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Seymore Butts Home Movies- 1997

DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Alisha Klass, Wendy Knight, Taylor Hayes, Melonie, Samantha Stylle, Tom Byron, Ron Jeremy, Mark Davis and Seymore.

THEMES: Anal Sex, A2M



Well it’s about damn time. For a few wonderful years, Seymore was pumping videos out as fast as I could review them. Then, over the past year or so (Heretofore referred to as the ‘Dark Ages’) a Butts’ tape has become as rare as a shaved armpit at a NOW meeting. Even though the videos have been few and far between of late, Seymore still does the best gonzo tapes on the market and captures oral sex like no one else can. With yet another new girl to thrill us with, Alisha Klass, the only question is does the master still have the magic.

When last we saw Seymore, he was right in the middle of a torrid three way between Tom Byron, Taylor Hayes and Melonie. The cute dancer was just about to get her ass plugged so the action starts out hot. Melonie begs “Please stick it in my ass.” Now, how can a tape that starts out with this, be anything but brilliant? Tom is more than happy to oblige, sliding into her well lubed ass with Taylor cheering them on. For a porn newcomer, Melonie can take some serious inches up her backdoor. Taylor looks like she is just dying to get in on the action, and who can blame her, this is some of the best anal I have seen all year. She does manage to get hr face down to catch some cream as Tom pulls out of her ass. To close things out, Taylor sucks his cock clean. Down and dirty A2M for Taylor. Take that Vivid!

Now it’s time to meet Alisha, the newest girl to grace our screens thanks to Seymore. (Shane, Taylor, track record says Alisha will be drop dead hot.) This girl writes Seymore a dirty letter and is just dying to meet him. Real or not, this has that feel of something genuine. I love to watch the master at work. Cute Alisha greets Seymore at her door with a couple of surprises. First, she has a custom made Teddy Bear. Second, the little hottie has his name tattooed on her ass. Talk about devotion. Alisha doesn’t have time to make her fantasies come true, but promises great things in the near future.

We do get to see Wendy Knight, already naked and between Mark Davis and Tom Byron. She seems quite at home surrounded by nearly two feet of penis. Not a lot of preliminaries here as Wendy gets right down to business. Two on one means she can work on one big cock while having her pussy and ass licked by the other guy. This naturally leads to the guy at the back, Tom in this case, slipping his long dick right up into her wet, inviting hole. Having never seen Wendy before, I can say right up front, I am impressed by a couple of things. She can nearly take all of Mark down her throat and she keeps reaching back to play with her asshole while being fucked. Oh yeah, the fact that she is incredible looking should not be passed over either. The tag is made and Wendy gets rotated so that Mark is in her pussy while Tom gets his cock sucked and the cute little tramp doesn’t miss a beat. One note for those of you who keep track of these things, Wendy does all this without condoms. After proving she can handle both big cocks in her mouth and pussy, it is time for Tom to put her ass to the test. Things move a bit slowly for a while, with Wendy getting used to that long, fat prick in her tight ass, but pretty soon, he is stroking balls deep in her backdoor and she is moaning for more. Mark is quick to provide her with a second dick for her now, ready for anything butt. Incredibly well captured anal here, so if you like assfucking, you will have to check out gorgeous Wendy and her superb sphincter. Mark and Tom team up to make sure Wendy is stuffed full like a Thanksgiving turkey. (Only a week early a million times more sexually attractive…unless you live in Georgia or something.) Wendy thanks them the best way she knows how, by sucking a double semen shake from their cocks. Super messy facial on a very pretty face. Impressive? Fuck yes.

