Streets Of New York 9


110 Mins.
Pleasure- 1997
DIR: Neville Chambers.
STARS: Summer Cummings, Skye Blue, Janette, Ray, Kathy, Tony, Lena, Anna, Graham..
THEMES: Public Sex, Outdoor Sex.
New York, that haven of culture. Home to Broadway musicals, great works of art, fine dining, Rush and Howard. What better place than this Mecca of good taste to shoot a series of videos with people getting naked and fucking in the streets? I have to admit, the blatant nature of these videos makes them a lot of fun to watch. The sex often varies in quality, but it’s always interesting.
Summer and Skye, fresh off their ‘Boogie Nights’ quickie, are the first to scour the streets looking for a place to flash and frolic. They find a few places for some quick tongue in crotch moments before Summer decides she needs a strap on to really have fun. After some more fun outside, the girls cruise in to Bloomingdale’s for some shopping. This is some ballsy shit. After all that fun, the girls retire to their room to get down to the actual sex. Summer and Skye work together all the time, so they are quite familiar with the dirty dance to follow. To be honest, there are just too many piercings and too much silicone for my tastes, but they do get down and dirty with some ice cubes and a carrot. In addition to the high freak value, there is some pretty hot strap on fucking going on here.
Janette and Ray have found a very hidden place for some fun. Between two trucks, with boats passing behind them, they are able to do a little bit of playing before being run off. Not to be denied, Janette finds a nice bench where she can curl up in his lap and give him a quickie blowjob. After trying a few places out, they settle in nicely between two parked trucks where Ray is able to strip his friend, bend her over and fuck the living shit out of her in the middle of the street. Great public sex here, truly top notch. They have almost a whole scene before getting indoors to really relax and enjoy a full fuck. A moderately attractive blonde, Janette thankfully has no gag reflex and as such is able to do some really nice oral, complete with long deep throat. Since her pussy has already been fucked, Ray uses the privacy to take advantage of her ‘open for business’ butthole. Like a good little slut, she happily takes his load right in her mouth. Not bad, but the public stuff was clearly the highlight here.
Tony takes Kathy for a stroll, looking for a place to take a shot at this tall brunette. They find a nice doorway that is just perfect for a long blowjob and few standing positions. Not quite as public, but very open and quite acrobatic of this couple. More great public sex with a rather high risk factor. In another hidden place, Tony really fucks her hard for a while before dribbling a thick cumshot onto her lips. Big points for the public pop shot.
Current public fuck King Ray is back, this time with another blonde, Lena in tow. This guy must know every possible fuck spot in the whole Apple by now. Lena is another rather hard looking woman with a decent body and no problems stripping down and slipping to her knees in a parking lot. They move to the street for some tease and then in bright daylight, a blowjob and quick fuck. Brutally open and totally public. When Ray can take the start and stop no longer, he carries Lena up to his place to finish the action. With the kink of the public sex act now gone, Lena doesn’t have a lot to offer in the way of appeal. Close up anal and a facial are the highlights of a scene that drops considerably once they get indoors.
Anna has a fantasy to fuck in a graveyard, but before she does she strips down and just can’t resist hopping out into traffic a bit. She’s kind of cute, but has a great on screen openness that is quite fetching. OK, Puritan Rog alert. I thought the idea of fucking in a graveyard was kind of cool at first, but once they get started, getting comfortable on someone’s huge gravestone, I have to admit, I was turned off and a bit offended. Don’t ask me why and say what you want, I just think fucking on someone’s grave is disrespectful and I really couldn’t watch it. Too bad, because she is the best looking of the women in this tape, with the best attitude. Even when they get inside to finish, I pretty much scanned through the whole scene.
As always, the public sex in this series, raw, wild and way out there. Every scene has some great, risky sex. The problem I have with this volume is that once the action moves inside, the women are average looking at best. This isn’t helped much when the best looking woman on the tape ruins her scene after fucking on a gravestone. Guess I just don’t see the thrill in that one. There are much better tapes in this series. Get it if you like public sex, because for that, S of NY is still the only game in town.

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  1. kathy and i made this move manny years ago the copy was lost if you have one i would pay you for your time ( streets of new york 9 ) thank you email

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