Hot Buttered Blues


97 Mins.
Metro- 1997
DIR: Jace Rocker
STARS: Misty Rain, Steve Hatcher, Laura Palmer, Julian, Alyssa Allure, Sunny, Rick Masters, Dave Hardman, Devin, Dallas, Ian Daniels, Ron Jeremy & Special Guest Star, Louisiana Guitar Red.
THEMES: Blondes, Groupies.
From the moody, cool blues riff that opens this video, to the conclusion of the story, (Yes, I said story, there is one if you can believe it.) things are clearly a cut above your average strip and slam porn vid.
After over ten minutes of some pretty witty dialog, setting up the story of a struggling blues club, an old time guitarist, a hippie and some bar girls, the first sex scene actually gets underway. One of the bar girls, Misty Rain helps her policeman boyfriend, Ian Daniels unwind after a long hard day. Misty looks just fantastic, as always, but it has been so long since I’ve seen her with a guy, I almost forgot what she looked like with a dick in her mouth. The scene is a bit too quickly paced, rushing the oral sex more than I like. However, as hot as she is to screw her beau, this eager editing style can be forgiven. Good close ups, mixed with the sort of longer shots that really show of Misty’s divine, long legs as he mishes her into the couch. After rolling her over for some doggy, Ian whips off his condom and rains goo all over Misty’s back.
Back at the club, Steve Hatcher and Rick Masters play for busty, blonde bar girl, Laura Palmer. Half way through the first song, she shows her appreciation in true rock and roll groupie fashion, on her knees with a cock in her mouth. Before long she is showing them both the kind of job skills that likely got her hired in the first place. Quite the tasty morsel, Laura literally is good enough to eat, just so long as she keeps her own hungry mouth, quite full. Once they have exhausted all of the fuck and suck positions they can think of, the guys start in on her ass, making sure every hole gets nicely plugged before painting her face with a thick load of glossy white.
That intense warm up seems to have helped because the band rocks the house down later that night. Too bad club owner Ron Jeremy already booked an Eastern guru to play his club. Just like the big rock stars, he brings groupies back to his dressing room, shall we say, raise more than his consciousness. In no time at all, he has them naked and meditating. Alyssa Allure is one of the groupies but the other is unfamiliar to me. With the help of assistant, Dave Hardman, the Maharishi has the groupies, groping and gulping faster than you can say “Sacred Cow.” The blonde with Dave has a very trim body with no tits to speak of but a lovely butt with an inviting rosebud, just begging to be filled. After a bit of boning, that is exactly what she gets, an butt full of bone. Alyssa does her one better by taking a cock in both holes, taking everyone to a higher plane. Each girl gulps down a load just as the guru heads to the stage. Trouble is, everyone catches a glimpse of his pre performance ritual and the holy man is booed off the stage.
Misty sets in motion a plan to save the club. She brings groupies over to see Hatcher in exchange for a meeting with his good friend, who just happens to be a blues legend. Misty’s charm and enthusiasm works even on the old blind man. Meanwhile, back at Hatcher’s pad, Alyssa exchanges groupie stories with Devin. To keep busy during their wait, the girls get up close and personal with some labe lapping. What follows is a thoroughly average lesbian pairing.
While the level of fun gets turned up, Misty is setting up the blues legend for a concert, and her cheating cop boyfriend is out with one of her co-workers, blonde Sunny. What is it about this club? All the girls who work there have to be blonde and love to suck cock? Hey, now there is a place I would go to unwind after work. He helps her unwind by licking her shaved slit until it is juicy enough for a quick, latex covered invasion. After a short, two position hood fuck, he fills her mouth with warm cream.
Will he rock the house? Come on, don’t you watch those cheesy teen movies? The band always comes in and saves the day, and the lovely lead actress always finds out the her cheating boyfriend is banging her best friend so she can end up with the sensitive protagonist. Of course, since this is a porn, we don’t see them hold hands and walk off into the sunset. Overcome by lust for Steve Hatcher (ONLY in the movies my friends.) Misty is thrilled when he wants to taste her tempting treat. You know, seeing Misty work on a dick again is worth sitting through an hour of tape. She has truly matured into one of the finest performers in all of X-dom. Very high energy scene thanks to an on fire Misty who greedily laps up his load to close out the best scene in the video.
Aside from not knowing most of the performers in this video, I rather liked it. The script is filled with some silly 60’s lingo, mixing rock groupie speak with blues mumblings. The music cooks, although I think ten minutes of it is a bit much for a porn. (But thank God it wasn’t anything like that terrible crap from the Rocco Movies.) Misty Rain provides nearly all the sexual highlights, with the others just there as so much window dressing. I liked the style, followed the story, but found the sex to be a bit rushed for my taste. So, big points for efforts, small points for execution.

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