Shut Up And Do Me Again


80 Mins.
Metro- 1997
DIR: John T. Bone
STARS: Angel Hart, Delicious Milano, Warner, Justine Re’age, Tom Chapman, Kyle Stone, Jack Hammer, Earl Stone.
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Anal Sex.
Here I am ready to write a nice little intro. It’s usually pretty easy because most videos start out slowly, however, this one catches the eye right away. Tom Chapman seems to be the host of a kiddie show straight from Greg Dark’s childhood. Right out of the gate, he asks his lovely assistant “Boobie” (Delicious Milano) if she would like to suck his dick. Then, and you won’t believe this, she says YES! Have you ever heard of such a thing? All kidding aside, Delicious is just that as she kneels and delivers an outstanding blowjob to her very lucky partner. Lots of nice eye contact and great hand action accompany her fine tongue and lip loving. Showing that her skills go beyond your basic oral, Delicious does some bright eyed rimming just to make sure he is hot to fuck her. Really nice close up insertion shot as she slides down into his lap for some well shot RC. The low angle gives us a nice view of her nearly bald beav as well as a mighty fine set of mouthwatering breasts. Give Bone some credit here for moving this sexy woman around a lot to let us see her from all angles. Every one of them is a treat for the eyes, including the wonderful piledriver to close things out with a big wad of goo on her pussy. (Gaping pussy shot for those who like that.)
Friendly cowboy Kyle Stone has a surprise in his britches for supposed lesbian Warner. Well, for a woman who supposedly only likes fish, the Brit sure does inhale a pork pole with enthusiasm. I have not always liked Warner, but can’t help but enjoy a blowjob like this. No hands in her technique, but serious head movement and very deep strokes have Kyle throbbing and ready for more in no time. Fans of finger fucking will be in Heaven here as he really uses his manual dexterity to bring her off, eventually working four fingers in each hole simultaneously. Deciding that after all that, her pussy might be a little overworked, so Kyle moves in for some anal piledriver that really opens Warner’s eyes. (Great facial expression.) If you like deep, hard pounding anal sex, tune to watch her British bum get busted big time. Warner just can’t seem to get enough cock in her ass. After begging for cum, she gets a thick stream shot right in her mouth then licks up ever drop off his shrinking cock.
Tom Chapman is saddened by the loss of his love, but Re’age, the Fuck Fairy comes in to cheer him up. This facially pierced brunette is far from stunning and just doesn’t seem to measure up to her costars in the sexual heat department. Even though I pretty much tuned out, I’ll give those of you who disagree a bit of a rundown. She gives average at best head, followed by lots of finger fucking before they move on to the actual intercourse. Even with her dress still mostly on, her huge, ugly ass tattoo is visible on her belly as they mish. Had I not already been turned off by Re’age, this would have done it. Yuck. Eventually of course, she takes his cock in her ass and has little trouble taking it all. If you like tattooed girls with nose, nipple and labia piercings who take cock in their ass and cum on their chin, then give her a look. Me, I prefer women like Delicious.
Finally, as she is about to sign off, busty blonde Angel Hart gets into the action. Tom starts off by eating her shaved slit, but soon, Jack Hammer comes in to give Angel something to suck on while she cums. The pretty star seems to like the attention, and I certainly enjoy watching her service these two. Jack moves down to fill her pussy, which visibly puffs up as it grips him tightly. Nice and tight, what a treat. Her ass is plenty snug as well and Tom takes full advantage when they switch back. Angel is a woman I will be watching for in the future. She takes both guys in a DP and truly looks to be having the time of her life. Her huge tits make the prefect target for twin blasts of love juice. What no facial?
Once again, Bone brings up four scenes, three boy/girl and a boy/girl/boy with no lesbian action. I am not at all surprised to be so thrilled by Delicious Milano and her sweet, hot chocolate. Warner’s scene was a very pleasant surprise and quite hot. The star of this video, Angel Hart, actually ranks third in this tape and her three way is well worth a look. Only Re’age didn’t catch my eye, and she might do it for some of you. Well shot video with some colorful sets and very hot sex.

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