Gangland Bangers



128 Mins.
VCA- 1994
DIR: Joe D’Amato
STARS: Juli Ashton, Roxanne Hall, Dallas, Gina Rome, J.R. Carrington, Sofia Ferrari, Steven ST. Croix, Sean Michaels, Claudio, Vince Voyeur, Tony Montana, Mark Davis, Jim Andrews.
THEMES: Gangsters
What is it about the 1930s, flappers, mobsters and the like, that makes such an interesting backdrop for adult films. The costumes are always fun, and of course, it gives porn actors a change to do their best (Or worst) Brando imitations. VCA has really pulled out all the stops on this 35mm film. Lavish sets, good costumes, an actual script and a cast that, for the most part can do some acting give every indication that this is will be a film to watch and enjoy on many levels.
Steven St. Croix plays a frustrated immigrant, tired of washing dishes. (Did someone say “Scarface”?) He has big plans to run the streets of Chicago with his friend Mark Davis. His assertive nature works very well on waitress, J.R. Carrington as Steven rather quickly talks her into a back room boff. She may be looking for a man with money, but what she finds is a big, hard dick to suck and that seems to suit her just fine for the time being. Cramped quarters and limited time don’t slow him down, as Steven just lifts her dress and fucks her from behind in the back room. J.R. is hot at ever, swinging one leg up onto his shoulder while leaning against the wall, clawing and moaning as her pussy gets filled. After a spirited, if quick fuck, I could have done without the slow motion cum shot. For me, it wrecks an otherwise good facial, but that’s just my opinion.
Things start to happen for Steven when his quick actions save the girlfriend of the biggest gangster in Chicago, Tony Montana. With his foot in the door, Steven shows up at Tony’s house to discuss a change in their employment situation. Not one to forget his friends, Steven gets Mark a job as well and the two stop by J.R.’s place for a visit. The waitress is out of town, but her cousin, Juli Ashton is hanging around in her place. After dropping a little cash, he secures the services of the delicious Ms. Ashton for Davis. (Talk about a friend.) Juli earns every penny of her money with just her mouth as she gives Mark a blowjob to remember, nearly taking him to the root and staring up at him with her incredible eyes. He is understandably anxious to get his dick in her tight, inviting slit and that arrangement suits Juli just fine. She is quite the energetic little minx, taking a hard doggy fuck and begging for more. The way she claws at her ass while being fucked, you just know what’s coming next. Juli slides her backdoor down on Mark’s rod, RCA for a great view of her dripping pussy. Juli takes a very nice facial, that is once again, tragically distorted by slow motion. (Memo to directors, slow motion cum shots are the Devil, avoid them at all cost.)
Following the “Scarface” plot line once again has Steven working his way up the ladder. He forges a partnership with Dave Hardman, and business includes doing Dave’s girl so he can watch. This pairs Steven with Sofia Ferrari for a bit of fun and games. Her English is not always the best, but Sofia knows the French way to a man’s heart if you know what I mean. To be honest, I have never seen anything that special in Sofia and although Steven does his best to keep her shaved slit filled with dick, the scene is average at best, even with the anal and thankfully, non slow-mo facial.
Striking out on their own, Steven and Mark have a little celebration with Carrington and Ashton. The two couples split up which of course means going back and forth between scenes. Oh, how I hate this. Still, another J.R./Steven pairing gives us some great oral both ways. Likewise, Juli suck cock is something I never grow tired of watching. This time around, J.R. takes things a little further, bending over in the kitchen to get fucked in her tight ass. Julie doesn’t go this route, but unlike her huge hootered friend, Ms. Ashton takes another load on petty face. Two good scenes, made not as good by the intertwining I’m afraid.
As things start to get dangerous for Steven, Tony is having a party of his own, in his backseat, with main squeeze, Dallas. She really gets into a short blowjob scene, sucking as if her life depends on it. The two position fuck that follows is very average stuff, up to and including the cumshot on her man made titties. It’s hard to imagine how Seven could have J.R. at home and be pining over this woman?
After killing Tony, Steven can now have Dallas all to himself. Once again, Dallas has a cock in and out of her mouth so fast, we hardly get to enjoy her technique. Likewise each position as they fuck. A few strokes of RC (Very nice) a few spooning, some with her leg over his shoulder, you get the idea. Have to say a rather uninspired pairing, and most of the blame lies with Dallas, who just doesn’t have the fire some of her costars bring to their roles.
Now that St. Croix is in charge, he has to deal with cops, rival gangs, crocked politicians and the like. Of course, one of the perks of this position is that he can order people around. To this end, Steven has a good time orchestrating a group grope with Roxanne Hall, Gina Rome and a young Jen Teal hooking up with Sean Michaels, Jim Andrews and Claudio. Steven seems a bit bored by the whole scene, and to be honest, I can see why. Roxanne is rather spirited in her oral affections toward Sean, but the action jumps around a bit too much for me. Jen Teal looks so good, I always like watching her, but you won’t be surprised to see most of her attentions falling on Gina. Adding a bit of spice to the scene, Roxanne drips candle wax on her nipples and pussy as Sean deep strokes her with his long, black cock. She even drips the wax into her mouth. Ouch. That’s about all there is to this scene, a huge waste of Jen Teal as she just sort of vanishes.
As the whole house of cards begins to fall around Steven, Hardman takes time out to join his lady in while she enjoys Vince Voyeur. As she just lies there letting Vince eat her shaved slit, Dave drops his cock into her open mouth and lets Sofia do the rest. The two guys are happy to keep this horny Italian filled at both ends with hard dick. When even that is not enough to keep her happy, Vince takes the back road, filling her butt with enough meat to bring her to squirming climax. To show his approval, Dave drops a very healthy load on Sofia’s mug which stays nice and sticky as Vince pulls out and adds his cream to this lovely mess.
In the end, the money and power go to Steven’s head. Even as the cops move in to finish him off, his best friend Davis is upstairs taking care of business with his girl Dallas. Yet another scene with Dallas is the last thing this movie needed. I have to say that Juli Ashton or even J.R. Carrington would have been a better choice for what amounts to the female lead. This scene is pretty much a carbon copy of her other two with moderate heat from a moderately attractive woman. Even the facial is back to that slow motion garbage. This just had me begging for the end to come.
As expected, this is a well shot, high budget adult film. The story is well done, with find acting from St. Croix and Davis. The sex is often above average, at least when Carrington and Ashton are gobbling knob. Using Dallas as the lead, and giving her three scenes is a rather big waste in my opinion. This, and the painful use of slow motion for too many of the cumshots were negatives in my view, but still “Gangland Bangers” is definitely worth a look as an impressive piece of erotic film making.

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