She’s My Little Fortune Nookie


87 Mins.
Soho- 1997
DIR:. Jace Rocker
STARS: Brooke Ashley, Jessica James, Tom Byron, Jonathan Morgan, Lilliene Li, Devin Chang, Marc Wallace, Julian, Gaile. Kimi Ji, Milford Modifier, George Kaplan.
THEMES: Asian Women, Prostitutes.
What is the deal with Jace Rocker and the sixties? I have done three reviews of his stuff in the last few weeks and every one if filled with hippies, Vietnam references and more than a few ripped off pieces of dialog. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. At least this time, he has a first class piece of ass like Brooke Ashley to cover any shortcomings that might come along.
As we begin, the war is two months over and Tom Byron is sent into to get a renegade American colonel out of the jungle. (Apocalypse Now, including the flickering light from the ceiling fan.) Byron can take only one man on his mission with him and he chooses Jonathan Morgan, an expert in the bush. What that actually means is that he is crazy for Asian pussy and this sets off a lively discussion where Byron sings the praises of American women and tell of a farewell fuck from his girl back home. It’s pretty much your standard fuck and suck fare, except for the fact that it is rather well shot. Lots of good close up action and some effective camera angles. This busty blonde is quite the cocksucker. So much so that Tom gets about two minutes worth of fucking in before blowing his nut all over her chest.
There search leads them to a strip bar, where Marc Wallace waits. Does anyone else think it is painful and sacrilegious to hear Marc stumble his way through a terrible Dennis Hopper impersonation, mangling his classic Apocalypse Now character? (Hey, I left the bad ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ dialog slide, but some things just can’t be let go.) The only good thing about Marc’s appearance in the video is that the guys pay him for his information by paying for the services of bargirl Brooke Ashley. From the second she jiggles on screen, Brooke takes over and lifts this video up with a gleam in her eye and, before you know it, a cock in her mouth. She takes his little dick deep, she drools, she growls, damn, this woman is as hot as they come and then some. Right in the middle of the incredible blowjob, soldier boy Julian comes in to share the wealth. At last, a grown up sized cock for Brooke to play with. In fact, Julian is one seriously hung stud, but does that phase the cute little working girl? Hell no, Brooke’s eyes light up as she gets to test her warm, wet mouth. Marc takes her from behind in a standing doggy while Brooke screams and slobbers all over Julian’s thick stick. When it’s time to switch, she looks like she can hardly wait to feel that big cock full her tight pussy. The sight is simply spectacular. She warms up her ass a bit with Marc before riding his cock while Julian really fills her with his stick. This impressive bit of action is the sort of thing that makes me love Brooke. Oh yeah, and the well timed double face drenching doesn’t hurt either. In fact, it’s a fantastic facial frosting.
Gaile gives us a first hand demonstration of what Morgan finds so appealing about Asian women. The trouble is, from where I am sitting, she can’t hold a candle to Brooke, so I keep wondering why he didn’t just stay at the bar. I know, don’t review what the movie SHOULD have been, stick to what it is. Well, Gaile is attractive, but she pretty much seems to go through the motions here, laying passively while Morgan mish then doggy fucks her. I think the only one more bored by this action than Gaile, is me.
The guys are captured when they get close to the compound, and that leads us to a more painfully bad acting as Milford Modifier tries his hand at Brando. Never fear, once that part is over, Brooke is back for a little lesbian action with Devin Chang. It seems Brooke’s excitement is contagious as she brings out the best in her new pal, making her squirm and scream while her pussy gets sucked. Once the tables turn, Devin shows good taste, diving right into Brooke’s sweet little honey pot. Given the chance, I think I would spend a few days sucking that perfect pussy as well. (Brooke, are you out there?) Those of you who know me, know that if I am still talking about a lesbian scene, then Brooke must really be hot. (She is.)
While the guys are in a cell, they engage in some macho BS talk, which leads us to Tom telling what he ‘would like to do’ if he ever gets out. In his fantasy, he is back at the club, on stage with dancer Kimi Ji, doing more than your usual dance. (Would be redundant to ask shy he isn’t flashing to a fantasy about Brooke?) She treats Tom to a blowjob that will surely have him forgetting all about his blonde girl back home. He, in turn, shows why so many bar girls prefer the American GI by filling her so full of hard cock, her eyes look ready to pop out of her head. That doesn’t keep her from giving anal sex a try. Again, the action is very well shot, and fans of close up butt stuffing will be quite pleased. The facial is equally well done.
As the story closes, I think that Tom is convinced that Asian women are certainly worthy of some obsessing. For my money, the only woman in this tape worth drooling over is Brooke Ashley. Her DP with Julian and Marc is brilliant and her lesbian tryst with Devin is also a lot of fun to watch. Kimmi and Lilliene are good looking, but the latter falls way short in the sexual energy department. The story is pretty thin, with more bad rip offs then original lines, however the sex is well shot and Brooke single handedly saves this from being another utterly forgettable porn vid.

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