Alisha finally gets her chance at an on screen fuck fest. She brings her good friend Samantha Stylle over to fulfill their fantasy to be “fucked in the ass by Ron Jeremy.” Samantha is every bit as cute as Alisha and nearly as eager to get her career into high gear. Ron is appropriately thrilled to be the focus of the attention as these lovely ladies drape themselves all over him and shower him with kisses. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Seymore’s work, or who haven’t read my reviews of said masterpieces, Mr. Butts shoots, without a doubt, the best oral sex in the biz. Considering both these girls are eager sword swallowers, it should come as no shock that this double oral scene should be handed one of the “Best Oral” nominations right here, right now. Alisha is quite impressed by Ron’s rod (Got to hand it to the man, still going strong.) and hops up to feel it first hand. Not to be left out, Samantha pulls that cock from her friend’s pussy and sucks it clean before directing it back into her tight hole, repeatedly! A quick switch, and now sexy Alisha is cleaning girl cum from Ron’s shaft while her friend lies breathless nearby. All this pussy poking is fine, and of course it’s well shot, but come on, these girls came to get their asses plugged. Ron finally helps poor Alisha live out her fantasy, letting her back up on this long cock for a while before having Samantha suck it clean right out of her ass. Seymore my man, where do you find these girls? It is so nice to see this kind of raunch from women this good looking. Anyone care to guess if Samantha takes it deep in the ass only to have Alisha suck A2M? Of course she does. If the goal is for Samantha and Alisha to become assfucking porn supersluts, then say no more, they have both achieved it in their first outing. The dirty pair close the scene out the only way that would be fitting, with Alisha pulling a shared A2M cumshot with her horny pal. Ron is one lucky motherfucker and these two girls are red hot! Seymore, you are the man.

A quick shower, cleans the sweat and cum from Alisha’s bod, but can’t clean her dirty mind. She wants Tom to fuck her ass even harder than Ron did. Why am I not surprised that Mr. Byron is up for the challenge. Considering she greets him with “I want to lick your ass”, who can blame him for being head over heels immediately. While Seymore is downstairs arguing with his mother on the phone (funny shit.) Tom is getting a taste of Alisha’s sweet pussy. Realizing that he is dealing with an incredibly adventurous young thing, Tom breaks out the lube and toys and gives Ms. Klass a big league work out. With a fat corkscrew dildo in her ass, Alisha works nearly her whole hand into her pussy, getting herself off loudly under the multi-orifice assault. In turn, Alisha attacks Tom’s cock with her mouth, swallowing it to the root with seemingly no effort. Is there anything this girl can/won’t do? (Yes, Rog, chances are, reviewers are on her NOT list.) {Hey come on, she fucked Ron Jeremy.} She gives Tom’s asshole a serious rimming and jams a finger deep inside while she returns to hot deep throat action. Just when it looks like he might blow his load down her gullet, Tom tosses Alisha on the bed and starts fucking her horny pussy. As much as she clearly enjoys being fucked, Alisha’s fingers just seem to gravitate to her ass, inviting Tom’s dick to follow. With so much anal on the video market today, it is easy to forget that much of it is utter crap, done by women who would much rather be anywhere else. Seymore has once again found a woman who breaks that mold and seems to adore having her backdoor filled with dick. This scene gets perfect marks in all the important areas, it’s extremely well captured, the participants are enthusiastic (Extremely!) and the woman is a total knock out. A2M fans will really fall in love with Alisha since she sucks him clean once in the middle of the scene then takes a big messy facial straight from her butt. Brea
k out the “Best New Starlet” hardware my friends.

You would think that this much assfucking would be enough for anyone, but not fifteen minutes later, Alisha is busy sucking Tom back to full mast so he can fill her ass one more time on the bathroom sink. What starts out as a quickie bonus scene, quickly becomes another full fledged ass pounding that ends in yet another sticky pop shot right on Alisha’s little mug.

Seymore leaves us with a preview of ‘Seymore Meets the Tushy Girls’ which also stars the delectable Ms. Klass getting her ass fucked even harder. I can’t wait. To say the least, the sex in the movie is top notch. Alisha Klass is a superstar anal slut, the likes of which we rarely see. Her sexy girlfriend Samantha is another grade A piece of porn prime rib. With these two stealing the spotlight, it would be easy to forget how hot Melonie was in her assfucking opener, as well as Ms. Wendy Knight. Everyone is hot, they all take it in the ass, and as always, Seymore gets the best oral sex around. I can only hope “Behind the Sphinc-Door” can hold me over until Seymore again graces us a must see video. In the world of porn videos, where there are so many talented film makers, Seymore Butts is still, far and away the very best. Long live the King!

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