When she aggressively pulls Steve off for some fun, that leaves their shy spouses alone. Being around a total beauty like Raylene is a good way to get over shyness, and Alec makes his move. Luckily she is open to his advances and is quickly stripped naked. Damn, what a body! Once she gets to work on his cock, Alec forgets all about his cheating wife, and must be thanking his lucky stars to have lucked into this little tryst. Much to my liking, he returns her oral favors with a long bit of pussy eating, getting her inviting slit soaked and ready for a serious penile invasion. I guess all that shy girl stuff was just a front, because Raylene puts her ass high in the air and takes a major butt boning, followed by a facial, that unfortunately gets cut away from too soon. Still a hot scene.
Instead of hooking up with Sahara, Hatcher lucks into something far hotter, a three way with Sindee Coxx and Asia Carrera. Someone tell me this guy thanks God every day people pay him to have sex. Asia looks stunning as always and Sindee looks ready to devour anything that gets in her path. (Wow, and to think, I used to sip suds in this crappy little topless bar in Anaheim and watch Sindee like five years ago. Ah the memories.) More of Asia with a dick in her mouth would have been nice, but there is nothing to complain about here. Both women are all over Hatcher and, to his credit, he is up to the challenge. Sindee rids him hard but it is only after fucking Asia’s tight pussy that Hatcher drops his seed on her tummy.
When everyone returns to their partners, the guys seem a little hot under the collar. While they work out their frustrations on each other, Raylene and Sahara decide to settle things like sex starved nymphs. I’ve never been much of a fighter, but I think just about anyone would prefer the tongue in pussy method to the fist in mouth. I have to say, much to the chagrin of the anti implant crowd, Sahara’s new breasts really seem to fit her body well and in this pairing, we see two busty women who look fucking great, real or otherwise. It takes a very special scene or a spectacular woman for me to get into lesbian pairings and in this case Raylene is the latter. Her long legs are simply perfect and she is having a wonderful time exploring her new friend in ways they didn’t talk about in hygiene classes. Her pussy gets as wet as you will ever see when the blonde gets going with some serious slit snacking. There mere fact that I have talked this much about a girl/girl scene should tell you that it is definitely worth a look.
There is an interesting bit of script her. Not much of a plot per say, but a chance for Alec and Sahara to do some decent acting. However, it is not the script, or the fine technical qualities that make this video worth watching. Watch it to see Raylene, who I still think is the best new girl in porn this year, in her two scenes. Asia, Sindee and Laura are all quite hot and fill out the cast nicely, and there is a pleasant surprise from Sahara Sands. Sahara is fun to watch, more so than ever before, but it is Raylene who shines like the next big star as she quivers and cums her way into our hearts and hard ons.

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