81 Mins.
Metro- 1997
DIR: John T. Bone
STARS: Summer Collins, Candy Apples, Delicious, Candy Vegas, Ron Jeremy, Jack Hammer, Kyle Stone, Dave Hardman, Colt Steele.
THEMES: Rock Stars, Groupies.
Any time you see John T. Bone’s name on a video, you know things are going to be at least interesting. No cast of 300, or strange costumes here, just a cast of colorful characters in a very thin plot. What more could any happy stroker ask for?
Ron Jeremy plays rock legend Fat Fuck, (FF for short.) What makes Ron perfect for the role, besides his size, is his use of the word “fuck” at least twice in every sentence. Summer Collins is a writer hired to write FF’s biography. To give her lesson number one in the lifestyle of a rock star, Ron orders groupie Delicious Milano to suck Jack Hammer’s cock. Punishment for her to be sure, but for us, a viewing delight. This woman has the sort of full lips that were just made to be wrapped around a hard cock. Really nice close up shots of Delicious inhaling pole make this scene brilliant from the start. Wanting to enjoy herself as well, the busty black beauty lowers herself down onto his spit slicked cock and starts bounding about wildly. Lots to look at, lovely face, big bouncing tits, strong, smooth thighs and a tight, shaved pussy, a carnal cornucopia. I personally like the spirited standing fuck since it shows off her great legs best. Only after thoroughly enjoying all the charms this sexy groupie has to offer does Jack hose her down with his jizz. (Semi-facial, but most lands on her big, beautiful breasts.) Hell, I’d take up the guitar today if it meant getting Delicious as a groupie.
Poor Summer is having a hard time fitting in. First she gets chewed out by Candy, who warns her not to go after Jeremy. Then, Hammer asks the new girl to suck his cock. When she politely refuses he is shocked, but quickly finds a hole to stick his dick in. Candy Vegas is already sucking another cock, but has no problem adding another one to the mix. Ms. Vegas is only average to look at, but sucks cock like the kind of girl you want at a party, if you know what I mean. After watching Delicious in the opening scene, this three way seems rather routine, without anything all that special. She does take in the ass from Dave Hardman for a while before having Jack join him for some DP action. Finally, things come to an end as both guys drip cum onto her lips.
Frustrated by a lack of attention, Candy Apples announces into the phone that she “will suck on the next cock that walks in here.” Lucky Kyle Stone is the proud owner of said cock and Candy makes good on her promise, dropping to her knees and getting busy in a big hurry. My God, Candy knows how to suck a cock. Normally, I don’t go for a lot of near choking, but Candy does it all on her own, forcing his prick all the way down her throat until her lips rest against the base of his shaft. Hey Candy, any time want to do an interview and show me this technique up close, you know where to find me. This great blowjob is worth watching this tape for all by itself! Candy sticks that big, round ass high in the air and Kyle grabs her hips to give the foul talking hose beast the slam fuck of her life. Not about to do a scene where her ass isn’t full, Candy flips over and takes him deep in her butt. Really fine anal footage here and Ms. Apples never stops crying out. Damn is she sexy. After this long butt boning, Kyle covers her face quite nicely in jizz. This is the hottest scene in the tape, no questions asked.
Summer finally learns how to loosen up with Dave Hardman and Colt Steele. To show she is part of the group, she lets them tickle her tonsils with their members. Summer proves to be quite the easy access girl, displaying her charms for both men and showing that even a writer can be a rock groupie slut. (At least in John T. Bone’s world.) This scene pretty much mirrors the one with Candy Vegas, except that Ms. Collins is a lot prettier and have a lovely shaved pussy that grips cock as she gets fucked. Summer quickly shows the guys that they will have to fuck long and hard to be able to keep up with her hyper active sex drive. Best shots here are with Summer on her back sucking cock, while Colt takes long strokes into her pussy. Love the real tits Summer, keep them for a while will you? Eventually the guys get her into standard DP position and fill her holes full of hard meat. Never flinching, she seems more than up for the challenge, up to and including a pair of facials.
Pretty simple format here, four scenes, two boy/girl, two boy/girl/boy. Candy Apples scene is far and away the hottest scene on the tape, but Delicious Milano gets big props as well. Summer Collins, the star of this video is pretty cute, leaving only Candy Vegas as a scene to skip. Well shot anal and oral with little plot to get in the way for those of you who just want the action.

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