Domination Nation 2



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83 Mins.
Vivid- 1997
DIR: Ralph Parfait
STARS: Christy Canyon, Cherokee, Stephanie Swift, Lexi Leigh, Sindee Coxx, Jon Dough, Jeremy Steele, Tommy Gunn.
THEMES: Future Sex, Robot Sex.
There are times when the plot of an X rated video is actually confusing enough that starting at the beginning of tape two makes it hard to catch up. OK, so that’s not true, but if it weren’t for the lengthy recap of part one of this strange, sci-fi flick, some people might actually start pulling their hair out trying to figure out just what the hell is going on. So, as a public service, here’s the skinny. In the future, women run things because men have developed some sort of genetic deficiency that kills them off whenever they climax.. That makes them quite a commodity to be fought over, played with and hunted for sport. Sindee Coxx has found some sort of genetic cure, but has to steal a good specimen, Jon Dough from Christy Canyon and her band of fun loving feminine warriors. When Sindee is killed, it is up to her partner, Julie Rage to finish her work. Does it work? Does Dough become the ultimate male? Or will the world continue to be like a Janine video?
As we start out, we find that Julie’s cure worked and Dough is a fully functional man. Queen Christy decides to give him a test run herself. Meanwhile, Julie struggles to break free form her bonds. Lucky for her Sindee isn’t really dead and saves her from a 007-like fate. Ms. Canyon’s test run starts with an oral sampling of the growing cock Dough sports. Since this is billed as her final film, (Again) one can’t help but think back to all the times I have wished it were my dick Christy was swallowing. While she is sucking cock like she hasn’t had any in a long while, Sindee and Julie have staged a two woman assault on the fortress. An invasion of a much more pleasant nature is planned in bed as Christy rubs her pussy to entice Dough. Condom in place, Jon waits as the Queen lowers herself onto his shaft and starts hip fucking him like mad. I swear, Christy can still turn out fantastic performances when she wants to. She looks great here and spurs him on to harder and harder strokes as Dough slams her from behind, driving Christy flat onto her belly and trying to screw her right through the mattress. The pop shot comes right on her upturned ass, which still looks fabulous.
While Christy is enjoying her new toy, fucking him for a second time, Sindee and Julie sabotage the whole thing, pumping laughing gas into the room, rendering their enemies helpless long enough to sneak Dough out with them. Back at the lab, Jon is still laughing uncontrollably, but as sexy Doc Cherokee check him over closely, brevity soon gives way to lust. She is quite pleased with what she sees and decides to get a taste for herself. A few moments in her sweet mouth, and Dough isn’t laughing anymore. As if that weren’t enough, she steps back to further entice him with her thin body and milk chocolate skin. Cherokee does a very slow, sexy masturbation/tease number until Jon can stand it no longer. Trouble is, we don’t get to see what happens next. Damn! Still, a nice tease scene.
Christy awakens, realizes she has been ripped off and pays a visit to Sindee at her lab. Dough and Rage have already fled so she sends out a super droid, Stephanie Swift out to find them. Jon leads Julie back to a secret hideaway full of men where she explains how her cure can save the world. Meanwhile, Stephanie has found her way into the secret cave. She encounters a male guard, but quickly puts him in a bad spot by sucking his cock. (For those of you who are wondering how much crack I’ve been smoking to see the lovely Ms. Swift inhaling your rod as a BAD thing, remember, in this movie, you pop, you die.) She wants him to talk, and he seems pretty unconcerned with the fact she is literally sucking him to death. Not content with just an efficient kill, Steph lets him live a while longer, so he can suck her sweet pussy. Figuring he is a goner anyway, the guy slaps on a rubber and puts the petite Ms. Swift through the paces in a spirited three position fuck. Finally, in an odd act of vampirism, Stephanie squats and literally sucks the life right of this guy. Mega props here for a monster facial pop shot, drenching Steph’s sexy mug. What a way to go. Kill me Steph, right now!
Just as Steph moves in to capture Julie, Sindee takes control of the droid and starts to have a little fun with her friend. (Nothing like a little light hearted play in the middle of a planet wide crisis.) Expecting to be killed, Julie is rather pleasantly to surprised (As was I) to see Stephanie put her face between the blonde’s long legs and suck her pussy. With vigorous tongue and finger action, Steph brings her new friend off, proving she is programmed as a lover and a fighter. As a special thank you, Julie lays back to let Stephanie ride her face. My God this woman has in incredible body, gorgeous face and a pussy that is just screaming out to be sucked. Find me a woman hotter than Stephanie, I’ll bet you can’t. Letting Julie in on the joke, Sindee has a surprise for her girlfriend, the droid has a long, silver vibrator that is just right for fucking dirty blonde sluts in the ass. Stephanie uses it in a short, but blistering anal vibrator climax to a hot girl/girl scene.
Dough is also in the fortress, but he has returned to Queen Chirsty’s chambers. She is glad to have him back and has him show her partner, Krista Maze just what he has packed in those jeans. It is really clear that Christy and Jon are having a great time here. Acting the part or not, they just have a fun with each other and this kind of genuine joy is a rare treat. Krista’s not too shabby either, but this is the last Christy Canyon, on screen fuck, so all I want is to see her with that sexy mouth around his cock, or those fleshy pussy lips stuffed with prick. Krista even gets the final cumshot.
This tape actually made me want to go out and rent part one just because it had some clever writing. Christy Canyon, in her final appearance, is better than good, but there just is not enough of her in this video. In fact, there are only two boy/girl scenes in the whole tape. One girl/girl, a tease scene and a three way. Granted, Christy and Jon do a great boy/girl, Stephanie Swift steals the show with her het and lesbian pairings and the Cherokee tease is damn hot stuff, but still. I know, I’m waffling a bit, but in spite its shortcomings, I have to recommend this video for Christy, for Stephanie and for some extremely clever story aspects.

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One Response to “Domination Nation 2”

  1. Terry says:

    I have to agree with this overall positive review. All the actresses are smoking hot and Christy Canyon turns in a great performance as the sexually ravenous Alpha Leader/Queen! Lucky Jon Dough gets Christy and Krista at the end and gives Krista a fine cumshot! Four out of five stars for this BDSM effort!

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