Private Diary Of Tori Welles



89 Mins.

Paul Norman Productions- 1997

DIR: Paul Norman

STARS: Tori Welles, Kaitlyn Ashley, Tom Byron, David Hardman, Michael (Kaitlyn’s beau), Eric Price, Kevin Goins, Paul Norman

THEMES: Tori Welles!, B&D, Anal Sex



With all the talk about this video and Tori’s comeback, it feels like I have been reviewing this for months. The interview I did with her only made anticipation for this long awaited video even greater as she spelled out a number of the things that could be on this tape. The thought of seeing one of the biggest stars in adult film history back in front of camera, doing things we never got to see her do, is quite honestly, the single best reason to watch any video this year. Add to that, a scene with Kaitlyn and Tori together, and you know this video was in my VCR in half the normal time it usually takes me to get from the front door to the TV.

From the opening title sequence with Tori writhing on a bed, two things are clear. Tori is in incredible shape and Paul Norman has done an fine job of cutting this together. As Tori explains that she is having a cast made of her entire body, she muses that “One day you can fuck my face.” That is followed by several, rapid fire images of Tori in some hardcore oral action. This sort of edit room wizardry was quite a pleasant surprise and keeps things interesting. Just about the time Tori finishes up, Ton Byron stops by to have a cast made of his cock. Ever helpful, she volunteers to help get Tom’s pole hard and keep it that way through his ‘ordeal.’ Oral sex from Tori Welles? Well, if it’s half as good as it looks here, I think this is the sort of sexual Nirvana most of us can only dream about. To keep him at full mast while in the cast, Tori rims Tom’s ass, feeds him her pussy and paws at his body like a cat in heat. With the work done for the day, Tom slips on a rubber and welcomes Tori back to porn with a rousing fuck on top of one of the exam tables. The way Tom bends her over the table and slam fucks Tori has her gasping about how much she “missed fucking.” (What, no one fucked her in the seven years she was out of the biz? Fuck Tori, why didn’t you just call?) After the hardest fuck I have ever seen her take, Tori begs for and receives, a very messy facial cumshot. Fuck yeah she’s back, and WAY better than ever!

The next segment is a bit grainy, but quite raw. Tori is working on herself with an assortment of various toys. Since we have never seen Tori take anything in her ass on film, this bit of super assfucking, is new ground indeed. Big toys in her butt make Tori crazy apparently and she rolls around on the floor cumming like crazy.

After that little home movie warm up, we are informed that the following scene is one of Tori’s personal favorite fantasies. She is blindfolded and unaware of who is the room with her. Her only instructions are to do as she is told. What follows is an over the top scene that has been rather carefully edited to keep the bondage out of sight. Jeez, Tori, bound and fucking two guys while blindfolded, anyone else REALLY glad this was the comeback tape and not some limp ass Vivid production? Some really severe oral sex here, with Tori sucking and talking dirty like she previously only done in the dreams of perverted fans every where. Two facials later we fade out. Brilliant!

Finally, at long last, a meeting between the women who, between them, have held the number on spot on Rog’s personal fave list for at least eighty percent of the last decade. That’s right, Tori meets Kaitlyn. After a nice long chat, in which Tori describes an incredible anal encounter with Mr. Marcus, the nature of things takes over and Tori can’t keep her hands off Kaitlyn. As Kaitlyn’s beau Michael watches on, the two strip down and are on each other like Marv Albert on the half off bin at Victoria’s Secret. Out come the toys and you just know this is one lesbian scene I am watching without grabbing for the remote. The ladies finally invite Michael to join in the fun and games and it safe to say his initial porn scene will remain embedded in his brain from now until forever. Now Michael, I know you man, and I just have to say, with all the love in my heart. FUCK YOU!!!! How does it feel to live out my fantasy mother fucker? Seriously, he brings out the best in Kaitlyn and that just makes Tori work harder to drive them both wild. With Michael on top of her, Kaitlyn gets a finger in her ass from Tori. That clears the way for some great oral from two of porn’s most enthusiastic mouths. Check out the damage Kaitlyn’s legendary tongue does on Tori’s ready to be filled pussy. When it comes time for Michael’s first ever on screen pop, he is lucky enough to have fire his shot onto two legendary faces. Once again my friend, I hope you enjoyed living out my dream.

The blindfold returns as Tori has to guess who she is fucking. Since we can see that the lucky cocksman is Dave Hardman. These two work on each other for a good long while before the blindfold comes off and Tori can see who she is fucking. With full knowledge of whose cock she has a hold of, she doubles her effort, fucking and sucking harder than ever in an incredibly hot scene. For Dave, who often ends up fucking the Liza Harpers of porn, getting his cock swallowed by Tori must be like an all expenses paid vacation to the island of Too Lucky for Words. For the rest of us, this becomes the long awaited first on screen anal scene from Tori Welles. No short, wimpy buttfuck here. Tori begs for more boning, even as Dave slams balls deep inside her. No doubt about it, this is the side of Tori we only wished for before.

Well, after all the hype, is this tape everything I wanted it to be? Is it worth rushing out to buy? Does it deliver? Let me think….YES! And for those of you who missed that, it was Y-E-S! Tori looks great, Kaitlyn looks great. Tori fucks and sucks with more enthusiasm and one more input than we have ever seen before. The scene with Kaitlyn and Michael is brilliant, great stuff. (The stuff dreams are made of eh Rog?) While the video quality varies a bit depending on just how private the tapes are, it is a brilliantly edited, supremely sexy tape. In closing, the video event of the year, is just that.

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