Double Anal Club Volume 1


79 Mins.
Xplor- 1997
DIR: Frank Thring
STARS: Sylvia Saint, Kay, Nicolette, Kirsten, Frank, Hans, Johnny Euro
THEMES: Double Anal, Facials, Euro-Babes, Pretty Girls.
While I admit, double anal has never been my favorite sexual activity, this tape has a couple of obvious advantages. First, off, it had Frank Thring at the helm, and I have enjoyed his work before. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, the women in this adventure are a far cry more attractive then the usual double A dregs (Mila, Liza Harper). Hell, even if watching a woman take two cocks in a hole that really wasn’t designed to take any is not my thing, the chances are better than average that the rest of the video will be a very hot time.
Thring is in Spain with two porn studs, Frank and Mike. From their little dinner meeting comes the idea of the double A club. The first inductee into the club is a lovely Italian brunette, Kay, billed as a model from Vogue, and looking every bit the horny fashion plate on holiday. Once she spies those cocks on the rise, it is all over but the sucking for this ready to rock Italian lass. Getting straight to the point, the guys fill her ass with dick, and then just moments later, the second pole slides up her ass. If double A is your thing (And why wouldn’t it be if you picked up this video?) this is some of the best, and longest footage you will ever see. Kay takes a double pounding in her butt for a while before taking turns shooting spunk her ass and mouth. Kay licks up every drop, evening sucking her fingers clean, proving she is a double anal slut with serious talent.
Frank comes back, this time with Hans to welcome gorgeous blonde Nicolette into the ranks. Thring spares us any build up, cutting directly to this Russian beauty using her mouth on a pair of fast stiffening pricks. Nicolette is very petite, but loves having her tight, shaved box stuffed full of meat. In a matter of moments, the men move from her pussy to her even tighter ass with not a peep of objection from the lovely blonde. The RCA here is really something to see, with nice close ups and longer shots, covering her whole body. She has to roll over to get into position for the double anal, which once again, is captured quite well. After a few minutes of the double pumping the guys deposit such a healthy dose of protein cream on her face that Nicolette looks a bit like part of a sexual “Got Milk.” Campaign.
The next contestant is Kirsten, a bigger than average, but still quite cute British blonde, seen in Buttman and Ben Dover videos. While she seems to have slimmed down a bit, her breasts are every bit as huge as ever. The fellows seem to enjoy those funbags, but their enthusiasm pales in comparison to the joy this girl shows in sucking off a pair of stiff dicks. Once getting them combat ready, Kirsten sits her plump rump down on one while the other slips in from behind for some DP action on the full bottomed young lady. Even after they double slam her to a screaming climax, Kirsten is still ready for both dongs in her butt. You would that would tire her out, but she takes more fucking in that plump rump before the guys let loose with sperm rockets all over her eager face. Nothing but good things to say about her enthusiasm. Kirsten is definitely an original.
On the beach, the guys spy the nearly too beautiful for words Sylvia Saint. Were she an American porn star, I would start fearing some sort of Chasey/Felicia bore fest, but something tells me, Frank will get the most of out of her perfect bod and angel face. (Couldn’t be the first three scenes giving you that clue could it Rog?) When they get her inside, it’s less than half a minute before the twenty one year old blonde is being explored more closely by her admirers. Let me tell you, if those are not perfect, real breasts, then they are incredible implants. Either way, Sylvia is sporting a major league rack, bound to impress even the most avid breast lover. With three guys surrounding her, this Czech beauty still seems right at home getting down and dirty. Quick, someone name ten things more attractive than a drop dead gorgeous woman, smiling as she sucks cock. (Time’s up, you can’t do it.) As I suspected, Sylvia is totally into her work, sucking any dick that gets near her face as if it were candy. The pretty little thing loves to fuck as well as suck, and all three guys take turns on her tight pussy for a while. Just when it starts to look like the hottest girl in the tape might bow out of the nasty action, Sylvia shows her legend in the making status by taking a super hard buttfucking from one of the very lucky studs. Since the double A is not my favorite anyway, this sort of super hot assfucking is more than enough to make this scene a blistering success. And yes Virginia, Sylvia does take a pair of pricks in her pooper, even then managing to look nearly untouchably beautiful. A very well timed triple face bath leaves her face more cum covered than a Cindy Crawford magazine cover in a frat house bathroom.
Well, hats off to Frank Thring, Xplor and the four double A girls in this tape. Sylvia Saint is nothing short of incredible, a feast for the eyes. Kay, Kirsten and Nicolette are all enthusiastic women who are also easy to look at. If this sort of super hardcore action is your thing, then you will love it. Even if you aren’t into double reamed assholes, the women (Sylvia!) make it a worth while ride, guaranteed to please.

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