Private Triple X 29


90 Mins.
Private- 1997
STARS: Peggy Sue, Eniko, Sandra, Lana Sands, Lennox, Banda, Nikki Lynn, Jonathan Morgan.
THEMES: Brides, Waitresses, Gym Girls, Outdoor Sex.
For years, Private has been bringing us the very best in European porn. The simple vignette style of Private Video Magazine and the Triple X series have long been huge hits with fans and reviewers alike. One look at the opening ‘table of contents’ style preview and you know the women are all top notch and the sex is nothing short of scorching.
“The Waitress” is the first vignette and stars a classically sexy Private girl Peggy Sue, serving up more than hot coffee for Frank Gun and Andrew Youngman. To catch their eye, she starts in on a thick black vibrator. (Yeah, this happens to me at lunch all the time. Damn horny waitresses.) As she dreams of the two studs not ten feet away, Peggy Sue finally makes enough noise to get noticed. Within seconds the fake cock is tossed aside and the waitress is on her knees with a hard cock in each hand, stroking and sucking the guys into battle ready mode. Like all Private girls, Peggy Sue just loves having her pretty faced stuffed with dick. The guys take her over to a chair where they bounce the petite but busty brunette in the lap of one lucky stud while she keeps right on sucking. With that mouth still working overtime, they lay her on her side so we can all watch as her tight ass gets fucked. A table top DP and a pair of simultaneous sperm blasts across her face leave the horny waitress drenched in jizz. (With all due credit to Tarantino, I’d go over twelve percent for that.)
Eniko is the next lovely lady to grace the screen. What is really fun about this scene is that it is pretty loosely edited, with the original audio in tact. So, instead of the music dubbed in, we can actually hear some of the director’s instructions. I don’t know if I would want this every time, but it is an interesting addition to good scene. She strolls through a grove, spying Jonathan Morgan hard at work. After asking for directions, this very pretty (You KNOW I’m a sucker for short hair.) brunette is happy to stop and play for a while. Really well shot, plentiful oral here, with Eniko working Morgan over so well, he may never come back to the States. Thankfully, she spends most of the scene riding Jonathan, thus allowing us long, admiring looks at her fantastic legs, flat belly and all real, handful sized breasts. Eniko is also one of the loudest women I have ever heard. She doesn’t take it in her ass, but Jonathan paints her pretty titties with a copious load of goo that she licks from her fingers. Quite hot.
Taking things to the gym, fit and firm Sandra has a special work out in mind for Akim and Phillippe. As the guys go about bench pressing all they can, sexy Sandra takes their barbells deep into her hungry mouth. Her limber body is easy access and she makes cocksucking an aerobic workout, with hardcore hand action, jerking dick into her smiling mouth while being fucked. If you like hard pounding, athletic sex, then this is your scene. Wow, all those hours in the gym have paid off for this cutie. She caps her hard workout with a double dose of sticky protein shake that paints her pretty face a very messy shade of white.
It’s off to the islands for some surfside sex with Lana and Lennox. When curvy surfer Lana nearly drowns, she is carried to shore where busty Lennox and two studs make sure she gets warm in a hurry. Great contrast between the heaping hooters of Lennox and the flat chest of the lovely Lana. One thing both women have in common however, is an overwhelming need to devour the first cock they get near. Lana, always gorgeous, has grown her hair out and looks especially fetching here. The women are about equal in the wild and crazy fucking department, with both of them taking every inch of cock as hard as possible. As Lana takes a sexy Squish Mish (My own term for missionary with thighs pressed up against her chest.), Lennox is getting her ass fucked hard in RCA and then from above in a super hard piledriver. Both loads of jizz start out in Lana’s mouth and she drips them sexily into her galpal’s mouth.
An antique car seems all a happy guy needs on a sunny day. That is, until something more enticing comes along. Banda is another one hundred percent natural, high octane knock out. She leans her man up against his prize possession and shows him what type of ‘blower’ is really fun in the garage. Pretty girls and cars always go together, and both the vehicle, and the hottie bend over her are quite the lovely site. (By the way, my preference lies with Banda over the car, but that’s just me.) So, I’m sitting her watching this scene and I am wondering where all the natural chested, runway model beautiful American porn stars are? Private seems to grow them on trees for their productions. The back seat of this classic vehicle is a bit noisy, but it’s worth the noise to watch Banda get fucked hard by her man. He moves her to the ground for some spooned anal that is simply breathtaking. This true beauty does not take a facial, which is our loss, but just watching her assfuck is worth the price of the tape.
The final scene is one of the very best Private has ever shot. It stars the very lovely Nikki Lynn as a bride to be who just can’t make it to the alter without one final fling. Her lucky limo driver, Jonathan Morgan gets quite an eyeful as she shows him what she has hidden under that wedding gown. Making what can only be called a wise decision, Jonathan pulls the limo over to the side of the road and lends the bride in distress a helping tongue. Outside, he bends the still gown clad Nikki over to fuck her shaved slit. OK, I realize years of shooting wedding videos may have cultivated this fantasy, but something about a woman in a wedding dress, hooo-haaaa! You know, after being fucked this hard, one has to wonder if Nikki is going to have a hard time walking down the aisle. The gooey sperm facial she has is likely to mess up her make up as well, but who cares, she looks great that way.
For those of you familiar with the Private video style, there will be no surprises. Six scenes, all very well shot with beautiful women. Lots of great oral and anal sex, much of it in lovely outdoor settings. Nikki Lynn, Eniko, Lana Sands and Sandra are my favorites, but there is not a bad scene in the bunch. A winner if you are a fan of gorgeous women, hot sex or classic cars.

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